How to Frugally Decorate With 50 Rustic French Farmhouse Decor Finds

How to Frugally Decorate With 50 Rustic French Farmhouse Decor Finds is for anyone who admires French-inspired country style yet prefers to not take out a second mortgage! While we know authenticity can be everything and how antiques provide the soul of a home, we also know high and low can play nice in the mix. These affordable options below will set you up for success for some of the low.

1'6"x2'6" Block Print Coir Doormat Natural - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee.
Doormat – TAP IMAGE for buying info

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How to Frugally Decorate With 50 Rustic French Farmhouse Decor Finds

Decorative Round Rattan Basket Gray - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 5 of 5
Threshold with Studio McGee…in case you love rustic country style.

Wondering why I even bother to take on the challenge of exploring how to inexpensively collect pieces to get this laid back Euro-country inspired look?

1. Rattan Baskets

First, the frugal part: seems I have always had an AMAZING knack for stretching a dollar.

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2. Whimsical Console Table

Farmhouse style rustic distressed zinc metal table with scalloped edge.
Scalloped Edge Metal Table…certainly rustic indeed. How to Frugally Decorate With 50 Rustic French Farmhouse Decor Finds as Well as Tips for a European Inspired Look.
Rustic distressed zinc farmhouse style table with wood top.
Galvanized Whimsical Table…certainly rustic indeed.

3. Rustic Galvanized Planters

Here’s a story about how a $10 steel cart became a staple in our tranquil European inspired kitchen.

Galvanized Metal Planter…in case you love farmhouse style for indoors and out.

4. Coir Doormat

Being thrifty naturally flows from living poor while loving the refined and rustic aspects of designing a room.

Doormat with printed block design from Studio McGee for Target.
TAP IMAGE for buying info
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5. Functional Decor in the Kitchen

There is often a fair amount of patience involved when the budget is tight, and you’re hunting for a particular object or design look.

French country metal bottle drying rack for French farmhouse kitchens and European country decorating.
French Bottle Drying Rack…certainly lovely indeed. How to Frugally Decorate With 50 Rustic French Farmhouse Decor Finds as Well as Tips to Get a European Inspired Look at Home.

Yet there is also a need to make quick decisions when something of value catches your attention.

Only Looks Expensive Religious-related

Sacred milagro heart box with vintage style and a low price - perfect for French farmhouse and country French decor. #milagro #heart #goldheart #homedecor #frenchcountry
6. Milagro Heart Box…in case you love religious themed decor.

Inexpensive Woven Pillow

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Clean Scrubbed or Distressed Look

Rustic scrubbed wood rounded Paulownia pots for French farmhouse decorating and European country style rooms.
9. Rounded Scrubbed Wood Rustic Pots…certainly lovely indeed.
Distressed round grey terracotta planter for rustic country French farmhouse decorating and interior design.
10. Distressed Round Grey Terracotta Planter…certainly an interesting aged texture indeed.
Rustic wood potting bench for French farmhouse decorating and European country style interiors.
11. Distressed Wood Potting Bench…in case you’re the gardening type.
Rustic French farmhouse style wood potting bench for European country style decorating and interior design.
Potting Bench…certainly country French lovely indeed. Ideas for Budget Friendly Country French Decor as well as Tips for Getting the Look.
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Sunny & Gold

Sunburst mirror with gold finish for your classic, French country, or Parisian style space. #gildedmirror #mirrors #sunburstmirror #frenchcountry
12. Sunburst Mirror With Gold case you need a pop of gilded glory.

Tabletop Pretty Things

Burlap wrapped faux lavender bundle for French farmhouse decor and European country style interiors.
14. Burlap Wrapped Faux Lavender…certainly South of France inspired indeed.
Distressed turned wood rustic French candle holder.
15. Distressed Wood Candle Holder…in case you love an aged look.

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How to Decorate Frugally With 50 Rustsic French Farmhouse Finds. #hellolovelystudio #frenchfarmhouse #homedecor #furniture #interiordesign
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Weathered, Chippy& Rustic Home Decor

Boxwood topiary in clay pot for French farmhouse and European country style spaces.
16. Boxwood Topiary in Clay Pot…certainly a lovely display of texture.
Antiqued metal Paris pocket watch wall clock for French country, French farmhouse and European country style interiors.
17/ Antiqued Metal Paris Pocket Watch Wall Clock…decorative as well as useful.
18/ Rustic and distressed wood candle holders…in case you love Old World style.
Embossed metal rustic French bucket set - French farmhouse decor idea!
19. Embossed Metal Rustic French Bucket Set…for indoors as well as on a porch.

In Case You Love White

Cream White cotton woven pillow with tassels for French farmhouse and European country decorating and interiors.
20. Cream Cotton Pillow With Tassels…in case you love white and a Country French look.
French farmhouse style white ceramic vase set of 3 vases.
21. White Ceramic Vase Set of 3…certainly a bargain indeed.
Distressed wood decorative ladder for French farmhouse decorated rooms.
22. Decorative Wood Distressed Ladder…in case you need a vertical accent.
Rustic white French farmhouse style vase set for European country style interiors and decorating.
23. Distressed White Vase Set…in case you’re a fan of aged and white.
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The French Like Their Dogs!

Reserved for the Dog - a pillow to add whimsy to your sofa, bed, porch, or chair at home.
28. Reserved for the Dog Pillow, Amazon…certainly whimsical indeed.

Vintage Style Plus Rustic Charm

Here’s one of the most important things I have learned.

Distressed metal chandelier with lemons for French farmhouse and European country style spaces.
29. Metal Chandelier With Lemons…certainly lemon-y lovely.
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It’s only decor…it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

Stripes & Linen

Black and cream ticking stripe apron with pocket and ruffle - a French farmhouse kitchen must have!
30. Black/Cream Ticking Stripe Apron…certainly frugal indeed.

Sometimes we’ll overspend on the wrong thing or pass up a deal that will haunt you forever…let both of those missteps go as soon as possible.

Begin again as a more experienced curator!

French Country Blues & Greens

Crackle finish blue and green vase set for French farmhouse decorated spaces.
32. Crackle Finish Blue & Green Vase Set…in case you admire these cool tones

You have to admit that a limited budget frequently leads to unexpected creative adventures and a more innovative design result.

For example, I would love a pretty grasscloth wall covering for a guest bedroom I need to address. But I have to think about budget because we have already spent a hunk of change on this fixer upper and do not plan on being here forever.

A Favorite Thrifty & Slender Side Table

Even though a grasscloth wallcovering would be beautiful, I’m thinking about more unique ideas for a statement wall in that bedroom.

Round bronze accent table with accordion style base and little claw feet - a chic side table for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and beyond.
34. Round Accent Table…certainly one of my all time fas!

Did you see the uber-frugal French script statement wall I stenciled in a guest bedroom (the stencil and chalk paint probably came to 40 bucks)?

Funny quote with humor on Hello Lovely Studio.

(Someone saw my photo on FB and let me know French script is soooooo five minutes ago, and I say: WRONG. Timeless is timeless, so haters, be gone.)

Outdoorsy Finds To Bring Inside

Speaking of outdoorsy, I loved this sweetly simple glimpse of a romantic little patio to enjoy (and watch an outdoor movie!):

Woven Loveliness

Woven rustic basket tray with handles for coastal, French country, boho, and rustic farmhouse style spaces and decorating.
38. Braided Woven Tray With Handles, Amazon…certainly rustic French farmhouse lovely indeed.

Once you understand more about the spirit, philosophies, and essential underpinnings of French style or European inspired interiors, you develop a sense of what to lean into and what to avoid.

Rustic Galvanized Pedestals

You begin to think more in terms of artful pieces that speak to you and function rather than trappings to simply fill in a blank space.

Topiaries & Boxwood

Boxwood topiaries in clay pots for European country and French farmhouse style spaces.
40. Topiaries in clay pots, Amazon…certainly lovely indeed.

Years ago, I was chatting with a new neighbor and mentioned that I loved to decorate. She said, “Me too! Every few months, I’ll buy another Longaberger basket…”

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That was the full extent of what decorating meant to her–buying one basket after the other to fill spaces.

In Search of a Pretty Pouf…

For me, the beauty of the decor is often tied to adjectives such as: understated, quiet, faded, organic, raw, natural and honest.

Is every piece here imbued with those qualities? Probably not. (Especially when the first word in the description is ‘faux.’)

But sometimes it can be okay to begin with inferior pieces to inject a bit of the flavor or color before upgrading down the line.

Another option few folks seem to consider is customizing an “almost perfect” find to enhance or correct its color.

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If a piece has the simple lines you’re after and is the right proportion but comes with a funky finish, consider making it one of a kind with a tweak or two.

Hand-finished pieces are often far more attractive than factory finishes, and the hands finishing a piece can be yours!

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Noticed how I still haven’t written a sentence like ‘the three things you MUST have in a French farmhouse room…?’ Just can’t bring myself to go there.

There are exceptionally talented designers who insist every room must have something black in it.

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French Bee Loveliness

Another expert will say if there’s nothing whimsical in a space, you’ve failed.

You’ll find a range of opinions from decorating pros, and the truth is, I have been in gorgeous homes where black is too austere for the owner so it is missing yet I don’t miss it.

Let’s Get Whimsical

I have spent time in spaces with deep charcoal grey tone on tone decor where I felt completely at rest.

Distressed brown wood two tier tray - rustic decor perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen.
47. Distressed Brown Wood 2-Tier Tray…certainly an easy start to a styled tabletop.

I encourage you to take risks and allow yourself time to interpret the decor style you admire in your own imperfect way.

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Imperfect interiors are a European inspired thing!

The process will likely involve:

enlisting a pro or a friend,

trial and error,

lots of shopping and returning items that don’t work,

clearing out a room before layering,

and of course,

spending as much time in Hello Lovely’s archives as humanly possible (it’s still completely free content with zero calories).

White Slipcovered Sofa
French Basket
Courtney Lamp Base
Antique Chinese Wood Rustic Round Stool
French Country Bed
Tuscan Terracotta Urn Vase
Round Farmhouse Table
Rustic Reclaimed Elm Cabinet
Deconstructed Wingback Bed
French Farmhouse Dining Table
Milagro Heart
Linen Slipcovered Chair Set
Rustic Farmhouse Stool
Edgecombe End Table
Silver Rectangle Accent Table
Black Metal Accent Table
Galvanized Console Table
Gabriel Chevron Quilt Set
Metal Martini Table
Marble Subway Backsplash in My Kitchen
French Wire Laundry Basket
White Ruffle Bedding
White Linen Club Chair
Handmade Sunburst Mirror
Wide Pine Sideboard
Linen Napkin Set
French Country Lamp
Venetian Mirror
French Lidded Baskets
French Panel Mirror
Distressed White French Country Chandelier
Antique Chinese Weathered Bench
French Country Headboard
Oval Back Counter Stool, Set of 2
Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp
Linen & Burlap Tufted Ottoman
Gertrude Wood Bench
Italian Candelabra Chandelier
Colleen Slope Arm Linen Chair Set
White Ruffle Quilt Set
French Louis Style Arm Chair
Avignon Coat Rack With Hooks
Round Farmhouse Dining Table
Reclaimed Wood Dresser
Louis Upholstered Bench
French Accent Chair
Pamela Arm Chair
Sweater Weave Basket
French Wood Chandelier
Terracotta Pots & Basket
French Country Wood Chandelier
French Linen Dining Chair
Gustavian Cabinet
French Farmhouse Dining Table
Bar Stool
Beachy White Slipcovered Sofa
Rattan Armchair
Diptyque Oyedo Candle
Cross Back Dining Chair
French Country Candle Holder
French Industrial Metal Chairs (4)
Designer Favorite Wall Mirror
Holborn Lantern Pendant
French Country 6-Light Chandelier
Rustic End Table
French Country Upholstered Arm Chair
Cedar & Blossom Candle
French Ticking Stripe Pillow
Jute Area Rug
French Candle Style Chandelier
Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Shelves
Belgian Linen Sofa
White Ruffle Bedding
Rustic Wood Candlestick Set
French Market Basket
Linen Modern Wing Chair
French Country Farmhouse Baskets
Concrete Pillar Table Lamp
Boheme Madera Bench
Belgian Style Lamp
Modern Farmhouse Lamp
White Slipcovered Sofa
Scrubbed Wood 5-Light Chandelier
Arched Champagne Wall Mirror
Moravian Star 1-Light Pendant
Highback Armchair
Mini Pendant Light
White Vase Set
Round Woven Placemat Set
Fireclay Farm Sink (Reinhard, 30″)
Matelasse Coverlet
Quilted Coverlet
Boheme Madera Bench
Belgian Linen Duvet Set
Round Marble Side Table
Rustic Pedestal Farm Table
Teak Farmhouse Stool
Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Did you miss the story with design inspiration from backyard sheds? It’s full of beautiful inspiration to get lost in!

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. Anya
    June 28, 2019 / 9:01 am

    So many lovely finds to view and quite honestly for my budget, ideas to replicate for a fraction of even the “on sale” prices. 😉

    Most of my home’s accessories and even furniture is from thrift stores, hand-me-downs, curbside finds, garage sales. If the shape and size are right for my French-inspired home, but the color/texture/look isn’t, it’s paint and trial & error to the rescue for me 🙂 That’s where wonderful blogs like yours come in so handy: They’re a veritable sea of fabulous ideas to for DIY versions of beautiful store-bought items.

    One of my DIY successes was painting little tiny egg-shaped rocks to look like robin’s eggs. Put them in a real fallen nest in my yard and friends thought the eggs were real! Of course I’ve had my share of DIY blunders too! 😉

    I love that you give shopping links to all you show because some day, my budget’s going to say “You can buy this!” ….and I’ll know just where to go: To Hello Lovely Studio blog. 🙂 Keep the wonderfully inspiring posts coming. Love it all!

    • Michele
      June 28, 2019 / 9:50 pm

      Way to be innovative and frugal! I love thrifting too – it’s so thrilling to find bargains and never know what you’ll discover. Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement. I do love hunting online for goods I think my readers will enjoy and for items I’d gladly bring into my home. Keep following and keep feathering your nest creatively!

  2. Sandra Hinds
    May 26, 2020 / 9:27 am

    Great post! Loved all your finds- cant wait to order!

    • Michele
      May 26, 2020 / 12:54 pm

      Thanks so much for taking this for a spin – happy decorating, friend.

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