Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

The title of this post is purposefully ambiguous. Are WE the Beautiful Souls Healing With Art, on the receiving end of healing from another’s art? Is the ARTIST the beautiful soul, healing others with her art? Yes and Yes. Herein lies the beauty of fine art: unity of creator and beholder, both caught in a lavishly mysterious web of healing. Amen?

By healing I mean divine processes at work at a subtle energy level moving us closer to wholeness. Our masterfully created human bodies naturally want to heal themselves and return to health, and surely our souls long for it too.

In fact, the work of the soul seems to most often carry on quietly beneath awareness. Lovely soul anesthesia, I suppose. Who has yet to experience the dark night of the soul? The trauma of being locked out of paradise? Who can say when and how art heals? Maybe it’s like a garden.

A supernatural seed is planted in the ground of the soul of an artist. When she aligns her heart with purity, with a higher call, the seed flourishes. She opens hands and heart to receive. Blessing rains down. And as she brings full expression to beauty swelling like sunlight within her, beauty grows. The beholder’s soul finds rest and nourishment within the artist’s garden, feasting on its fruits. Fruits?

Unity. Enlightenment. Harmony. Sweetness. Understanding. Intimacy. Compassion. Tenderness. Redemption. Restoration. Hearfulness. Healing.

The harvest is healing, friends. What Eden we enjoy thanks to the artists tending our spirits. Thanks to radiant lights in our midst such as Holly Irwin, a Georgia-based painter of figures, fashion, and flora…a beautiful soul with uncommon healing in her hands.

Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

"Lee" 6" X 6" Mixed Media by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin.

“Lee” 6″ X 6″ Mixed Media by Holly Irwin via.

Let’s taste the fruits of her glorious paintings in today’s delight of an art tour, but not before we meet this beautiful soul, up close and personal. Holly Irwin inspires me as an embodiment of who I long to be.

Irwin’s paintings are heartful creations, honored by collectors, galleries, and design publications.
(all images – Holly Irwin)

Beautiful nude watercolor with pastels by Holly Irwin.

Rue Cambon by Holly Irwin | #dkGallery | Marietta, GA | SOLD. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin.

Rue Cambon by Holly Irwin.

A Few Favorite Paintings

Holly Irwin Fine Art

Hope by Holly Irwin | dk Gallery | Marietta, GA | SOLD

Hope by Holly Irwin via.

Holly Irwin Fine Art

Holly Irwin Fine Art

Still by Holly Irwin | #dkGallery | Marietta, GA | SOLD

Still by Holly Irwin.

Soon by Holly Irwin 36x24", oil on canvas

Soon by Holly Irwin.

Holly Irwin Fine Art

Holly Irwin Fine Art

Gorgeous pastel white roses painting by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

“Trusting” 36 x 35. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin.

Her work “Trusting” (above) conveys for me a deep
sense of life’s fragility, nature’s gentle acceptance
of change, and the soul’s vast capacity for beauty.

Like the French Impressionist Renoir and both of my
younger sisters, Irwin has rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
and brilliantly eclipses what others might
regard as limiting circumstances.

The auto-immune disease,
debilitating pain, and a dozen surgeries
on hands and feet came not  to curse,
but to BLESS…

to usher in the flow of beauty emerging from her soul and overflowing on canvas.

Floral painting by Holly Irwin.

Holly Irwin.

Perseverance of an Artist

Holly Irwin is also a serial covergirl.

Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

My own painting on paper by Holly Irwin…a treasure indeed.

Painting by Holly Irwin.

Beautiful Rooms Graced With Her Art

The work for me is a poetical blend of childhood wonder and spiritual wisdom. A graceful, fashion-informed collection of brushstrokes birthing a decidedly gossamer-like tranquil mood.

All That Jazz - a painting in situ by Holly Irwin.

All That Jazz by Holly Irwin via.

Holly Irwin painting in a beautiful bathroom in Traditional Home magazine.

Holly Irwin painting in a beautiful room in Traditional Home magazine.

White Swan by Holly Irwin in the artist's home.

White Swan by Holly Irwin in the artist’s home via.

Interview with Holly Irwin

What a privilege to interview the artist (and loyal friend to Hello Lovely!) whose courage and outlook bids us all to embrace gratitude, to aim higher.

H.I.: “It’s therapy and joy and wholeness and healing

all wrapped up into one big bundle.”

Springtime in Paris by Holly Irwin | #dkGallery | Marietta, GA | SOLD. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Springtime in Paris by Holly Irwin.

“Anyone who has been really ill or close to death looks at the everyday with a renewed sense of wonder when they have a second chance at life.

Holly Irwin

Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin.

There was a time when just walking from

one room to the next was so excruciatingly painful

and draining for me that I surely missed

all the beauty around me. 

Beautiful abstract floral painting by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Holly Irwin Interview {Artist Inspiration}

The pain of rheumatoid arthritis robbed me

of my joy for living. Now that it is pretty much

under control, I am so thankful I can walk

and get exercise..the experience has given me

a whole new perspective of how lucky I am.”

Holly Irwin Fine Art. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin.

Painting by Holly Irwin.

 Thoughts About Perfection

Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Holly Irwin.

Beautiful white dress tutu painting with aqua background by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Art by Holly Irwin.

Painting of girl in light blue dress by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Painting by Holly Irwin.

Honey by Holly Irwin | #dkGallery | Marietta, GA | SOLD

Honey by Holly Irwin.

Inspiring the Artist

Kiki by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin

Holly Irwin painting: Kiki.

Nature and the lush colors of springtime and summer;
I can sometimes imagine a whole painting based solely
on seeing a color that strikes me in a certain way.”
“Femininity, like the way a woman feels in a beautiful dress. When I was a child, my mother (whom I adored!) was a fashion illustrator; she had a great love of fabric
and sewing and made all of our clothes.
This has influenced my paintings a great deal
over the years and continues to do so.”

“Patterns…like the formation of leaves on trees,

the repeating patterns in flowers and plants.”

Creativity quote by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwin.

Art and Healing

Holly’s story reminds me
that by
t r a n s f o r m i n g
my pain,
I can avoid
t r a n s m i t t i n g
and by embracing divine creativity,
I may even
t r a n s c e n d

Girl Stuff by Holly Irwin | #dkGallery | Marietta, GA

Girl Stuff by Holly Irwin. Beautiful Souls Healing With Art: Holly Irwi.

To view Holly Irwin’s available work, visit here. Live near Marietta, Georgia? Lucky!

July 6th is opening night of MASK at dk Gallery, 5-9pm, and you are invited!

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Peace to you right where you are.



Dear Holly,

Your heart and hands are surely in the healing business, and we are grateful. Thank you for bravely answering the call, for welcoming the rich flow of living water and allowing a baptism of sorts to transform you into light. So many days it is easy to look around and grow cynical, to become hardened by disappointments in the culture. Yet your art points us to the eternal, to hope everlasting, to the fruits of the spirit. Your light makes all the difference.

Oh, may healing wash over our dry land, and may our hearts grow as tender as your lovely palette.

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  1. June 25, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    Oh Michele! Thank you for the honor of being featured in your blog post today! You have been a blessing to me as I have found comfort and peace in your written words time and time again. I know that as an artist, you must also find healing and wholeness by sharing your beautiful writing as well as your paintings with all of us. Art is meant to be shared. It completes the creative process by going out into the universe and touching others. Thank you for graciously sharing!

    • michele
      June 26, 2018 / 9:04 am

      I bow to you, beautiful soul. Thank you for being a healer. xox

  2. June 26, 2018 / 5:35 am

    No other words I have read are more thought provoking than how you channel art and the soul. Such feeling, such awe and beauty in Holly’s brush strokes combined with the deep gentleness of your words. Incredibly beautiful Michele and Holly….incredibly uplifting.

    • michele
      June 26, 2018 / 9:03 am

      You’re a light, Joan. Keep it glowing. xox

    • June 26, 2018 / 4:51 pm

      Thank you Joan! I’m honored to have my work paired with Michele’s exquisite words!

  3. Patricia
    June 26, 2018 / 7:23 am

    God has blessed Holly with Joy and Peace which only comes through a relationship with Him, “a peace which surpasses understanding”.
    I am in awe of her acceptance of a situation which would make another person bitter. But she has persevered and bloomed with her faith and her love of God.
    May we all lift up our hearts and bloom through adversity and trust in The Lord.

    • michele
      June 26, 2018 / 9:03 am

      Thank you, beautiful soul for adding blessing and beauty here. 🙂

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