wired for words {lisa congdon}

A happily busy week of writing and Votre Vu
finds me energized and hopeful as I
connect with women from all walks of life
and cover topics from French skincare to
living more soulfully...more than ever
I am keenly aware of how I am
wired for words.

I love language.
I love lyrics.
I love reading and having my brain tickled by
little black scratchy scribbles on the white page.
Familiar with Lisa Congdon's hand lettering genius?


Her art is such a beautiful marriage of words and illustration.
Don't you love that quote by Flaubert above?

Lisa's new book is heartwarming and
truly makes a perfect gift...for mother's day, graduation...


Whatever You Are, Be a Good One:
100 Inspiration Quotations Hand-Lettered
by Lisa Congdon
(Ryland Peters & Small, 2014)

Today I am inspired by the power of well-chosen
words which can evoke deep emotion
or even begin to heal a soul.

I hope it is well with yours.

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