Fashion Over 50: What’s Your Daily Uniform?

Fashion Over 50: What’s Your Daily Uniform doesn’t just ask “what clothes do you reach for on a typical day?” But also, how do your choices reflect your personal style? I’m typically too laid back, beachy, and boring to ever stand out as a fashionista, but I know what I like! My blog buddy recently invited me to an Ageless Style series to chat over 50 style. If you have time to leave a comment there, I’ll feel slightly less nervous about baring January-snow-white legs and dark roots to the planet…oy!

Photo: Jody Stella for Hello Lovely Studio.

(Psst…here’s another ottoman in the same spirit):

Osceola Pouf
Rattan Pouf…and here’s an hourglass shaped one HERE.

While the topics here normally relate to timeless and tranquil interiors (literal and figurative), today’s fun departure celebrates the joyful layer that artful expression adds to midlife.

Photo: Melissa James Studio

One might typically imagine “fashion” and “timelessness” to be opposites, but, hey. We have to get dressed to face the world in any era! So gear up for Fashion Over 50: What’s Your Daily Uniform? And maybe just maybe I’ll be able to recruit you pals to contribute your own story for a series here!

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Michele of Hello Lovely Studio with camera on balcony of Waldorf Astoria Chicago. #hellolovelystudio
Jeans, blazer, and cami, The Gap. Photo: Jody Stella.

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Fashion Over 50: What’s Your Daily Uniform?


Find a lovely quilted North Face jacket RIGHT HERE.

My daily uniform is CASUAL AND COMFORTABLE.

Since I work from my home and on a typical day only find myself running to the grocery store or drycleaner, casual and comfortable makes sense. Casual doesn’t mean poor quality though. I love well-made pieces sewn from natural materials that will stand the test of time. Do you wear organic cotton from India? Oh, my. Gamechanger, and it’s what these pajamas from Domi are all about.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in white over sized organic cotton pajamas from Domi. #hellolovelystudio #pajamas
You can call me The Pajamanista! Oversized organic cotton pajamas, Domi. Photo: Hello Lovely Studio.

Find lovely pajama set options RIGHT HERE.

Fashion Over 50: What Shoes Do You Wear With Your Daily Uniform?

Most days, I’m wearing Nike Free sneakers (find them HERE) or boots.

Working from home also means I can be barefoot, which is for me, one of the finer things in life! See why I will never be much of a fashionista!?!

Here are the shoes I wear when I wear them:

Photo: Jody Stella.
Ilse Jacobsen boots. Photo: Zappos.
Photo: Melissa James Studio.

Find Ilse Jacobsen boots RIGHT HERE.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio.
Embroidered tunic, Anthropologie. Denim, Levi’s. Sign: Urban Farmgirl. Find lovely white tunics RIGHT HERE.

Fashion Over 50: How Do Your Uniform and Wardrobe Reflect Your Lifestyle?

My clothes are UNFUSSY and mostly UNDERSTATED.

Photo: Jody Stella for Hello Lovely Studio.

Snag a pair of black Converse sneakers RIGHT HERE.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio on the beach. Photo by Melissa James Studio. #beachy #over50
A few favorites: beachy waves in my hair & Rayban aviators. Photo: Melissa James Studio.

Since I don’t have to commute daily to an office (no need for office attire!), rarely attend formal events (no need for formalwear!), skype (no need to get dressed or do hair!), or impress clients (no need to watch the runways!), it’s essentially about ease.

The best organic cotton pajamas, Domi. Photo: Jody Stella.
Burgett Handmade Shag Sheepskin Ivory Area Rug
Find options for sheepskin rugs RIGHT HERE.

As a writer, to be productive and most on my game, I simply require quiet comfort and peaceful surroundings. While plenty of work at home types cannot imagine being able to be in work mode while in pajamas, it works for me.

Fashion Over 50: What Colors Show Up Most Often in Your Closet?

WHITE and BLUE predominantly.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in white Victorian style jacket. #hellolovelystudio
I bought this Victorian style jacket (Ryu) in every color! Photo: Jody Stella.

Since I have been having a long, long love affair with mostly white romantic decor and Nordic French style, it makes sense the color white!

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in pinstripe shift dress from The Gap. #hellolovelystudio
An everyday dress. Pinstripe Dress, The Gap. Photo: Lisa Trentadue.
Chambray Dress. Photo: Zappos.

I’m also drawn to chambray blue, aqua, denim, and all those gorgeous natural oceanic blues that look good on blondes.

Here are some everyday blue pieces I would wear:

Chambray Shirt. Photo: Zappos.
Chambray Toms. Photo: Zappos.

and these AG denim pieces RIGHT HERE.

Fashion Over 50: How Would You Describe Your Design Style?

TIMELESS and TRANQUIL design and decor engage and soothe me in this get-it-done-quickly world.

Photo: Nick Harner.

Timelessness in terms of design and style, for me is about classicism and eschewing trends and ‘of the moment’ looks. I love interiors with traditional style good bones layered with quiet color and natural materials.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in a 1960s lace wedding gown. #hellolovelystudio #1960s #weddinggown
I have a collection of 1960’s lace wedding gowns in my size just for fun. FIND VINTAGE LACE GOWNS: RIGHT HERE. Photo: Jody Stella.

While it’s true that over the years my blog has spotlighted highly fashionable and fantasy-like interiors, the blog has more often highlighted unfussy, casual, and timeless spaces. My own home’s style (French Nordic, Belgian look, California modern farmhouse) is harmonious with my daily wardrobe and my clothing choices.

Selfie at 3 Arts Cafe in Chicago.

Fashion Over 50: How Does Where You Live Impact Your Daily Wardrobe?

The extreme weather here demands layers and sensibility!

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome. #hellolovelystudio
Black vegan leather jacket (Forever21) with skinny black pants (American Eagle) and heels.

Find black moto jackets RIGHT HERE.

My laid back style is more California-surfer-girl than most folks I know who live in the Midwest, but my style also reflects a heartland, prairie, unfussy outlook common in the Northland as well. Since we have long winters in my neck of the woods, casually layered pieces just make sense in winter. In summer and spring, breathable cottons and linen are more called for than fussy silk

Photo: Jody Stella.
Photo: Melissa James Studio.

Fashion Over 50: Do Values and/or Faith Affect Your Fashion?

My faith and values affect my whole being, so a big fat YES!

We all spend our earnings based on our values, and I’m frugal. Even though I’m not a fashionista, I don’t like the idea of rigid rules in fashion, whether they are coming from the culture or a faith tradition. My faith and religion are LOVE and PEACE, and my wardrobe mostly reflects a fondness for peaceful, calm, imperfect pieces.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio on trampoline.
Jeans and tank, Hollister. Photo: Jody Stella.

Fashion Over 50: To Bling or Not to Bling?

I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to accessories.

This is an area where I have changed quite a bit in my 50’s. I hardly wear jewelry beyond simple earrings on a daily basis. When I go out, I love to wear a dramatic pair of earrings or a necklace, but you won’t find me blinged out with rings and bracelets.

What’s crazy though is I have a collection of costume jewelry I love just for the artfulness of it! My favorite bling is a sparkly white smile! White teeth help me feel more youthful and confident so they are a priority. Love often begins with a smile, so why not make it a healthy bright one?

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in polka dot vintage style dress.
I love casual dresses and tunics I can layer over jeans. Photo: Lisa Trentadue.

Fashion Over 50: How Do You Wear Your Hair with Your Daily Uniform?

Simple, loose, beachy waves are my favorite.

I have fine textured hair and not much of it so it looks better when I use a curling iron to get loose spiral-like waves. Very beachy and effortless, and I rarely use hair spray.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in Domi organic cotton pajamas. #hellolovelystudio #domi #pajamas
Oversize men’s style pajamas, Domi. Photo: Jody Stella.

This is certainly not an everyday uniform (below) but shows you the loose waves I love.

Hello Lovely Studio. 10 Secrets from the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018 in London.
Blazer, J. Crew. Sequin top, Michael Kors.

Fashion Over 50: Is There a Celebrity, Designer or Sylish Friend Who Inspires How You Dress?

Olsen Twins and Melissa.

It’s so fun watching the Olsen Twins be fearless and imaginative. I pay attention to what they choose since I’m also petite. My friend Melissa is a photographer/artist/fashionista with impeccable taste, and she has taught me more than I can say about what works and what doesn’t!

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio with HP Elitebook laptop. #hellolovelystudio
One of a kind ‘Go Ask Alice’ dress by Kate Towers. Photo: Jody Stella. Belgian linen slipcover, Bemz.

Fashion Over 50: Talk to Me About Makeup, Skincare, and Injectables.

I enjoy makeup much more than most people my age!

Sunscreen and hydration are critical now! There’s no such thing as a magic bullet or one-size-fits-all skincare, and I personally adore Skinceuticals Retinol Night Cream (which does wonders on lines, age spots, and wrinkles!), SkinMedica Hydrating Creme, and the Aveda Botanical Kinetics line.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio at pool.
Swimsuit, Kenneth Cole.

While I haven’t had any injectables like Botox for a couple of years, I plan to make an appointment soon for those little 11’s between my eyes which make me look tense or mad when I’m relaxed.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio with English bulldog at pool.
Swimsuit, Kenneth Cole.

My favorite aesthetic treatment at the moment? Dermaplaning! I got the best treatment last year at a med spa in Texas (read about it HERE).

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio jumping on trampoline.
Photo: Jody Stella.

Fashion Over 50: Favorite Healthy Foods & Exercise?

High fiber, low fat diet and WALKING!

High fiber, low fat is what works for me, and Weight Watchers is what I follow to maintain a healthy weight. Do you need a nudge to eat more plants? See this! When I gain weight, I tend to carry it on my hips, and for me, the extra weight causes pain since I have arthritis and scoliosis. So I work on keeping my weight down so I can walk without pain!

Here’s a recent story about easy healthy food swaps I opt for.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in kitchen wearing floral apron by Shabby Chic. #hellolovelystudio #shabbychic #apron
Floral apron, Shabby Chic. Sandals, Toms. Hello Lovely Studio.

I love vegetables, and I focus on eating as many plants as possible while minimizing animal products. This is important to battle inflammation and inhibit cancer cell growth since I am at risk with BRCA2 genetic mutation. I’m a freak for avacados and am so happy they are good for us!

Sisters in coral sun dresses in Hawaii. Hello Lovely Studio.
With my sister in Hawaii. Dress, Tabitha/Anthropologie.

My favorite exercise is walking – preferably with my sister! We walk as fast as we can and walked 8-10 miles per day when we lived near each other.

Michele of Hello Lovely Studio in pink ballet slippers with tissue poufs. #hellolovelystudio
I collect dead pointe shoes. V-neck tee, Shabby Chic. Bracelet, Emma Cassi. Photo: Jody Stella.

Fashion Over 50: Favorite Shops?

Big fan of online shopping here!

Shabby Chic (Rachel Ashwell), The Gap, Amazon, J. Crew, Madewell, H&M, Bhldn, and Ebay for vintage.

Fashion Over 50: If You Wear Glasses…Favorite Frames?

Warby Parker!

It’s so easy to buy glasses online now. Try on 5 pairs from Warby Parker for free! Read about them HERE.

My Welty frames from Warby Parker.
Ballet slipper pointe shoes and distressed denim by Hello Lovely Studio. #hellolovelystudio #pointeshoes #balletslippers
There’s just something about imperfect yet perfectly worn-in jeans. It’s the whole wabi sabi thing! Photo: Jody Stella.
Hello Lovely Studio.
White linen shift dress, Madewell. Jeans, American Eagle.

Fashion Over 50: Any Lifestyle Tips or Wisdom to Thrive in Midlife?

I write about this topic all the time! See these stories:

Greater Kindness to Yourself

Capacity for Change

Tidying Up and Letting Go

Hello Lovely Studio.
My friends make me laugh!


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  1. February 4, 2019 / 7:43 am

    Great post chalk full of inspiration Michele! My over 50 uniform is jeans and a T-shirt covered in paint!! Somehow it works great with my occupation!!!

    • michele
      February 4, 2019 / 4:32 pm

      Works for me too! Thanks for playing along, friend. 🙂

  2. Gail
    February 4, 2019 / 3:20 pm

    One thing I cannot live without: Weleda Skin Food!
    This amazing cream soaks in to your skin (face, hands, feet, elbows) and leaves it plumped and so smooth.
    Available on Amazon in a fat bright creen tube. Made in Germany by an old line Swiss company.

    • michele
      February 4, 2019 / 4:32 pm

      Thanks for the tip – sounds fantastic!

  3. Joanna
    February 4, 2019 / 6:00 pm

    You’ll most likely find me in jeans. I love jeans and have them in skinny, straight and bootcut, both in blue & black. I pick my footwear first and that dictates my jean style. Tops – they vary. I tend towards classic and tailored. It fits my body and aesthetic. I love a crisp white shirt with the collar popped and sleeves pushed up. I often wear head to toe black. It really depends on my mood on any given day.
    I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I always have a gold chain around my neck. For many, many years it was a cross but now just a simple gold chain. I wore studs for years with a wispy pixie cut. I’ve let my hair grow. It seems softer with my laugh lines. I’m playing around with hoops and dangly earrings. I like the feminine appeal of them.
    My beauty routine is simple. Cleanse & cream at night. Cleanse, cream, mascara & tinted BB cream when I’m leaving the house, otherwise I leave my face naked. I haven’t had any injections or surgery. Not because I’m against it but fear. I’d like to though…
    I love being barefoot and you’ll always find me that way while at home, on the boat or in my yard. It’s freeing!
    I love to get out and walk briskly through the near by trails or along the town streets. I used to go to the gym six days a week but now I want a slower pace, the outdoors and my dog at my side.
    Life is good!

    • michele
      February 4, 2019 / 6:47 pm

      Love that daily uniform, and thank you for playing along! Walking is my thing now though I aspire to get back to a regular schedule at the club where I can do the cardio classes and yoga. I’m thrilled to hear life is good, friend. xox

  4. Mae
    February 5, 2019 / 9:06 am

    During the the warm months and sometimes the cool, I live in linen! What a difference it makes!

    • michele
      February 5, 2019 / 2:45 pm

      Yes! I so agree with you! 🙂

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