Interview With Parfumeur Blaise Mautin

November 05, 2012

It's not everyday one flies to Paris,
smells an enchanting fragrance
created by Blaise Mautin
permeating a palace, impulsively
sends off a complimentary email,
and winds up invited to tea with
the highly acclaimed parfumeur.

 However, this is indeed how my life as a writer rolls.

Although (regrettably!) I could not
join the artful parfumeur for tea,
he graciously indulged me
with an interview.
I'm so grateful.

Obvi another visit to Paris MUST happen
in order to see the lovely lab up close and personal!

MR: Working in a secret Parisian lab sounds glamorous. Can you describe a typical work day?

B: Elaborating. Smelling. Discovering new products. Ordering at my lab in Grass.
Everyday working with different oils to be able to create more scents.

Monsieur Mautin creates signature scents for
luxury hotels such as the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome
whose products above were my first introduction
to his magnificent nose and commitment
to excellence.

 Crystal bottles adorned with jewels are works of art.

Further research revealed his signature bespoke
scents are created for individuals as well...albeit
a very exclusive club who spare no expense.

MR: The olfactory signature concept is lovely and makes perfect sense (and scents). I would imagine in addition to science, you must possess a keen gift for intuition since your art involves the assembly of something personal, meaningful, timeless and transportive for your clients. Is intuition key to your creative process?

B: Intuition and know how are the key words.
I also have to listen closely in order to understand
what the person in front of me wants,
hoping that my work will match.
 The packaging is elegant as well.

Before perfume, Mautin was bringing
joy to customers at Au Nain Bleu,
the oldest (1836), fanciest, largest toy store
owned by his family in Paris.
It was here he was inspired
to create magical memories
with perfume.

La fourgonnette bleue

MR: The perfume bottles, jewelry, and packaging accompanying your 'made to measure' fragrances read as beautiful art pieces. Are they designed by you as well?

B: Yes. I design all of the concepts myself and then seek various manufacturers to execute what I have in mind.
 (Have a look at my website and video to see the process.)

MR: What three things are inspiring you at the moment?

B: Exclusive opportunities such as developing a new line for Kempinski Hotels worldwide,
with Resense Spa, and a complete new line for the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome.

 With Hiroki Nakamura, he developed a fragrance for Visvim.

MR: Traveling to exotic locations must be critical as a parfumeur. Do you enjoy this aspect?

B: Very much because I meet with other people and other cultures,
and it is always an incredible experience.

A few years back, the parfumeur joined
forces with a Paris chef to explore 45 spices
with accompanying recipes and wrote a cookbook...
I need an edition in English!

MR: A few years back, you co-authored
45 original and creative recipes.
Do you have a favorite from the book or one you have discovered recently?

B: The work I did with the Chef for that book (Jean-Marc Notelet) was terrific,
and I learnt so much. The recipe I want to work on now is the traditional
veal yummy yummy.

Bordeaux's Wine Cultural Centre (opening 2014)
"Neither a museum nor a theme park, but an original concept
which lies somewhere in between."

MR: Congratulations on the honor of working as the perfume designer for
Bordeaux's official museum of wine which will open in 2014...
can you offer a glimpse of what such an undertaking involves?

B: It is indeed such a great honour to work for this project,
and it is also super exciting to discover new crafts
such as architecture and oenologue.

Thank you, Blaise!

* * *

Can you smell the sweet scent of success
of this creative parfumeur's dream career?

And would you care to be among the 400,000
visitors annually to the Bordeaux Museum of Wine
beginning in 2014?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. What an incredible experience! I'm obsessed with scents and the creation of the most unique, original, personal fragrances. Wonderful post-thank you for sharing this amazing interview. And yes, I would go, in a heartbeat!
    Cheers, Heather

  2. this has been such an education for me about fragrance--i have always been so sensitive to perfume and a little afraid of it. to learn about the art of it...the science eye opening.


  3. Wow Michele!! This is amazing and YES I'd like to visit :) Gorgeous pictures!


  4. That is wonderful and I´d love to visit! :-)

  5. Such a lovely and interesting post, Michele. Just the bottles alone are enough for me. I will have to look further.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. Michele it sounds like you had a great visit in Paris! Wine museum? Really? Sign me up!


  7. Girl you are living my dream. I have been to Paris only once in my lifetime. I was in the 8th grade on a class trip. I would love to return as an adult now..LOL. My nephew's name is Blaise. Not a name you hear often but I love it. I may have to look this perfume up sometime and give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  8. I would love to smell this fragrance! What a chic blog you have!!!!

  9. Wowser...what a fabulous opportunity!! Can almost smell the delicious fragrances...

  10. Fabulous interview and worthy of a trip to Paris soon. Such artistry, so glamorous--what an interesting job!
    Thanks for your kind words--things are finally getting back to "normal" here!

  11. What an interesting interview. I would love to have a perfume created for me and I would also love to visit the Bordeaux wine museum - must make a note of it.

  12. The art of creating scent is so fascinating. Great interview. A trip to Bordeaux next? XO

  13. fascinating perspective on an equally fascinating man and career.
    lovely interview

  14. Great interview and what an opportunity...Sounds like fun!

  15. yep, so fascinating. and no, i can't imagine having a one of a kind made to measure scent--one of the last incredible luxuries i guess.


  16. Michele how amazing. I am all about a beautiful scent and would love to have one mixed up for me by a parfumeur. What a luxury that would be. There is a perfumery in Carmel that does this, I am sure not to the caliber of Mr.Mautin, but someday I hope to visit there and have a signature scent made for me.
    I did visit Guerlain and was able to purchase one of their lovely scents while in Paris. That reminds me, I should do a post on that!! Fun seeing all of your Paris secrets, my sweet friend,
    xo Kathysue

  17. Michele, what a fascinating post! Scents are so personal and very telling about a person. It is intriguing to see how they are conceptualized and then made. I love the quote, "intuition and know how are the key words"... such an art!
    I should have been a "nose"! I have the most acute sense of smell! Very very interesting!

  18. Those perfumes looks like they really do smell good just by its bottle. Packaging truly helps is selling it to the public. The unique bottles captivates the consumer. I don;t know why but it just does.
    Designer Gumboots

  19. What a neat experience. I love Paris, it is really the land of everything beautiful.

  20. i'm not sure if i articulated clearly enough: these fragrances are not for sale to the public. his is not a commercial company. rather, he creates an exclusive, luxury, made to measure magical potion at a pretty penny (way too pretty for this freelance writer!).


  21. Oh wow, Michele, what a fabulous interview and what a fabulous opportunity for you!! You must must go back now, no excuse ;) Make a pit stop in England while you are at it!! Gorgeous xxx

  22. How exciting!
    big hug to you

  23. fun is this and the bottles are beautiful...loved reading about the process!!


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