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relaxed boho

20 December 2014

I was born in the sixties and enjoyed a magical childhood
in the seventies so maybe that explains why
relaxed boho style evokes a spirit of
nostalgia, youth, and freedom.

Pandeia Studio

Some cute spaces reflecting hippie chic and boho lovely:



Australian stylist and author Mr Jason Grant
knows his way around relaxed style and
literally wrote the book on how to live
everyday like you are on vacation.
Um. Can you tell I am in winter vacay mode with
the design book marathon going on here!?!

 Away At Home
Rizzoli, 2014

Away at Home: Creating Relaxed Spaces of Your Own
has incredible photography by Lauren Bamford
and takes inspiration from road trips, beach houses,
boutique hotels and lazy summers on the coast
(just the sort of research I'm up for!).

This image from the book made me smile.

Laid-back and lovely.

Me? I'm still nutty for Nordic-French everything,
but it's impossible not to be charmed by
a vacation-sweet boho vibe.


creative lovely blooms

17 December 2014

s e t . t h e . t a b l e

By now you must have surmised I have no eye
or talent for gardening, floral arranging, or
keeping vegetation alive.

I have three plants hanging on for dear life right now:
elephant bush and two angel plants...heaven help me.


So I have the utmost admiration for those of you
who excel at such magic.

These Holiday Ladies where created as a window dressing.  If i had my own flower shop i would so do this as a window display.  I love this idea.

These creative arrangements make me smile.

Dainty bouquets in rugged boots. Captured By: Park Road Photography --->

So does a new book which just arrived chock full
of inspiration from a true master: Per Benjamin.

With truly original ideas and innovation, this chic volume
proves an interior can go from a simple room to an
environment living, breathing, and emoting with style.

Interior Emotions | Life 3 - Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne, Max van de Sluis, Helén Pe, Kurt Dekeyzer, Pim van der Maden - 9789058564191. Download front cover
Stichting Kunstboek, 2014

Here are the particulars for all of you lovers of blooms:
Interior Emotions (ACC Distribution) by Per Benjamin,
Max van de Sluis, and Tomas De Bruyne.

Pink Ballet Shoes by cafechatelaine, via Flickr

Not in the book but just right for
my skill level and what I happen to have on hand.

* * *
Do you have a go-to floral arrangement for the holidays?

let's go to the library

15 December 2014

I have always loved the library.
So does my mom, and one of our sons once asked
if we could live in one...which is sort of what I did!
For ten years I met with students at our local library
for academic tutoring and emotional coaching.
Those were sacred days I hold in my heart.

Lately I wonder what will become of these
shelters for books and bookworms like us.

Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar, Germany

In bygone eras, they were constructed with great
care and expense as these examples prove.

Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Germany
is my favorite, but take a look at other beauties:

Law Library at Munich

Trinity College - Dublin

Admont Abbey - Austria

St. Genevieve - Paris

Suzzalo - University of Washington 

I am in awe and think traveling the planet to visit
and photograph libraries such as these would be BEYOND WHOA.
In the mean time, we have an amazing compilation here:

Libraries - Bjarne Hammer - 9781909399105. Download front cover
ACC Distribution

In Libraries by Bjarne Hammer (Roads, 2014),
we are invited into the most ornate libraries, lauded
universities and innovative design works on earth
including the ultra-modern, the opulent, and the austere.
(Hammer of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is known
internationally for high profile cultural buildings including
libraries in Sweden, Denmark, Scotland and Canada.)

This is one gorgeous library book for my fellow picturebook lovers for which we will never ever have to return or pay a fine!

Do you still visit the library?

jess brown artisan rag dolls

13 December 2014

My favorite part about the holidays is the
c h i l d h o o d   w o n d e r
which I believe is one of the most
valuable qualities to possess our
whole lives through and one which
artist Jess Brown understands perfectly. 


I bet you are familiar with her artisan rag dolls
which have been making spirits bright for years now.
(She began making dolls for her children 14 years ago
using cashmere sweaters and antique remnants then
developed a line of signature handmade ragdolls
based on her original doll design.)

Are you seeing glorious fluffy white pom poms????

Oh the heart shaped mouths and the starry eyes!


I love the modern aesthetic!

What you may not know is Jess Brown now offers
EVERYONE the opportunity to create one of these
modern heirlooms in a lovely new book.

The Making of a Rag Doll
Chronicle Books, 2014

The Making of a Rag Doll:
Design & Sew Modern Heirlooms
has a custom pattern and instructions to personalize
your own rag doll using natural materials and
vintage fabrics as Jess does.

Just think...we have more than a year to
create everlasting gifts of wonder for next Christmas!


This one melts my heart too.

jess brown rag doll
holiday rag doll

Hope you are experiencing days of wonder
and finding opportunities for childlike awe.

Peace and pom poms, kittycats.

a wintry pub party {hello lovely}

11 December 2014

Every year, we join close friends in their charming
European style home decked out for the holidays
for their annual

W I N T R Y  P U B  P A R T Y.

The stockings hung on this mantel are not just any ol' stockings.
Well, they ARE quite old. They are the real deal.
Our friends live with what they adore: original
primitive American antiques...the perfect backdrop
for a nostalgic holiday and this cocktail party.

 Vintage Santa suit!

Above right is the entrance to "the pub."
They have a pub in their home, and it's
a thing of beauty with handcrafted finishes
(sorry, I couldn't ask guests to mosey
so I could snap pics for my blog readers...).

What concoctions did the bloggerina imbibe?
Amaretto Sours (I'm boring but it's my favorite) and
another drink was a mystery since I asked the
bartender to surprise was made
with berry-infused vodka.

Our friends go the extra mile to
make their guests feel extra festive,
and their beautiful home is perfectly
matched to their generosity of spirit.

White Tufted Wool Pom Pom Wreath 12"
Tufted Wool Pom Pom Wreath

Back at home, I am still trying to get a few ornaments
on the tree! Who has time for decorating when there
are pom poms to be made?

Hope you are being extra gentle on yourselves
during this season when the culture's messages
can be so brutal.

Peace to you.

Linking with MMS

thanksgiving 2014 {hello lovely}

10 December 2014

This year for Thanksgiving I departed from my
usual romantic/feminine decor style and opted for
this youthful and simple black and white scheme.

We had dinner at the kitchen table, and I layered on
kraft paper (stenciled with a French Poem stencil
from Royal Designs), then a runner (made of giftwrap with
a crux motif), an antique bread board piled with boxwood,
clove studded clementines, candle holders from Sweden,
and white roses (I loved that our sophomore in college
helped me decorate the clementines just like I used to
do as a child with my adopted Swedish family).

 I went for bold graphic statements including creating a different
quote at each idea inspired by a post by my
good blog friend Leslie of Gwen Moss.

Black posterboard, chalk, and a white paint pen are all you need
to create quick easy sentiments...also a great conversation
starter since guests can guess the author of the quotes.

Peace Pom Pom Wreath, $32.50

Thanks for reflecting with me on last month's holiday.
I'm linking this to MMS's party.

* * *
And yes, a NEW tufted wool pom pom wreath I
created and added to the shop!

Next, I will be sharing images from a very special
holiday party we attended last weekend.

Peace to you.

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