23 European Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Inspire

Breathtaking French farmhouse room with exposed rafters and pastels on Hello Lovely Studio

If you are crazy about European farmhouse style and decor

whether it’s found within a farmhouse in the South of France

or emulated in a timeless and tranquil spirit elsewhere,

then these country beauties may delight you.


Find more lovely farmhouse style moments in

French farmhouse style kitchens and Farmhouse Dining Rooms.

If you follow Hello Lovely, then you already know

of my passion for farmhouse style decor

and its infinite interpretations.

While I admire Euro-inspired farmhouse decor and

other tranquil riffs on farmhouse, I also appreciate

industrial, minimal, American primitive,

eclectic, and beachy.

It’s all the nuances and variation that keep me

interested and engaged when it comes to

peeking inside beautiful homes with European

farmhouse style and modern farmhouse decor

represented on the web.


Breathtaking French farmhouse stone exterior with wisteria on Hello Lovely Studio

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – via Pinterest

What you’ll discover in this collection of inspiring

Euro farmhouse decor ideas is that some of the

moments aren’t even from farmhouses!

My own current home incorporates some of my favorite modern farmhouse elements.

Serene and neutral modern farmhouse style kitchen by Hello Lovely

My Kitchen – Hello Lovely Studio

 Euro farmhouse style interiors feature a mix

of country warmth, sophistication, and simplicity.

The decor is not singularly informal, but it’s

never too fussy, loud, or froufrou.

Here’s a similar dining table and linen chairs very similar to mine:


Peaceful French farmhouse exterior with hydrangea and pea gravel courtyard on Hello Lovely Studio

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – via Sharon santoni

Enjoy these moments and lovely finds

to add Europeanfarmhouse decor

to your own home.

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Gorgeous French Country entry with magnificent French doors - Decor de Provence

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Decor de Provence

Decorating Idea No. 1: Just Add Aqua

Desiree Ashworth’s stunning entry with reclaimed pieces collected across Europe.

Beautiful European farmhouse (Patina Farm) with vintage door and plaster walls

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Patina Farm

Decorating Idea No. 2: Limestone Floors

The architecture and thoughtfulness of Brooke

and Steve Giannetti’s patina-ed piece of paradise radiate

a European sensibility alive and well in Cali.


White French farmhouse wit hblue shutters and metal roof

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 3: Blue Shutters

Who could bear to not snap pics for IG all day

with this much beauty on the exterior?

See more gorgeous home exteriors.


Scandinavian style Farmhouse room with muted tranquil color palette on Hello Lovely Studio

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 4: Pale Wood Floors

I love the celebration of imperfection

here which works so well in a farmhouse setting whether

it is French, Scandinavian, or American.

Get more ideas for Scandinavian style.


French farmhouse style bedroom with stone wall and crystal chandelier on Hello Lovely Studio

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas


French farmhouse entrance gate with vintage green painted planterboxes and ducks

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 5: Cheerful Green Planter Boxes

What’s more French farmhouse

than a posse of ducks crossing the road?


Beautiful French farmhouse bench in entry with large basketon wall, wellies, and lavender

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 6: Weathered Benches

Galvanized buckets of lavender anyone?

(Oui, s’il vous plait.)

See how Maria of Dreamywhites displays galvanized buckets.


French farmhouse bathroom with plaster walls, clawfoot tub, terracotta floor, and gilded mirror

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 7: Gilded Mirrors

Ooh la la.

Stone French farmhouse exterior with clay roof and vintage bicycle on Hello Lovely Studio

Decorating Idea No. 8: Rustic Doors

Faded turquoise curb appeal voodoo.


French farmhouse living room with antiques, limestone, and shutters on Hello Lovely Studio

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Pamela Pierce

Decorating Idea No. 9: Reclaimed antique stone

Pamela Pierce + Texas magic.


Elegant French farmhouse bedroom with magnificent bed and weathered shutter on Hello Lovely Studio

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas


Beautiful French farmhouse style bedroom with ornate bed, weathered shutter,and white furniture

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 10: Plaster Walls

 These gorgeous plaster walls in a romantic bedroom are timelessly perfect, and see beautiful examples here.


Breathtaking French farmhouse blue and white kitchen with checked floor

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 11: Farm Tables

What is it about Swedish and French blues

that instantly lift the mood?

(see what i did there?)


Beautiful Belgian style with linen chair and grainsack pillow on Hello Lovely

European Farmhouse Deor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 12: Luscious Linen

Belgian style + European grainsacks add such rustic charm.


French farmhouse kitchen with antiques and rustic elegance by Pamela Pierce

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Pamela Pierce

Charlot French Pitcher


Rustic European farmhouse kitchen with stone walls and weathered farm table

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 13: Deep Window Sills

A lesson in texture to be sure.


Country decor with vintage chest, rustic basket, and hydrangea

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Jones Design

Decorating Idea No. 14: White Painted Floors

Crushing on the basket of hydrangea
and picnic basket atop the chair.

Dreamywhites kitchen with blue range, copper pot, and natural greenery

Decorating Idea No. 15: Unfitted Kitchens
A French farmhouse style kitchen in the USA to steal your heart.

Beautiful blue and white country bedroom with metal twin beds

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Jennifer Robertson

Decorating Idea No. 16: Wrought Iron

A crisper way to do French country style.

French style kitchen with marble top work table, copper pots, and modern pendants

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 17: Marble Topped Work Tables

A marble surface for kneading dough
is an everyday layer of country French luxury.

Grainsack stripes.Decorating Idea No. 18: Nubby Texture

Country decor in bedroom with blue and white and vintage by Annie Selke

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Annie Selke

Decorating Idea No. 19: French Inspired Chairs

Such an elegant interpretation of farmhouse lovely.


Gorgeous French farmhouse timeless and tranquil vignette with antique chair and cabinet

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 20: Timeworn Patina

Nice legs, France.

French farmhouse kitchen with beautiful pro range, rush seat chairs, and beautiful moldings

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 21: Cozy Kitchens

Move over, enormous American kitchen with
mediocre cooker, and make room for fun-sized French with fancy range.

Dreamywhites quiet French farmhouse dining area with green bistro chair, farm table, and vintage ladder

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decorating Idea No. 22: Bistro Chairs

A rustic ladder can be sculptural with French style.

Decorating Idea No. 23: Vintage Beds

Gorgeous farmhouse style bedroom with vintage twin beds pushed together and crystal chandelier

European Farmhouse Decor Ideas


Beautiful fluffy dog on rustic linen chair in French farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio

Is there such a thing as a farmhouse style pooch?

Find any inspiring ideas above?

23 Euro Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Steal - Hello Lovely Studio

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Thanks for reading, and to peek inside
an incredible modern French Farmhouse kitchen,
visit this story.

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. October 7, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    I just wanted to comment on your first photo. I absolutely love the angel sconces between the aqua shutters and the very tall candlesticks. Love the beams also. Beautiful room. About a farm dog, I always think of ranch dogs either Blue Heelers or Border Collies.

    • October 7, 2017 / 3:09 pm

      Thanks for the thought about farmhouse style dogs…I’d love to go deeper into that topic and explore. One of my favorite farmhouse bloggers (Maria of Dreamywhites) has a thing for French bulldogs at her place!

    • October 7, 2017 / 11:44 pm

      Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for visiting!

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