bringing PARIS home {votre vu}

Let's re-visit Paris and chat about
the French Skincare & Beauty (Votre Vu!)
I have fallen for in the past year.

(Above: lounging in our suite at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, attempting to look chic
like the French, and I must say it's impossible to NOT learn about understated beauty in France.
Tone down the beachy waves and the eyeliner and the blush...)

A big merci to ye who have already bought
a Votre Vu made in Paris product from me to try...
I rang up my first sale just a week ago, and you already
know my history of giddyness over a purchase of
$6.99 from my lil etsy shop!!!

Here is why I want to spread Votre Vu love:

my daily breakfast in Paris...omg

It's handcrafted in Paris, yet affordable.
Votre Vu's most expensive spa-grade serum
with 40% marine collagen costs what I was paying
for an inferior department store product,
and my VV one lasts me 6 months.

The ingredients in Votre Vu are plant-based,
spa-grade quality which fit sweetly with
my desire to lead an anti-cancer lifestyle.
So natural in fact, that this serum is stored in the freezer
and ships to you on dry ice...not kidding.

Duette - Hand Lotion & Lip Balm in One

Seductive is nice on stressful days.
Nourishing is cool too.
Duette is a soothing Parisian vacation for my hands and lips.
My friends and I are GAGA for the clever packaging
(one of the most chic soccer moms you will ever meet refers to
this luxe tube with 2 products and a mirror as her 'best friend'):

Speaking of luxe, I snapped this at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

 Almond Pie Souffle - Body Lotion

Tarte D'Amande (Almond Pie Souffle for the body)
Say hello to your new favorite way to moisturize
your body (with a subtle fragrance that may
drive your special someone WILD).
It's unisex BTW.

Eiffel Power Mascara - it's a must have

Hands down the best and healthiest mascara I have tried.
I tried em all...drugstore ones to Neiman's.
The cottonseed oil in it sets it apart.
It's $24, and the one Amy Poehler wore to the
Golden Globes...
yep, Hollywood makeup artists
are well aware of Votre Vu.

Eiffel Power Mascara

Caring for your skin is a kind thing to do for yourself.
I waited too long, and VV is helping with damage from the sun.
If you start with just one VV product
to help your complexion, this is a great choice
for normal to dry skin:
Parfait Nuit
a night creme

Night Cream for Normal/Dry Skin - Parfait Nuit

Votre Vu is the easiest way I know to bring Paris home.
The luxury. The quality. The vibe. It enhances the everyday.
And you can buy it from me in your PJs.

I am struck by my bloated appearance here which is obvi due to the croissant eating.

Merci for your loyal readership
and support of my new venture as a decidedly
NON-SALE-SY mama with Votre place an order
please visit here and if prompted, click that you are
a soiree guest of Hello Lovely.

I promise to remain the free-spirited bloggin dreamer I am
and truly hope you will sample this lovely for your skin.
Maybe replace some of those animal collagen protein-ish
everyday beauty products with healthier botanical alternatives?

In my offline life, I am busy sharing luscious products
with everyone I meet in Northern Illinois where I live.

I'll still be writing and blogging as usual,
sharing what inspires me in my everyday life...
Interiors! Soulful living! Nordic French! Creativity! Artists! Food!

The ladies at the post office went nuts yesterday
for the Duette hand creme, and there is nothing
quite like making postal workers happy.

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