My Home Renovation: Hello Lovely Fixer Upper {week 32}

February 26, 2016

Lots of boudoir bath progress made since last we
dished about the lovely fixer upper here.

The master bath is nearly done, and you can see
my mini clawfoot tub is in place with
its sweet lil' chrome feet.

How we wish the bath presently resembled this:

but, hey...just a few weeks back it was all:

How am I feeling about the downsize these days?

Swell - new work by Betsy Eby

Pretty dang swell!
I love watching my beloved transform this cottage.
While living in dust and not being able to feel
your fingertips is not my favorite,
I love our home's setting and how much
easier it is to maintain a smaller place...
less square footage and more living!

me and niece on the way to an audition for The Voice

me and baby sis

see the duct tape marks? they indicate the new wall for the separate WC and new shower 

We started with:
a nice sized room with western exposure,
black toilet seat,
pedestal sink,
vinyl floor atop
rotted out subfloor,
spray-painted plumbing fixtures,
and a sledgehammer.

We gutted the whole thing,
making it two rooms and adding
new walls and new everything.

Stone tile for shower floor...can't wait for it to be installed.

tiled floor before grout

12x12 tiles went in for bathroom floor,
and 9x12 tiles were installed on shower walls.

after grout

The porcelain tile is called Calacatta.
We are going for classic and cottage-y
with lots of white and minimal fixtures.

loo area before grout

So happy to have a separate area for the loo now.

shower - before grout

My job was clean-up, scraping mastic off
tiles and removing spacers (do color
coordinate your footwear and sponges
for such labor).

Life is glamorous on the catwalk, supermodels...
strut yer bad self past the commode and
wet-vac resting on decades old
carpet pad and dusty dropcloth.

Above is the wall before the vanities came in...
the old bathroom only had plumbing for one
sink on this wall.

His and hers vanities, and there will be
counter space between them.

Can't wait to try out my salvaged tub
which I scrubbed clean.

A 2nd floor loo...yay!

Loving the Kohler Purist faucets with cross handles.

We still have to: finish tiling shower,
sand drywall, paint, and install trim
and finishes, but it's getting close.

I dry-brushed a coat of Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter
on our bedroom furniture since it looked awful von awful
and yellowy, so now there is a nice candlelit glow
coming through light grey rather than
simply bananas going on.

Speaking of bananas,
not only are my lover and I
cray cray fo shay shay for taking on
this project, we have taken on yet
another, and there shall be more
sharing 'bout that in due time.

me with unfortunate winter tresses and little sis at Navy Pier

For now, I just reallllllllly want to
arrive at the day I post
pretty pretty pictures of spaces which
appear lovely and done, ya know?

Please come join me
in this DIY adventure by
clicking here for all my fixer upper update posts!

(And thanks for subscribing here so you don't miss an episode.)

Thanks for following along. I love you for it.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Exciting and great progress...this is when it gets to be FUN! I am loving all the improvements so far, your choices are great and timeless! How exciting to go to The that show, such did she do!!!! Glad you making time for fun and leisure in between all the crazy, very important!

    1. thanks, tina. producer said she has great potential (she killed it at the audition, and i bet she will get a ticket next year!).

  2. The bathroom will be absolutely beautiful!
    Would you share the source of the tile? It really does look like marble!


    1. emailed you, nancy. hope this helps.

  3. Michele I am amazed at the transformation and it is just getting better and better! You are a better woman than I am to take all of this on, great that you have a superman partner!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. thanks so much for your supportive energy, karena.

  4. A separate WC is so useful, especially when somebody is in the bath and somebody else has to go....NOW. Also, in the "before," the toilet all by its lonesome against the wall really did kind of look like a throne....
    Great choices on the tile. I can't wait to see the final product!
    Taste of France

    1. hahaha! i know. i couldn't wait to change the configuration!

  5. Its Coming along beautifully. Loving every bit the personality you are giving your cottage. Oh to soak and dream in that beautiful bathroom.
    The furniture in your bedroom must have joyed you to add it's softer beauty.

    Good luck to your neice...

    See you soon beautiful Michele and all the beauty you create.


    1. merci, dore. the furniture is still serving us well so i was not ready to part with it. you know how it is with a girl who loves to paint!

  6. Following along with your remodel progress is so exciting and with each update, I am in awe. Literally, awe. Your fixture and tile choices are gorgeous and the color palette - stunning. High Five Michele and a big thank you for sharing this design journey with us.

  7. Wow! You've made so much progress and I LOVE that tub! We tried to put in a standing tub but it didn't work in our space unfortunately. My husband is finishing the tile in our kitchen (finally!) .. it's a long process isn't it?

    1. it's a good thing i didn't know it would take this long. if you had told me we still would not have a bathroom to use at month 8, i would've run!

  8. So excited to see you're using porcelain calacatta. This is exactly the look I'm going for in my soon to start remodel. Can't wait to see it all! I'm sure it will be lovely :)

    1. good luck on the remodel, maryann!

  9. Well I have to tell the truth.. I was going to begin by saying how bummed I was about the wedding---I was so looking forward to seeing you...and hopefully the couple is still happily together. (?) oh I hope so! But this post blew me away. Your master is so open and bright now it's pure loveliness with all your classic looking tile and white paint. Your hubby is quite a talented guy and you--with those cute matching flipflops continue to crack me up and inspire me at the same time. Hey--what happened with niece? That's so exciting! God I wish I could sing.

  10. Whoa...I missed so much...the bath is shaping up absolutely gorgeous. Expect a whole lot of comments now! Love, roy

  11. Whoa...I missed so much...the bath is shaping up absolutely gorgeous. Expect a whole lot of comments now! Love, roy

  12. Hi Michele,
    I never got an email about the tile.


  13. Wonderful progress, Michele! The bath is looking fabulous. Love the tiles. We just downsized to 1500 sq ft, and have started renovating our new old home.


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