PILLOW Talk: When the Snuggle is Real!

I do love me some pillow talk. Those intimate hushed conversations before you’re transported to dreamland. The secrets, sweet laughter, soultalk and scheming. Pillow Talk: When the Snuggle is Real lightheartedly celebrates a couple of things: cozy pillow talk-y nice, beautiful boudoir inspiring–and since I’m feelin’ saucy–unexpected billowy awesomeness to cushion the stress which modern life may have served you today.

Eickhoff Upholstered Panel Headboard

Pillow Talk: When the Snuggle is Real!

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A Classic Headboard

Cozy Knit Throw

When the Snuggle is Real

Snuggly Fashion

Snuggly Cozy Basket for Snuggly Essentials

Inspiring Snuggle-Worthy Bedrooms

Photo & Design: Decor de Provence. See more of this Nordic French home HERE.
Photo: Hello Lovely Studio. Design: Urban Farmgirl.
See this story for more glimpses of this Tennessee cottage on the market.
Hope Farm. Photo: Pernille Pahle. See more inspiration from this Cotswolds cottage HERE.
Interior design: Ike Kligerman Barkley. See this story with more colorful spring inspired design.
Nordic French white bedroom with light grey, linen, and white. Stikwood on wall, alder doors, cottage style furniture, and white oak flooring. #hellolovelystudio #bedroom #frenchcountry #nordicfrench #stikwood #serene #romantic #whitebedroom
Hello Lovely Studio. Shop my house HERE.
Photo: Haven In. See more of this Provence getaway HERE.
Photo: Haven In. See more of this vacation home HERE.

Lovely Bedroom Decor Finds

Tall & Tufted Headboard

Classic Pillow Talk Backdrop

Vintage Style Headboard

Farmhouse Style Headboard

French Pillow Talk

Weathered Wood Goodness

Curvy Headboard Loveliness

Rosy & Pintucked Pretty Pillow

Panel Headboard

Linen Pillow Talk of the Town

Unexpected Billowy Awesomeness

How to Make an Envelope Pillow

DIY Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Penguins With Pillows

Funny Pillow Scene from Madagascar

Off-beat Praise for ‘Billowy’

A Favorite ‘Pillow-like’ Treat

French Macarons!

I love eating them and have made them more than a handful of times, but they are not the easiest treat to whip up! Here’s an awesome tutorial:

Embodying Cuddle Factor

Cuddlers in the World

I listened closely to the ‘veteran cuddler’ below with words of wisdom which transcend the NICU where she heals. How lovely! I’m reminded that even if our intentions are good, our spirits cannot effectively bring peace if they are bound. Fear and pain limit our ability to become vessels through which light and love can flow. Since I recently spent unhealthy days in an environment infused with shame, fear, negativity, and condemnation, I’m mindful of such harmful exposure. If at all possible, rally support (loving souls, books, practitioners) so you may begin to: step over the fear, seek freedom from past trauma, and heal gently.

This Woman Is Known as the 'Grandma Cuddler'

This is the sweetest thing ever… 😊😊😊

Posted by Power of Positivity on Friday, December 21, 2018

Pillow Talk Truth

My heart is pillowy soft and with all those lovely souls who are living with cancer and the many friends and family walking the journey alongside.

I pray that for all we cannot see (will remission endure? how will I pay for this? will this treatment work? will I have more time?), we might somehow discover a fierce grace assuring we are held in a trustworthy realm moving us toward healing.

Hello Lovely Studio. Read about my anticancer journey HERE.

Thanks for playing along, friends.

Peace to you right where you are.


This post contains affiliate links which I hope you will use since they won’t cost you a penny extra yet may earn this blog a small commission.

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  1. Marilyn S.
    February 22, 2019 / 7:26 am

    M- I love your blog , I subscribe and read many but yours has a way of bring me to tears, laughing out loud, making me think deeply, reassessing my design decisions and sharing your thoughts and ideas with family and friends …..all this in about 10 minutes each morning. You are a gift and are gifted. Thank you.

    • michele
      February 22, 2019 / 9:27 am

      Did you just make my morning? WHY, YES. Yes, you did. We’re becoming old friends on this journey, and I’m honored to be on it with you. Thank you.

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