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karen mordechai

29 January 2015

Sunday Supper for Alt Summit | Williamsburg,Brooklyn | photography by Karen Mordechai +  Flowers Ariel Dearie

Sunday Suppers is the brainchild of Karen Mordechai,
who lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn and favors
s i m p l i c i t y
f  o  o  d.

She works with local artisans and crafters to create
monthly dinners in a magical airy space.

Sunday Suppers

I adore this idea of thoughtful, soulful, monthly dinners.

Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gathering

I can't wait to get a copy and lose myself in pages
of Sunday suppers (warms my soul just
typing the words).

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers

Karen's styling is so breathtaking, and seeing her work
posted at Rebecca's struck a chord and
inspired me to up my game.
Maybe I will.

Sunday Suppers

I am back in the blustery midwest after two gorgeous
weeks of weather in the 80's, sea turtles, surf
competitions, and even Sony's Golf open.

Sunday Suppers - sets a minimalist's heart all aflutter!

My husband may have obsessed a tad over real estate guides
while we hung out sans kitchen on Oahu's North Shore.
Catching one of those gnarly North Shore waves
and living to tell will do that to a soul.

my photo - Ka'Ena Point - one of my favorite places on the planet

I saw so many fit, half naked people on the island 
this visit that I am feeling determined to
get back into better shape which
could mean less blogging and skipping this:

Sunday Suppers

How about you?
* * *
Charmed by the notion of Sunday Suppers?

Diggin the vibe here?

Incensed I'm elevating your hunger for carbs
whilst droning on about getting fit and
then rubbing salt in the wound with talk of 
a Hawaiian rendezvous?

I'll make it up to you.
You're all invited to my Sunday Supper.

in hawaii & my birthday

22 January 2015
This was the first shot I snapped on the North Shore
where I am still living happily as a beach bum in Hawaii
(ooooh I WISH this were my bum!).
Three sea turtles emerged from the sea to bask with moi the other day!
On my birthday tomorrow, I'll be another year richer
in friendship and love, and the message
above is what echoes in my heart...
why do I keep hitting the
snooze button, ya know?
Wake up and live, friends.
Peace to you right where you are.

paris apartment {gregoire de lafforest}

09 January 2015

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -05.jpg

Gregoire de Lafforest is a genius of architecture
and design with a major resume.

Design projects?
Hermes' headquarters in Paris,
Cartier boutiques, a mansion for Veuve Clicquot,
Sky restaurant (at the top of the Montparnasse Tower),
and this imaginative Paris residence with
a gorgeous peaceful presence
that blew my mind into a billion lovely pieces.

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -01.jpg

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -02.jpg

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -06.jpg

Am I right?
This kitchen fits the bill for the client who requests
'open concept but not really open.'

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -07.jpg

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -09.jpg

I knowwwwwwww, right?

Gregory Lafforest - Voltaire -10.jpg

In other non-Paris apartment news, it is tres tres chilly outside.


It's Monkeys-in-Snowsuits,

So I am happy to be leaving to dwell among
the sea turtles and will check in with you soon!

Peace of the warm tropical breeze to you.

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fresh, white & relaxed {anne ziegler}

06 January 2015

For me, the Cali home of trend forecaster Anne Ziegler
has just the right balance of white and juicy color
and is a lovely model of a minimal, undecorated, peaceful nest.

Anne simply used pieces she lovingly collected,
intuitively knowing they would work together.

I may have to buy this botanical print which
features such a gorgeous pink:

This is what my place looks like too...stacks everywhere!

Anne Ziegler

How cheerful yet chic is her guest room?

So airy and friendly without extra stuff.

Swedish touches everywhere.
(Aren't the chair legs reminscent of antlers?)

I still love these lucite peekaboo consoles!

and here's a peekaboo at anne's inspiration board

Brings to mind my talented Frenchy friend
Dore and her collections of winter white.

chairs from Ikea

I can't even...

So many creative examples for creating a
peaceful, beautiful, humble, artful home.

* * *
And here are ideas inspiring me as a writer,
artist, and peacemaking spiritual seeker:

Artist Bo Bartlett's comments about working within your own temperament.
Developing new habits in 2015 from my friend Leslie's blog Gwen Moss.
The concept of "hidden wholeness" as imagined and captured by Thomas Merton.
Betsy Eby's gorgeous book featuring her encaustics.
Inner landscapes of beauty articulated with eloquent grace by the late John O'Donohue.
This blog post by Shauna Niequist and this one by my friend Laura.

Peace to you, right where you are.

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new year reflections

01 January 2015

Photo: so glad i snapped some photos of the snow while it was here! wishing you a peaceful post-christmas.

I have felt inner resistance to reflect upon the past year.
2014 was one where more questions were raised than answers.
You know the type.
However, looking back proved to be's a taste.

A FAVORITE MEMORY FROM 2014...So many blessings! Watching our eldest son graduate from college and land his first job as a high school English instructor was a joyous highlight. To see your child begin a new chapter which makes him feel truly alive? Priceless.

the new teacher as a boy in Hawaii

MY WISH FOR OUR WORLD IN 2015...I'm a dreamer. I want to see violence disappear so that children grow up learning ours is a friendly planet where we all belong to each other. I'd like to see the whole world involved in a sweet conspiracy of love so that our environment, laws, art, education, and humanity all reflect a commitment to nurture and preserve what is wholesome and good.

our youngest learning to surf

PERSONAL RESOLUTIONS FOR 2015...Spread more love and hope, live a healthier lifestyle (which means USING the gym membership) laugh more, and share more lovely in the world.

me near my favorite creature of the sea in our natural habitat

2014 WAS...A season I gained more humility and a stronger interest in healing. While my health was better overall, I struggled with BRCA2+/surgical menopause issues such as losing half my hair, memory troubles, and depression. I am way too vain! But the flipside of loss was being inspired to (1) write lots of new music
(2) get more vulnerable and in touch with the suffering of others
and (3) grow spiritually (an important daily practice comes from
Mother Teresa: spend one hour a day in adoration of our Lord
and do nothing you know to be wrong).

ON THE BUCKET LIST FOR THE NEW YEAR...See as many sea turtles as I can in Hawaii, finish writing the book begun years ago (it's about healing in the absence of cure), take on some styling/interior decor projects to explore that direction, attend a writing conference (and meet some of my heroes), update our kitchen and master bedroom, and create more soul-filled art pieces.

Merci, Tina, of the enchanted design sensibilities,
of the energetic gift for gab, and of the gorgeous spirit of hospitality
for inspiring me to reflect!

Photo: new post spotlighting a dreamy lakehouse and a reminder to be gentle on yourselves whether it's the most wonderful time of the year or not.

Happy 2015, friends.

It's a brand new year full of promise
and endless opportunities for growth...let's aim high.

recipe for a midcentury christmas

28 December 2014

 Creative genius Melissa James loves mid-century modern style
and decked her halls with wows and folly for a 
party for family (that's us!) the other night.
Wanna know her recipe?

 It's a unique Midcentury Mod mix tempered with
wisdom culled from heroes including
Paul McCobb and Charles Eames.

*Showbizzy lights over a piano.
*Original contemporary art.
*Fresh greenery.
*Aluminum trees.
*A treasured sparkly fez.
(Yes, a fez. What screams Rumpapumpum more
classically than a bust of David in a vintage fez?)

  Bonus ingredient to make a holiday fete feel even sexier?
Just add fur.

~Charles Eames

~Charles Eames

~Charles Eames

Our chic Eames lovin' hostess...a talented photographer and painter.

 A dark horse is right at home in Melissa's beachy den.

photography by hello lovely studio & Melissa James

 Three generations dined, sang, danced, and deeply connected
against a festive backdrop artfully rendered by Melissa.
What joy!

~Charles Eames

Happy New Year, friends.

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A couple days after the party, Melissa's beloved teeny pup Jinx
lost an eye in an accident and is recovering today from surgery.
She is a very special girl, and we covet your prayers and
wishes and light on her behalf.
Here she is resting in Grandpa's arms.

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