Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Photos!

Miles of French Country style and Provence inspired lovely images of interiors and exteriors await in this Pinterest-worthy collection of photos, but first a secret. One of the perks of being a blogger of interior design inspiration is every once in awhile, one is treated to a brush with greatness. The French farmhouse “La Castellane” in the photo above belongs to the legendary designer Kathryn M Ireland, and I have long admired both it and her since discovering Kathryn’s book Summers in France.

The home near the town of Montclar dates to 1760 and is located near hilltop towns in an area often referred to as the Tuscany of France. (No, I only wish I received an invite to Le Castellane!) Anyway, when I read somewhere online a couple of years back she was selling the family’s farmhouse, I could not believe it.

The home represents more than twenty years of renovations and love breathed into it. The home served as Kathryn’s lab and launched her professional career as an interior designer. So the next chance I had to contact her about a quasi-related blog story, I asked how she was able to part with the treasure since I assumed it had changed hands.

Kathryn told me her kids had a fit, she took it off the market, and that the boys would never let her sell it! Maybe a small thing to you, but for blogging designgeeks like moi, for a moment I felt like a design insider! Not to mention, I was relieved to hear La Castellane still belonged to the family. I haven’t corresponded with her in some time, so maybe some of you will know whether the farmhouse remains hers. Are you also tickled by the fact someone named Ireland who was born in England, raised in Scotland, and based in Los Angeles is leading off our French farmhouse parade? Ha!

Kathryn Ireland in the sunflowers on horseback
Kathryn M Ireland

Here is what Kathryn Ireland told My Domaine about the place:“I came up with my first fabric collection there, inspired by the French countryside…It was the first house I ever did, and one of the reasons I went into the decorating business. The décor is comfortable and unpretentious. I decorated La Castellane just as I do when decorating for other people. To this day I draw much inspiration from this property.”

Curious about Kathryn M Ireland? Born in England and raised in London and Scotland, Kathryn Ireland arrived in Los Angeles in 1986. Prior to launching her interior design business in the early ’90s, Kathryn was an actress, clothing designer, and filmmaker. Today she is considered one of the most influential interior and textile designers in the world.

French Country and French Farmhouse inspired home decor and furnishings are also weaved in with affiliate links to sources of lovely in the same spirit. You won’t pay extra for using these links, yet I’ll earn a small commission (yay!). Meet me at the finish line after all the visual inspiration to share your thoughts.

Pretty Provence-inspired Farmhouse lovely?

Classic Provence Style bathroom with vanity and chicken wire front doors. #frenchcountry #nordic #bathroomdecor
(via Sjonara) Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Classic Provence Style House in Sweden with ladder, stone, and wood ceiling. #frenchcountry #oldworld #frenchnordic
(via Decoholic) Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
A French chateau you can rent! Haven in Paris : Provence Luxury Vacation Villa & Holiday Rental: Chateau Mireille, St-Remy-de-Provence Apartment Rental. #frenchchateau #frenchfarmhouse #frenchcourtyard
via Haven in Paris (Chateau Mireille, St-Remy-de-Provence Apartment Rental)
French country decor in a rustic Provence bedroom with wood ceiling and interior shutters. #frenchcountry #frenchfarmhouse #provence
(via Decor de Provence) Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Classic Provence Style patio with French Country style. #frenchcountry #rusticdecor #frenchfarmhouse
Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration (viaDecoholic)
Kathryn Ireland in Provence French farmhouse known as La Castellane...charming blue french shutters and stone! #provence #frenchfarmhouse #frenchcountry
(via Kathryn M. Ireland) Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Provence Getaway of designer Kathryn Ireland at her French farmhouse La Castellane. #provence #frenchfarmhouse #frenchcountry
(via Kathryn M. Ireland) Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

Sometimes Provence breathes in Utah…

Rustic decor in a charming dining room with French farmhouse decor. Rustic farm table topped with stoneware holding lavender, knotty wood ceiling, vintage lantern, and blue grey trim throughout this home by Desiree Ashworth of Decor de Provence. #frenchfarmhouse #vintagelantern #rusticdecor #diningroom #frenchcountry
Design: Desiree of Decor de Provence. Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

…or Texas…

Pamela Pierce #Frenchfarmhouse kitchen with ox head, white cabinets, and stainless work island on Hello Lovely Studio
Pamela Pierce in Veranda. See more of Pamela Pierce designs here!  Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration
Tranquil #Frenchfarmhouse entry with dog lounging on stone steps at door with #blueshutters on Hello Lovely Studio #Provence
Lucky dog! French Farmhouse Home Decor Images & Decorating Ideas to Inspire! (source: unknown…maybe from the book: THE FRENCH DOG)
French farmhouse kitchen with rustic farm table, Swedish chairs, and white cabinets on Hello Lovely Studio #Frenchfarmhouse #FrenchKitchen #NordicFrench
Charming natural wood + white = Lovely! Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration (source: Decor de Provence)
Farmhouse doors, herringbone floor
Weathered Wood and Herringbone floors! Lovely Provence-Inspired French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration (via Cote de Texas)

“Closer to Authentic” French Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Maybe these decor ideas are obvious outside of mainstream America, but one google or browse ’round Pinterest, and it would seem there are more than a few contrived attempts at the look which can fall flat and result in a less than charming outcome.

1. Think about the context of French Farmhouse style. French farmhouse style originates from the lovely landscape of rural France with its hills and valleys. If you can’t travel to the south of France, do spend time online or at the library in order to better understand the romance and allure. 2. Study the layering and mixing the French do so masterfully. There is often a sense of refinement in French Country homes where a mix of old and new result in interiors which feel balanced and sensible, yet soulful and interesting. Old World charm and collected antiques and family treasures impart a sense of rich character. 3. Train your eye to see beauty where things don’t matchMany Americans still opt for matchy furniture which would never do for a French farmhouse. The French country approach to furnishing a home is more organic in creating a harmonious and unhomogenized look that is truly undecorated and never overwrought. 4. Distress is not Distressing. As French Country is a style which imparts a sense of age and tradition, scratches, rust, and signs of wear are to be celebrated. Antiques and vintage pieces are treasured with their desirable patina. While Americans rush out to buy a new rug after it fades or frays, their European counterparts might prize the threadbare rug. 5. Trendy trends? Mais non. Instead of jumping on the trendy bandwagons, see the beauty in timeless, tumbledown, and timeworn finishes, patina, and character from age and wear.

How do the French accessorize in their French Country homes? Houzz reports French Country home decor accents always have a purpose: “Rarely will accessories in a French country room be purely decorative. They usually have an undertone of usefulness: wall-hung plates that can be pulled down for service, jugs and jars that house kitchen staples, baskets that corral plump produce from the garden. Open shelving is a natural partner for this look — everyday items enjoy pride of place rather than languishing behind cabinet doors.”

The best way to capture a more authentic Provence-inspired look may be to simply BEGIN and know there will be misses along the way. The French Country lovin’ Londoner Ireland once told the French Guy from New Jersey (SergetheConcierge) “Anytime you endeavor to make a statement or to do good work, you always encounter hurdles…the whole effort of reclaiming the house from ruin became a baptism by fire and gave me the confidence to pursue a career as a professional interior designer. La Castellane is my laboratory to try things out, things I’ve gone on to recreate for clients in my interior design work.”

Ya know?

Pretty Provence Inspired

White Slipcovered Sofa
French Basket
Courtney Lamp Base
Antique Chinese Wood Rustic Round Stool
French Country Bed
Tuscan Terracotta Urn Vase
Round Farmhouse Table
Rustic Reclaimed Elm Cabinet
Deconstructed Wingback Bed
French Farmhouse Dining Table
Milagro Heart
Linen Slipcovered Chair Set
Rustic Farmhouse Stool
Edgecombe End Table
Silver Rectangle Accent Table
Black Metal Accent Table
Galvanized Console Table
Gabriel Chevron Quilt Set
Metal Martini Table
Marble Subway Backsplash in My Kitchen
French Wire Laundry Basket
White Ruffle Bedding
White Linen Club Chair
Handmade Sunburst Mirror
Wide Pine Sideboard
Linen Napkin Set
French Country Lamp
Venetian Mirror
French Lidded Baskets
French Panel Mirror
Distressed White French Country Chandelier
Antique Chinese Weathered Bench
French Country Headboard
Oval Back Counter Stool, Set of 2
Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp
Linen & Burlap Tufted Ottoman
Gertrude Wood Bench
Italian Candelabra Chandelier
Colleen Slope Arm Linen Chair Set
White Ruffle Quilt Set
French Louis Style Arm Chair
Avignon Coat Rack With Hooks
Round Farmhouse Dining Table
Reclaimed Wood Dresser
Louis Upholstered Bench
French Accent Chair
Pamela Arm Chair
Sweater Weave Basket
French Wood Chandelier
Terracotta Pots & Basket
French Country Wood Chandelier
French Linen Dining Chair
Gustavian Cabinet
French Farmhouse Dining Table
Bar Stool
Beachy White Slipcovered Sofa
Rattan Armchair
Diptyque Oyedo Candle
Cross Back Dining Chair
French Country Candle Holder
French Industrial Metal Chairs (4)
Designer Favorite Wall Mirror
Holborn Lantern Pendant
French Country 6-Light Chandelier
Rustic End Table
French Country Upholstered Arm Chair
Cedar & Blossom Candle
French Ticking Stripe Pillow
Jute Area Rug
French Candle Style Chandelier
Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Shelves
Belgian Linen Sofa
White Ruffle Bedding
Rustic Wood Candlestick Set
French Market Basket
Linen Modern Wing Chair
French Country Farmhouse Baskets
Concrete Pillar Table Lamp
Boheme Madera Bench
Belgian Style Lamp
Modern Farmhouse Lamp
White Slipcovered Sofa
Scrubbed Wood 5-Light Chandelier
Arched Champagne Wall Mirror
Moravian Star 1-Light Pendant
Highback Armchair
Mini Pendant Light
White Vase Set
Round Woven Placemat Set
Fireclay Farm Sink (Reinhard, 30″)
Matelasse Coverlet
Quilted Coverlet
Boheme Madera Bench
Belgian Linen Duvet Set
Round Marble Side Table
Rustic Pedestal Farm Table
Teak Farmhouse Stool

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. Tracy
    March 16, 2018 / 2:03 pm

    I’m with you, “Summers in France” is my favorite Kathryn Ireland book. I’ve made the warm potato salad recipe on page 162 so many times it opens to it automatically. Now remember if Kathryn likes the shirt you are wearing and asks you for it, you must do it!! Give it to her!! Tout suite!! (clap, clap!!)

    Thanks for the lovely post

    • michele
      March 16, 2018 / 4:15 pm

      Such a wonderful book! And I like my potato salad warm too. 🙂 Happy weekend, Tracy.

  2. March 16, 2018 / 2:22 pm

    Wow, every picture is just Chalked full of AMAZING!

    • michele
      March 16, 2018 / 4:14 pm

      So happy you like! Happy weekend, Leticia.

  3. DRitchie
    March 17, 2018 / 9:31 am

    This post was like reading my favorite book or magazine of Country French decor. Just gorgeous! Every photo, every suggestion, beautiful! Thank you for bringing Lovely to me this morning.

    • michele
      March 17, 2018 / 9:32 pm

      I’m so lucky to have you following along – thank you for brightening my day, friend. 🙂

  4. March 17, 2018 / 11:10 am

    So many of these French-inspired views I really like! Every day I anticipate your blog posts to see what’s next to bless and inspire my soul. Thank you! Perhaps I’ll do up a French garden, loaded with lavender bushes, for my own blog.

    • michele
      March 17, 2018 / 9:31 pm

      I’m so glad, Jo. If you do, let me know and I’d love to add a link to your post in one of these French Country posts mentioning lavender for readers to discover, and maybe it will make sense for to link to my French Country post – win/win! 🙂 Happy Saturday, friend.

  5. Rhonda
    March 19, 2018 / 11:59 am

    Beautiful post…how we love French design! I first discovered Kathryn Ireland on a TV show called something like “Million Dollar Decorators.” I loved her and her sassy attitude! Her home is lovely, a true labor of love. And, her fabric line is gorgeous as well.

    • michele
      March 19, 2018 / 5:42 pm

      Wasn’t that a fun show!?! She knows how to live and I find her views about not taking decor overly seriously, seriously refreshing. 🙂

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