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peaceful inspiration

15 May 2015


I think it's true the ultimate goal in styling our homes may
be to create a reflection of our true selves, yet I also
believe it's honorable to design for what
we aspire to...and for me that involves
p e a c e. 

Here are some visuals that spell peace to me.

Pam Pierce designed kitchen for Ruth Gay







Pam Pierce's kitchen
VDX-05-dining-area-pamela-pierce-sarrinen-table-french-fireplace-0313-lgn.jpg 500×375 pixels

I continue to stay busy seeking a place to call home.
In the mean time, I am relieved I did not place our
belongings in storage but chose instead
to live with them around me as they
bring some comfort:

our temporary living room

We are renting a small ranch backing to a cornfield,
and the living is much easier though I miss my
big efficient kitchen.

 view from the kitchen window now

our coffee table has become a little bit of an altar

Peace to you right where you are.

lovely antique doors

09 May 2015

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My husband and I went shopping yesterday
in search of inspiration for decorating
our next home, and one of our favorite
vendors has completely changed its wares
from European country to midcentury modern!

So we didn't see the beautiful old doors you see here
which were mostly found on Brooke's blog.


zero george street hotel

03 May 2015

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I love this boutique hotel in Charleston,
a city I intend to visit soon.

Doesn't it look like something straight from Europe?

simple lovely

21 April 2015

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How about a bunch of simple lovely moments,
many of which were found via one of my
all time favorite blogs: Decor De Provence?

Blogger Desiree has the best eye and
collects inspiration from around the globe
as evidenced by these images.

Her own home and work were recently
 featured in Country Living magazine,
and I'm a big fan of them both.

tiny house crushin'

17 April 2015

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The purge and downsize are underway!
While not yet ready to re-locate to a tiny mobile
house on a trailer, I have crushed on these cuties
(and shipping container homes!)
for years and blog about them as sort of
a love note to our grown sons
who adore them too.

207 square feet plus 110 s.f. in the loft...
would you, could you?


beautiful brick walls

10 April 2015

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Brick Kitchen Backsplash - Cottage - kitchen - Herlong & Associates

Beautiful brick makes a stunning backdrop,
and these examples create a quiet wow.

red rain boots

05 April 2015


Happy springtime, friends.

I was blessed to receive cheerful red Hunter boots
this Christmas from my sister, and there is nothing quite
like splashing through puddles like a carefree child.


What a skittlelicious rainbow!



This cute new book from Chronicle celebrates
all things perfectly precip.

From Rain to Rainbows

From Rain to Rainbows
(Chronicle, 2015)
is a sweet little treasury of whimsical
artworks from indie art stars
and emerging talent.

Riga Sutherland

Gregory Thielker

Ready for spring's rain and rainbows?

lauren conrad style & moving

24 March 2015

This feminine lovely and cheerful kitchen
belonging to Lauren Conrad caught my eye.

Lauren Conrad

Enjoy these glimpses of her spaces.

Lauren Conrad Home Apartment Get The Look -5

Lauren Conrad Home Apartment Get The Look -4

In other news, life remains chaotic
after receiving an offer to buy our home.

With just a month before closing,
we are house hunting...over-glamorized
on television and truly a trigger of migraines.

I am learning the art of letting go,
and though I can't see what lies ahead,
I am making peace with the adventure.

drawing from life {don bachardy}

21 March 2015

Warren Beatty

Don Bachardy
is a portrait artist who literally draws from life.

He once said,
"...maybe I became an artist to have an excuse
to look deeply at people. We choose professions
that give us extra license."

Bachardy's self portrait

In a three- to four-hour sitting, subjects like Warren Beatty patiently and perhaps uncomfortably sit across from the staring creator who brilliantly captures a truthful lifelike portrait
they possibly will hate. 

Carol Burnett

In his words, 
"I can't cheat.
The whole point of drawing from life is to draw what I see, and the truth of what I'm looking at is always far more interesting to me than any fantasy I may have in my head about a particular personality."

Natasha Richardson

Capturing a live sitter's essence, especially one whose star shines brightly in the eyes of millions of fans, with such honesty...
is that not intriguing?

Jack Nicholson

In his new book we are treated to something special.
A collection of the artist's work in which Bachardy in-the-moment-of-truth-style meets (or combusts with?) glittery, pretendhappy, superficial Hollywood glam.

Don Bachardy
the 80ish young artist today

"The better they sit, the better the portrait is."
(Don Bachardy)


Hollywood (Glitterati, 2014) is a half century
retrospective treasury of portraits breathing with life.
It features more than 300 original paintings and drawings
of tinseltown personalities who sat for Don Bachardy.

Bachardy paints writer Christopher Isherwood in the 1980's via

Teri Garr 

Most of the artworks were signed and dated by the sitter
not because the artist was starstruck but as proof
the piece was created from a live sitting.

How about you?
What does your profession give you
"extra license" to do?

And...would you rather be the sitter or the artist?

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