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dream files {carolyn quartermaine}

08 February 2016

Do you have secret dream files
saved to your hard drive
as I do?

This one featuring the work of the brilliant
Carolyn Quatermaine
has been with me for years, and its
timeless beauty transports me.

I am looking forward to carving out my studio
space where I write songs, paint, style
lovely vignettes, and can simply BE.

Quatermaine's cheerful palette has my
heart sweetly anticipating Spring
even while the trees are bare here
and the ground frozen through.


I picked up the paintbrush the other day
and meditatively created this upstairs
on the catwalk...since we have not yet
added flooring, it was easy to spread
the dropcloth and paint on the
open bridge with light
streaming from all
four sides.

a new work

But back to our inspiring muse.


The freedom and femininity in her compositions
is such a comfort to my soul.












I just may drape one of my dropcloths over a seen-better-days chaise!

Are you creating something lovely?
Do share!

Peace to you right where you are.

Australian Vogue Living, Jan 2005
Photographer: Didier Mahieu
Elle, October 2003
Photographer: Jacques Dirand

hello lovely fixer upper {week 28}

28 January 2016

Nothing exciting to reveal in this update...
in fact, since most of these shots are forlorn
and do not in the slightest reflect the
joy I feel about how the fixer is
coming along and working for us,
this is a better indicator:

a few moons before the fixer took over

I truly love living here even with
all the loose ends and inconveniences!

We are not jazzed with our major beadboard fail.
Since it expands, contracts and objects to humidity,
I had a Ron Burgundy moment:

Anchorman Regret Decision GIF

Stay tuned to see if we end up tiling those walls instead.

For now, we are keeping the wide opening between
the dining/library and living rooms as is.
Now that we have entertained a few times,
the flow seems to work.

I'm not a fan of our Dutch Parsons table
behind the sofa, but it's functional so we'll see
if I can get used to case you failed to notice,
I am evolving into quite the imperfectionista, and I'm
thinking this house is just the one for such evolution.

So while I won't require a PERFECT master bath,
a better functioning one would be ever so lovely.
Remember how it looked?

The toilet front and center?


We gutted this bad boy and have divided it
for privacy in the toilet/shower area.

Future vanity area.

Clawfoot tub will be here.

Looking from inside shower.

The angles of the roofline will give it
a cozy factor.

The shower taking shape.

The new kitchen has been functioning better than 
it did at this stage.

I have to decide whether I'll live with our
harvest table which is decidedly too large for the
wee breakfast area but such a sentimental item.
Not showing you that part of the kitchen til it looks less ridiculous.

Hold on to your hats, I actually put pretty things on the walls!


The large piece is by Melissa James,
and the smaller ones are by me.

These are some of my favorite neighbors, and I blow kisses
to them everyday when I drive past.

Lessons Learned In Week 28:
Lots of them but mainly this...
if you still possess a sense of humor at week 28,
then you are an extremely emotionally healthy
and resilient human being because there are
more ups and downs and headaches
and sacrifices than I can say.

But still we laugh!

Reaction GIF: laugh, eating, Steve Carell, Brick Tamland, Anchorman

We say 'we are way too old for this shit,'
and 'give me back my perfect house!'
and we mean it.

Reaction GIF: no, scream, Will Ferrell, Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

Then we pop more Motrin, I massage my beloved's
tired feet, and we begin another project.

Coming Soon:

click here for more fixer upper posts

Peace to you right where you are and...

january whites & tricia foley

26 January 2016

my photo

How is January treating you, friends?

It is not always my favorite month, but this year it has been kind.

                          the child me                                                        hello 50!

I turned 50 on the 23rd (woo hoo!) and am enjoying
the beautiful wildlife right outside my cottage windows--
God and nature have shown off every single day this January.
When a dozen deer mosey right up to your window and make eye contact...heaven!

my photo

I also love January's ethereal light paired with the
ground's velvety blanket of white snow.

Is it really any surprise I like my whites
both indoors and out?

If you are passionate about white interiors as I am,
you are probably well acquainted with lifestyle authority
T  r  i  c  i  a   F o  l  e  y.

Her latest book
(Rizzoli, 2015)
includes the most comforting and calm
vignettes and collections, all of them
timeless with pared-down style.

How to pick the perfect shade of white?
How to create an artful tablescape?

Ms. Foley can be trusted in such matters,
and I just adore her vision and creativity.

Tricia Foley

Oh friends, you will lose yourself in the beauty
of Tricia's simple lovely style, and January is
the perfect month for curling up with a book!

Peace to you right where you are.

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