7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which Personalized Card is Your Favorite?

It’s high time I chose a Christmas card to send, and with a plethora of gorgeous ones at Minted, it’s soooo challenging to choose. 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which Personalized Card is Your Favorite is a joy ride exploring beautiful artist-designed possibilities as well as smart tips.

Christmas card "Rejoice Heart" from Minted. Hello Lovely Studio. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which Personalized Card is Your Favorite?

7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which Personalized Card is Your Favorite?

Are you a last-minute-seat-of-yer-pants type who rushes to the post office the week of Christmas to mail cards and gifts? 

There are plenty of years, that is me!

Inspirational quote for the holidays and Christmas. #quotes #christmas #holidayquote

Yesterday, on a country drive through a nature preserve, we spotted a happy family scoring their Christmas card photo in a magical woodsy setting with soaring pines.

Inspirational quote for the holidays and Christmas. #quotes #christmas #holidayquote

If a perfect family photo eludes you this time around, no worries since there are wonderful artists whose work can reflect your unique taste and style.

First…This Sweet Glimpse of Gratitude

Enjoy perusing these tips and personalized possibilities for Christmas cards from Minted then do let me know if you smart tips of your own.

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French Vintage Bicycle Motif

Beautiful bicycle with basket of holiday cheer personalized Christmas card designed by Susan Moyal for Minted. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
CHRISTMAS CARD #1: “Holiday Delivery” – Holiday Card in Mint by Susan Moyal…in case a minty green French vintage bicycle tingles your jingles.

Personalized Card for Minimalists

Sometimes just hearing “personalized” can seem stressful if you don’t happen to have a killer vacation photo of you and yours with savage tans posing perfectly on a beach in the tropics.

"Minimal" - Christmas Photo Cards in Snow by Owl and Toad. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #2: Minimal by Owl & Toad…in case you’re a fan of simple and sweet. Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which is Your Favorite…certainly a lovely round up of holiday goodness from Minted?

But fear not. You don’t even need a photo to customize an artfully designed card which will reflect your personal style and convey the unique message you long to deliver.

Watercolor & Soft Greens

Let’s face it.

"Watercolor Poinsettia" - Holiday Cards in Jade by Four Wet Feet Studio. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #3 : “Watercolor Poinsettia” – Holiday card in Evergreen by Four Wet Feet Studio…in case you love gentle colors for Christmas

Sometimes a Christmas card or holiday card is the only correspondence you’ll receive all year from even very close friends and family. So why not put some thoughtfulness into the process by sending a beautiful card with or without a photo?

"Scripted Merry" - Christmas Photo Cards in Crimson by Kasia Labocki. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #4: “Scripted Merry” – Christmas Photo card in Crimson by Kasia Labocki…in case you need an idea for a darling pose for your card!
Funny holiday Christmas quote from Buddy in Elf. #funnyquotes #moviequote #christmasmovie #quotes #elf

Last year, I initially planned to send a Christmas card incorporating a photo of me and my husband from our London trip. However, the photo’s resolution wasn’t cutting it.

"Heaven And Nature" - Holiday Cards in Jet by Bonjour Berry. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #5: “Heaven and Nature” Holiday card in Jet by Bonjour Berry…in case you love a velvety black background. Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which is Your Favorite…certainly a lovely round up of holiday goodness from Minted?

My creative solution? I used a favorite photo of the two of us, and it sure aint a current one (it’s the first photo above). Hailing from the 80’s, it’s us as teen dreams when we just started dating.

"Joy Clearing" - Holiday Cards in Wreath by Alethea and Ruth.
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #6: “Joy Clearing” – Holiday Card in Wreath by Alethea and Ruth…in case JOY is your favorite sentiment during the holidays.

I look at that picture of those clueless kids and try to remember our naive selves and all the future blessings to come from our union.

"Gifts from Above" - Christmas Photo Cards in Fern by Chris Griffith.
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #7: “Gifts from Above” – Christmas Photo card in Fernby Chris Griffith…in case you love this message of ‘gifts from above.’

Speaking of gifts, did you catch my eclectic gift guide with suggestions under $25?

Gift guide under $25 Hello Lovely Studio banner
1. Box // 2. Almonds // 3. Mug // 4. Cookbook // 5. Stationery // 6. Sports Bottle //7. Hand Cream Set // 8. French Soap // 9. Tiara // 10. Pet Pouch Hoodie // 11. Blocks // 12. Caramels // 13. Personalized Spreader // 14. Provence Towel // 15. Organic Candy Tins

Do you send a Christmas letter?

Many folks skip Christmas letters now since they feel their social media feeds contain enough info.

"Modern Pine Wreath" - Holiday Cards in Ink by Alethea and Ruth.
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #8: “Modern Pine Wreath” Holiday card in Ink by Alethea and Ruth…in case berries and this gorgeous wreath design inspire you. Christmas Card Photo Hacks & Which is Your Favorite…certainly a lovely round up of holiday goodness from Minted?

Yet not everyone uses social media, and if pressed, I think most would agree they love receiving such letters to feel a sense of closeness across the miles.

"Holiday Window" - Holiday Cards in Crimson by Susan Moyal.
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #9: “Holiday Window” – Holiday Card in Crimson by Susan Moyal…in case cardinals on the window sill warm your heart

This year, consider stealing my mom’s idea of displaying holiday cards that arrive in the mail. She has a designated Christmas tree with white lights solely for the Christmas cards she receives to rest in its branches.

"sachertorte" - Holiday Cards in Midnight by chocomocacino. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #10. “sachertorte” – Holiday Card in Midnight by chocomocaino..in case this trio of holiday words perfectly suits your Christmas goals. 

I hope to spend the day after Thanksgiving composing a letter to tuck into our joyful Christmas cards from Minted.

Holiday inspirational quote for Christmas time on Hello Lovely Studio. #holidayquote #christmasquote #quotes

7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks

1. Let Your Past be Their Present

Firstly, use a favorite old photo (or three!) like I did for Christmas 2018 if you’re not sold on a recent one. (Oh mercy, there we are in a 1966 Corvette!)

I adore the hand lettering and festive pines of this card’s design.

Christmas card "Rejoice Heart" from Minted. Hello Lovely Studio. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #11. Here’s the Minted card I chose! “Rejoice Heart” – Holiday Card by Alethea & Ruth…in case this heart motif speaks to you.

Through the magic of Minted, you can also customize a beautiful coordinating stamp for your chosen card. I could not resist these lovely ones which I personalized with an R.

2. Dig Into Your Social Media Archive

Secondly, check your photos and albums on Facebook to see if there isn’t one that would fit the bill…you may discover you have more photos saved than you think! Don’t forget a casual, silly, or humorous photo or one that doesn’t shout “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” may be just right for your choice. Exhibit A:

Hilarious Christmas card with three miserable crying children holding letters that spell joy

3. Think Furry Babies or Front Door

Thirdly, if a recent photo of the whole family just can’t happen, choose a photo of your pet, your home, or your front door.

"naughty dog" - Holiday Photo Cards in Coal by Erin Deegan.
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #12. “Feliz Naughty Dog” – Holiday Photo Card in Coal by ErinDeegan…in case you love this whimsical pet friendly option!

While we don’t yet have a pet to celebrate on a card, if I had this Great Pyrenees beauty peeping out the windows like Tracie of My Petite Maison, I would have to design a white card around the sweet thing!

Great Pyrenees gazing out window of Nordic French white serene porch - My Petite Maison.
Design & Photo: My Petite Maison…see THIS in case you love Tracie’s spare Scandi holiday style.
"Cold Nose, Warm Wishes" - Holiday Petite Cards in Slate Blue by Laura Condouris.
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #13: “Cold Nose, Warm Wishes” – Holiday Petite Cards in Slate Blue by Laura Condouris…in case a cold nose warms your heart.

Who is inside my own front door?

Santa’s helpers, Michele and Jo – Hello Lovely Studio

See if these beauties usher you into the wonder of winter and holiday magic.

Funny Christmas quote from Lucy to Charlie Brown from 1965. #holidayquote #christmas #funny #humor #quotes #charliebrown

4. Don’t sweat it, skip it

minted merry christmas my deers card
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #14: “Merry Christmas, My Deers” – Holiday Card by jinseikou…in case a serene and handsome option glistens your garlands.

Send a thoughtfully customized card without a photo! I sent a beautiful Christmas card last year which did not have a photo on the front. When I was researching products on Minted for a peaceful Christmas decor post, I spotted the cutest reindeer artwork by Petra Kern and knew it was the one for us!

Holiday card from Minted plus my pink gingerbread house on a white pedestal - Hello Lovely Studio. COME BE INSPIRED by 7 Christmas Card Photo Hacks!
Our holiday card in 2017 designed by Petra Kern with my humble pink candy house on a Belgium-made pedestal.

While that particular design is not offered this year, there are plenty of new designs which won’t require a photo and will charm your pants off.

Peaceful Forrest hoilday card from Minted - Hello Lovely Studio
2017 holiday card from Minted…certainly love the aqua with birch trees.
Holiday inspirational quote for Christmas time on Hello Lovely Studio. #holidayquote #christmasquote #quotes

Here’s another reindeer cutie.

minted reindeer love christmas card
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #15: “Reindeer Love” – Holiday Card by Cass Loh...in case you love Swedish style and reindeer.

Reindeer Love

I mean. Who can resist a peaceful reindeer in an alpine sweater?

"Reindeer Love" - Bohemian Holiday Cards in Grapefruit by Cass Loh.

5. Snap Your Photo at Thanksgiving or Christmas

Capture a pic at Thanksgiving or Christmas since New Year’s is a holiday too. No need to send greetings before Christmas. It is more than okay to order/send holiday cards through January. Think of it as power-starting your New Year!

minted winter wreath christmas card mcmanness
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #16: “Winter Wreath” – Holiday Card by Paper Raven Co...in case you love the combo of light grey and soft red.

Your family and friends will love hearing from you and certainly won’t mind a post-Christmas post!

6. Tuck a Photo Into a Beautiful Card

Sometimes there isn’t time to capture a great photo and get it printed with cards before Christmas. Tuck it into a gorgeous personalized card. There are plenty of artfully gorgeous softer hued options at Minted which require no photo. If touches of  PRETTY PINK suits you, ooh la la.

minted winter berries card alethea
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #17: “Winter Berries” – Holiday Card by Alethea and Ruth...in case you love a vintage style card and font.

There’s something pleasingly retro about the Winter Berries design above, yet it doesn’t feel old-fashioned.

"Minimal" - Christmas Photo Cards in Snow by Owl and Toad.
Holiday inspirational quote for Christmas time on Hello Lovely Studio. #holidayquote #christmasquote #quotes

7. Take the Photo Outside

For the best lighting, there’s nothing like natural lighting! Even if it’s freezing outdoors, those expressions and smiles will lend an authenticity and charm. Speaking of nature…

minted woodland christmas card
Personalized CHRISTMAS CARD #18: “Woodland Christmas” – Holiday Card by Eve Schultz...in case nature’s woodland beauty captures your heart. 

If you are a fan of woodland creatures, Scandinavian Christmas style, and Nordic design, I bet you’ll approve of this sweetly subdued and cheerful design.

Don’t Forget Customized Gift Tags Are Fun Too!

No photo necessary yet all the customization you might desire…here’s the vintage style tag I ordered from Minted!

Vintage Type Holiday Gift tags by Carolyn MacLaren
“Vintage Type” – Holiday Gift Tags by Carolyn MacLaren…in case a cheerful red floats your boat.


Let me know which one you would choose to send!

Peaceful Forrest holiday card from Minted and my pink gingerbread gum house - Hello Lovely Studio
Hello Lovely’s 2017 holiday card…certainly one of my favorites to date!

More holiday goodness awaits right here:

15 Holiday Gifts Under $25

Recipe for a Christmas Stovetop Simmer

White Swedish Farmhouse Christmas

Merry Christmas, Friends!

Just me at my well-dressed festive boyfriends from Trove Vintage!

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. Amy
    November 26, 2019 / 10:04 am

    LOVED the “Christmas presents” gratitude video!! It brought laughter and tears simultaneously!! Gonna have to share that. Also loved your “vintage” Christmas card from last year (w matching stamp…cool!). Such a great idea to send an old pic! Would be fun to put an old pic of family on one side when all the kids were young (and us too!) and then have a current pic on other side…maybe one year!!! Thanks for sharing all the creative Christmas card possibilities .😍

    • Michele
      November 26, 2019 / 10:11 am

      Wasn’t that video’s message simple yet powerfully to the point? Our friends and family loved having a copy of the old photo of us – sometimes we forget we have these awesome pictures at the bottom of a box! Happy holidays to you, friend, and peace to you as you prepare for Thanksgiving.

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