Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration

You know how decor inspiration works. One lovely image can set into motion a flurry of creative ideas and lead to a treasure trove of beautiful design just waiting to be discovered. Which is what happened when I saw this beachy, watery, simple vignette from designer Sherry Hart today. The gorgeous art and book covers led me to consider Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration. (I love how the turquoise paint in the art is reflected in the clear vase and how happy the pink is with robin’s egg blue!)

Turquoise painting and beautiful vignette on a dresser by Sherry Hart. Come find Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration to float your boat! #turquoise #decorinspiration #beachyblue

Design & Photo: Sherry Hart Art: Rebecca Cabassas

I’m sure I am also under the influence of those dreamy pops of soft chambray blue in yesterday’s tour of the French inspired beach house in Cali! Or maybe it’s the residual lovely of those quiet light  blue gray paint colors we explored and the swoon factor of a certain tour of 36 blue and white kitchens.

Abstract art by Rebecca Cabassa. Come find Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration to float your boat! #turquoise #decorinspiration #beachyblue

More abstract lovely art from Rebecca Cabassas.

Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration

Beachy Blue: Out and About

Whatever the case may be, turquoise has put a spell on me. You certainly don’t even need an ocean or a tropical beach nearby for this color to find you! Blue skies and long summer days in the city with teens you love in ripped denim and chambray blue will enchant you into a beautiful mood for blue.

Tuquoise blue bikes in downtown Chicago. Hello Lovely Studio.

My nieces in Chicago. Hello Lovely Studio.      

Encouraging quote. You will be too much for some people...those aren't your people. #tiffanyblue #encouragement #inspiration #quote

Teen girls embracing on a track field. Hello Lovely Studio.

Visiting Elmhurst College, their parents’ alma mater.

Teen girl in lifejacket kayaking. Hello Lovely Studio.

Yesterday on the lake. Hello Lovely Studio.

Hello Lovely Studio.

Selfie on a rooftop. Hello Lovely Studio.

Reading Milieu magazine Summer 2018. Hello Lovely Studio.

My sis at the bookstore with Milieu’s beautiful blue cover! Hello Lovely Studio.

RH 3 Arts Cafe in Chicago. Hello Lovely Studio.

RH – 3 Arts Cafe. Hello Lovely Studio.

They love design and were in heaven.

Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration: For the Entry

While I love love love all white decor and sweetly hushed cloud-like interiors, I love the summery peacefulness and beachy goodness turquoise can add to a room! Not to mention that blue and white are best friends, doncha know! Isn’t it fabulous for coastal cottages, beach homes, or any summery front door?

I learned the front door above is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue thanks to this lovely article.

Turquoise Blue Decor Inspiration: For the Dining Room

Isn’t this elegant combination of putty grey and turuqoise magical?

I love seeing examples of painted doors with contrasting trim like what we see in this dining room. The turquoise truly adds much needed life and interest in this elegant, understated, subdued sanctuary of a space.

Encouraging quote to inspired. #quote #inspiringquote #encouragement #tiffanyblue

More contrast in this dining room. This time with black pocket doors.

Beachy Turquoise Paint Projects

I for one cannot overlook a curbside chair! What to do after dragging it home? Here is some inspiration from talented bloggers.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence #chalkpaint #tiffanyblue #turquoise #anniesloan #provence

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: PROVENCE

Inspiring quote of encouragement. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. #quote #inspiration #encouragement #beauty #tiffanyblue

Turquoise dresser painted Annie Sloan Provence Blue. Come find Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration to float your boat! #turquoise #decorinspiration #beachyblue #provence #anniesloan

Photography by Christopher Drake. Design by Annie Sloan. Source: Quick and Easy Paint Transformations

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: PROVENCE

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: PROVENCE

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan

Great resource: Source: Quick and Easy Paint Transformations

Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration: For Curb Appeal

Chalk paint is not just for dumpster dive derived chairs or dressers. It is a smart option to customize new pieces you may not have considered personalizing. Case in point? To give a new exterior light a verdigris finish, Lesley Stocker was able to create patina in 30 minutes with this paint. Visit her to read the easy instructions!

Need a pop of blue for a porch, deck, veranda or balcony?

Inspiring quote. You are not a're brave for trying. #quote #inspiringquote #encouragement #brave #tiffanyblue

Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration: For the Living Room

We’re back to designer Sherry Hart’s dreamy way with turquoise! Look at this original piece she bought for the beachy vacation rental she owns!?! You can read about the refresh she gave to it here.

Tuquoise vintage country cabinet styled in a beach house by Sherry Hart. Come find Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration to float your boat! #turquoise #decorinspiration #beachyblue #vintagecabinet #beachydecor #coastalcottage #aquadecor

Design by Sherry Hart. See her blog here.

Never ruin an apology with an excuse. Inspiring quote. #quote #apology #tiffanyblue

Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life. #quote #inspiringquote #encouragement #socialmedia #tiffanyblue

Turquoise Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Turquoise Spanish tile inspired stenciled wall in a bedroom. Come find Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration to float your boat! #turquoise #decorinspiration #bedroomdecor #stenciledwall #exoticdecor

Carrie of Lovely Etc. knows her way around a stenciled wall and floor!

Inspiring quote of encouragement. Surround yourself with people who get you. #quote #inspiration #encouragement #tiffanyblue

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Beachy Turquoise Decor Inspiration: For the Kitchen

I mean if your budget is Steven Spielberg/Celine/Oprah-tastic and this says ‘beachy turquoise’ to you…

Alternatively, you might fancy a less hefty blue accent for your kitchen.

More Cool Blue Inspiration

Beautiful white dress tutu painting with aqua background by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Holly Irwin. See an interview with her here.

Are you partial to beachy turquoise lovely?

Inspiring quote of encouragement. You are amazing remember that. #quote #inspiration #encouragement #tiffanyblue

Peace to you right where you are.


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