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my HUGE 40% OFF sale! {made in paris lovely}

19 October 2014

Set of 2 Almond Pie Hand Creme + Luxurious Lip Balm, $24

Wish you could run over here for a lil' one-on-one
consultation with moi to play with French skincare/makeup
from Votre Vu because between now and Tuesday, Oct. 21st,
everything is on sale for 40% off so there is no better time
to treat yourself to botanical, good for your skin,
anti-wrinkle lovely that I am over the moon for.
Free shipping with orders of $75+
Grocery store cosmetic prices for just a couple days
means we can enjoy spa-grade products made by hand
in a small lab in Paris for just pennies per day!

Our dreamy almond pie hand creme won the
for the best hand cream, and you may
remember its packaging is pure GENIUS:
a luxurious lip balm in the cap with a mirror!

$24 for a set of two (see image above) is perfect for
a stash in your purse and on your nightstand,
luxurious stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or
just girlfriend gift stock for the year! 

me and Jo in Votre Vu

So many made in Paris lovelies to try!
What are the absolute must haves?
What will truly rock your world?

I can only reveal the Votre Vu I use religiously
each and every day which has improved both the
look of my skin and my outlook toward aging.

Base Set for Sensitive Skin, $84

I use these natural products (made for sensitive skin)
every morning, and my skin goes nuts for them.
I cleanse, tone, serum, then moisturize.
Does $84 sting? What if I tell you they
last me more than 3 months? Yep.
My rosacea and hormonal breakouts are history now.

Antioxidant Eye Gel, $21

This blue magic is my favorite way to hydrate and smooth
the fine lines around my eyes and mouth.
No delay of gratification involved,
you'll feel an instant cooling calm.

Night Creme, $29

Can you afford only to invest in one
French skincare product today?
This night creme should be it.
Everyone to whom I introduce it falls in love,
and since the botanical formula is for
sensitive skin, it works with all skin types.

Item 2070 CHAMPAGNE KISSES Enhancing Lip Balm
Champagne Kisses, $13

You've heard me rave about champagne kisses.
I use it everyday, and it's Kate Hudson's favorite lip balm
created with champagne grape extracts.
Luxurious and 13 bucks right now
means you could buy multiples for
one size all holiday gifts!

(Dr. Love) Almond Pie Souffle Body Creme, $23

My friends go gaga over this delicious tub of almond pie
hydrating moisture for body, and their significant others
highly approve (the aroma is intoxicating).

Golden Love Oil (for Face, Body, Hair), $29

This spray is for lovers of the summer and sunshine.
I love to dab it on my cheeks after makeup
for a dewy glow, and nothing beats it for
a hydrating non-greasy treat for the body
after showering.

Moisture Tint + Concealer in Cap (shade: PARIS), $25

I have heard friends say this is the THE BEST
concealer they have ever tried, and it's def
a product I will never say au revoir to.
My dark circles and uneven tone disappear,
and to know the plant-based ingredients
are improving my skin is icing on the cake.
When you buy our cosmetics,
$1 for each one is donated to pediatric cancer
research and treatment!

Gel-based Eye Liner w/ Sharpener, $14

Also the best eyeliner I have ever used
because it glides on and stays put.
My fav shade is Charbon (black).

Lip Liner (Shade: SPARK), $13.50

Again, I'm nutty for this lip liner in this shade: spark.
I like using it all over the lips because the color is purrrfect.

Lip & Cheek Color (Shade: BOUQUET ROSE), $17

A friend of a friend bought this from me the other day
and followed up saying EVERYONE noticed
she had done something different that gave her a
new glow, and this was it...if you like double duty
products for cheeks AND lips, you'll like.

me and mom in Votre Vu

I know that was a lot of Paris shopping,
but I hope you will take advantage of the sale
and invest in quality skincare from Votre Vu
which celebrities and makeup artists
are going crazy for!

simple lovely girl's room {sarah richardson}

16 October 2014

sarah richardson sarah house 4 girl's bedroom pink

I love Sarah Richardson's humble approach
to mixing old and new pieces, and this
girl's room is a sweet example of how
white paint unifies disparate pieces.

sarah richardson sarah house 4 powder room bird wallpaper

sarah richardson sarah house 4 girl's bedroom pink

Ha! Look at that burgundy phone.
Everybody rush to the antique mall!

sarah richardson sarah house 4 girl's bedroom pink

Caught an episode of
Sarah Sees Potential
on HGTV yet?

david bowie IS {in chicago}

12 October 2014

Bowie Aladdin Sane

If you have the opportunity to visit Chicago before Jan. 4,
consider checking out the DAVID BOWIE IS exhibit
at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

(above and below:
My friends and I couldn't resist goofy posing with
these huge photos of Bowie.)

Bowie song titles welcome you into the museum

Near the museum's entrance is the Art Plaza where
Yinka Shonibare’s installation includes three
Wind Sculptures.

Nearly 20 feet high, each sculpture captures the movement
of a billowing bolt of fabric and was inspired
by the sails of ships whose patterns derived
from Dutch wax fabrics. 

I knew David Bowie was a chameleon and a busy artist,
but I was blown away by the breadth of his creativity.


Photography is not allowed inside the exhibit so I surfed
for some of my favorite absolute favorite
photo of Bowie is this mug shot...just so dapper, and
that profile killlllllls me.


The Alexander McQueen designed stagewear is insane.


More than 400 objects, most from the David Bowie Archive—including handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography, set designs, album artwork, and rare performance material from the past five decades—are brought together for the first time.


Can you imagine feeling fierce in this knit onesie?

FILE - A painting by David Bowie is set up for the the David Bowie exhibition in Berlin, Germany, May 14, 2014.

I loved this piece by Bowie.
He painted it in 1979 in Berlin.


The original lyrics penned in a simple notebook.

David Bowie

This pillow with my adored mugshot is not for sale
at the gift shop, but I discovered it online as well as...

this fine art cross-stitched piece by
Cherry and Cinnamon...
so inspired and fabulous!

Duffy Bowie | Five Sessions - Kevin Cann, Chris Duffy - 9781851497652. Download front cover
Duffy Bowie

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is the only
place to see DAVID BOWIE IS in the USA,
but another source for your artful Bowie fix
is this incredible book
featuring the work of legendary photographer
Brian Duffy I recommend:

Duffy Bowie: Five Sessions
(ACC Editions, 2014)

Duffy's most famous photograph dates from the 1970's and is the iconic and revolutionary cover of David Bowie's album Aladdin Sane, a shot that has been referred to as the Mona Lisa of pop. The photographer and the rock star collaborated on four other projects: Ziggy Stardust, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and Lodger. They worked together during the pivotal years of Bowie's career; when the king of glam was assuming and discarding extraordinary personas, Duffy was capturing them all. 

Not telling what I whispered to Ziggy.

Bear with me as I tweak the blog's design--
it should only take a day or so.

tranquil family retreat {sarah richardson}

06 October 2014

Don't you love seeing design projects that begin
with a plain ol' house that just needs love?
Like this outdated 80's bungalow that
Sarah Richardson
transformed with her signature style.

Sarah mixed architectural salvage, fleamarket finds,
and budget friendly big box building supplies to
create a country retreat with a tranquil feel.

Riverside Living Room

Have you followed Ms. Richardson since her 90's television
days where she rocked irresistible quiet and timeless style?
I have, and this is so Sarah!

So in love with the custom
headboards Sarah creates!

Craving more of her designs?
See a London home, a serene condo, and a lakehouse.

* * *
In other news,
I am craving a blog design update...yes?

Don't be surprised to see less chalky black
and more pointe shoe lovely 'round these parts soon!

Do you approve?

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hometown hero {brennen steines}

02 October 2014

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model: Brennen Steines photography: Hedi Slimane

He is the artist

He is a Ford model right up the road from where I live.
He creates alarmingly engaging art.

And he is
my friend.

wood, copper tubing, whiskey barrel rings

This summer, Brennen graciously welcomed
me into his home to view new paintings.
They are inspired by a transcendent experience
of confronting unspeakable suffering,
past demons, imminent death and the divine.

Seeing the work changed me.

 36 x 36 - mixed media

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