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hello lovely fixer upper {week 7}

22 August 2015

Week 7 was a blast!
Only because I got to glamp with my
summer sisters (that's us in front of our cabin)
while my husband got to get his lumberjack on.

Remember the tree of death?

Along with a fallen one infested with carpenter ants,
it's gone thanks to a friend with a chainsaw.

I know the kitchen cabinets may look okay,
but you have to trust that after two decades
of use and abuse, they were ready for retirement.

Here is the kitchen after my man of steel
removed cabinets and the other half of 
the maple hardwood flooring in a single bound!

He also finished drywalling
the wall between the kitchen and dining room,
as well as adding electrical where needed.

Some of the recessed lights will be relocated
soon, the sink and base have to be removed,
and we have yet to decide on a ceiling treatment...
beadboard panels, new drywall, or a skimcoat of mud?

I have to prep the glass on the French doors
for painting, and I also must decide on
a ceiling treatment for the dining room.

Ceiling treatments?
We are not fans of swirly texture and sparkles that bring
to mind 70's disco fever and satin.

i can't take my eyes off them

(Not that there is anything wrong with glittery bands
or shiny bomber jackets...but keep 'em off my ceilings.)

except for you, foxy Leif, even in easter yellow trousers you are welcome to grace our ceilings.

I'm willing to learn plastering 101 and spend
hours smoothing to get them right...ummm, I think.
I also thought moving TWICE was a good idea. Girlfriend will keep you posted.

What a relief to see this space without the cabinets!
I can almost see me and the sistas cooking in there!
That is an outright lie. I actually cannot imagine hanging in this space yet. True.

on this particular day, in a freak accident, i splattered homemade marinara all over our whites.

Lessons Learned in Week 7:
*We get by with a little help from our friends.

*A few days of carbonated holiness
(Anne Lamott's definition of laughter)
are a winning prescription for weary bones.

*With a partner in grime like my guy
(who is fearless and prettier than Leif Garrett)
when it comes to DIY, be prepared for
even more adventure than you planned.
Him: "Help me with this 3-ton section of scaffolding, Honey."
Me: "Sure." 

Thank you for following, friends.

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Coming soon:

Peace to you right where you are.

our rachel fix

17 August 2015

A few months ago, a newer friend who was
visiting our prior home for the first time
stepped inside and exclaimed:
"Oh my God, Rachel Ashwell lives here!"

Music to my ears.
She has long been an influence as I
strive to create a vibe at home that feeds
the soul, mind, and creative process.

o dear lord, is that table pale pink? i must have it in my life.

I have interviewed Rachel over the years,
and she stays ever true to her roots and convictions.
Admirable since she has managed to eschew
trends and 5-minute fashion so gracefully.

While she doesn't blog too often,
what soulcandy transpires when she does...

Humble, cushy, comfy and perfect for Malibu.

Blog Image #5 - downstairs living room
we both have white pianos.
Blog Image #10 - me blackberry
isn't it fun seeing real life images like this?

art: by Jorunn Mulen - available at ShabbyChicCouture

Amy Neunsinger's Cali kitchen

Shabby chic has come to encompass all sorts of things,
but it is Rachel's interpretation I have long admired.

2015 Spring 11

She recognizes how objects become art simply
with the passage of time and from being well-used.

2015 Spring 12

To get a feel for her take on shabby chic couture,

2015 Spring 6

Oh the peaceful tranquility speaks to me!

2015 Spring 8

Whispers really.
2015 Spring 4
Soothing and inviting.

2015 Spring 5

Peace to you right where you are.

hello lovely fixer upper {week 6}

13 August 2015

We stayed busy this week despite feeling burned out
and VERY OLD...for the love of peanut butter M&Ms,
get your fix for a fixer upper while still in your 30s!
I began packing/moving our belongings once again, and
moving (TWICE!) at almost50 is not at all the same as moving at 35!

the before

Two huge projects this week:
(1) The main bath is done!

Not too many pretty or blogworthy shots,
but those will come in time when the decor is completed.
Just a few weeks back...

and now...

 Kind of like a cloud at this point

Project #2
involves the wall between the dining room and kitchen.

Above is how it looked before.

We wanted to see what it would feel like
opened up so we knocked it down.


Now seems like a good time to clue you in on our process.
It might be a stretch to say we are creating art
with this cottage makeover, but Warhol's advice
here is applicable and comforting...

 This is how that wall looks now.

See, after we demolished the drywall,
we discovered a main support
and had to abandon plans to lose it entirely.

It was a disappointing surprise.

But we decided widening the opening as much as we could
and adding interest with the vintage French doors we found
was a fine option we wouldn't have otherwise considered.

The kitchen was looking like the above...

But the demo finally began in week 6!
Sayonara, old breakfast bar!

Here are a few more snaps of our progress:

Also wanted to share a glimpse of our family:
our eldest has his own place, our youngest
will be living with us in the cottage as he finishes
up college, and the fur baby is 13.5 now!

I would love to incorporate this Whitman
quote somewhere in the new place as
it speaks to my present sensibilities.

Thanks for following our journey and cheering us on!

CRAZYCOOL midlifers with sledgehammers

Have you ever taken on a fixer upper?
Would you do it again?

We'd love to hear your wisdom!

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