29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes

29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes is part escape, part celebration (Happy Mother’s Day if you’re a mama!), and part hopeful musing. I hope this finds you in a spirit of thankfulness and calm, yet it’s quite understandable if you are weary. For me personally, April brought more fatigue and irritability than I care to admit, and I have never been that ‘fake it til you make it’ girl.

Beautiful garden shed supplies and a French market basket backpack from Terrain. #gardenshed #frenchfarmhouse #frenchmarketbasket
29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes

Faking it takes too much energy, and surely the point is not how much affection we earn or the measure of happiness we win on a given day. I don’t anything at all, but it seems if there IS a point, it’s aligning with the beauty of how we are fully human, miraculously alive, and awakened to FEEL a varied mixture of feelings. It is moving through reality with eyes wide open and somehow becoming the very love and healing we seek.

Maple Garden Carry All - Terrain. Come visit 29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes!
Maple Garden Carry All – 29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes

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29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes

Beautiful Etched Board

Holy moly, methinks they have styled a cheeseboard with my favorite Wensleydale studded with cranberries. I’m devouring that entire chunk o’ bliss with my peepers only.

Etched maple serving board - Terrain. Come visit 29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes!
Etched Maple Serving Board – 29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes

Planting Advice

No, not from me – I’m a novice!

About Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots…From Aaron Bertelsen of the acclaimed English garden at Great Dixter, this beautifully illustrated volume offers clear, practical information on growing fruit and vegetables in containers.

Bertelsen guides you through what to grow, which pots to use, and which varieties to choose alongside advice for cultivation and care. 50 delicious recipes make it simple to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor.

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Aged Terracotta Pots

Hand-crafted for one-of-a-kind appeal, each Earth Fired pot + saucer set is made from clay with a highly variable mineral content, which can cause color variation from pot to pot.

Potting bench with aged terracotta pots from Terrain. Come visit 29 Lovely Feel Good Finds & Funny Quotes!

During a unique aging process, natural moss develops on the surface of each pot for an antique appearance.

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Watering Can

Is this the secret to keeping houseplants alive? If so, I need this in my cart.

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Teak Root Plant Stands

Did you know this? Since the roots of teak trees (which grow in South and Southeast Asia) are resistant to rot, they are removed from the ground so there is available land to plant more.

You are likely aware of how strong and durable teak wood is, and the roots are used for beautifully organic pieces of furniture and decor.

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Teak Wood Serving Platter

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Market Tote & Backpack

I never met a market tote I didn’t love, and I have always had a crush on the totes provided at Anthropologie for shopping.

You rarely see this type with the leather trim, ya know?

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Clementine & Clove Yum

I love the fragrance of orange and clove simmering on the cooktop during the holidays, but I also enjoy this combo throughout the year. (And are you consuming enough citrus, friends? Get going with that to keep your immune system strong…I am eating oranges everyday!)

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

I haven’t seen much TV in the last couple of weeks, but before that, I viewed enough to understand how ‘Cuomosexuality’ grew into a thing.

Silly exchanges (see the youTube below) in a crazy chapter of history…and somehow after watching the clip, I feel compelled to make a marinara from scratch (with turkey meatballs, not beef since there’s either a supply chain hiccup or hamburger hoard-fest happening).

And can we take just a moment to imagine time traveling to our innocent de-Coronafied selves in December 2019 to explain the coming Coronacation, hamburger hoarding or Cuomosexuality? I miss that naive self.

Lantern Bracket

Forgot about these!

Humor and funny quote about parenting and motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #mommeme #momhumor #parentingmeme #funnyquote #quotes #humorquote #parentinghumor

Seagrass Basket

Does this make anyone else instantly think of baby Moses?

More Woven Beauties

If these pieces don’t shout S U M M E R, I don’t know what does.

So about this next silly pinnable. I created it at like 1 in the morning one night when I couldn’t sleep and when it seemed hilarious.

But it did NOT resonate with my FB followers. So I’m thinking I may be outta touch which is entire possible. I mean, I have been self-isolating since early March and use social media sparingly (I schedule all my FB posts in one fell swoop, weeks in advance).

Funny quote and humor during pandemic 2020 on Hello Lovely Studio. #humorquotes #funnyquotes #pandemiclife #quotes

BTW. I am not complaining. What a privilege sheltering in place is. So many folks are in harms way and not afforded this option.

If Ever I Win the Lottery

This vision of loveliness requires a chunk of change, but isn’t it glorious!?!

Essential Oil Diffuser

With an understated, chic look, this essential oil diffuser is one way to enhance your mood whether it’s near your office desk, bed, or living space.

An unscented tea light candle is placed at the bottom and then you can pour a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the top. What a pretty way to allow fragrant notes to scent your atmosphere.

Funny quote and humor during pandemic 2020 on Hello Lovely Studio. #humorquotes #funnyquotes #pandemiclife #quotes

A Different Sort of Mask

Both my husband and I have experienced migraines this allergy season. Everybody has their opinion about how to cope, and here’s another to add to the list.

Handmade in their Austin, Texas studio, this soothing mask filled with lentils is as beautiful as it is practical. Try it for headaches (use it warm) and tired, puffy eyes (use it cold).

How to Use: For heat therapy, place the mask in the microwave. Heat in 30-second increments until desired warmth is achieved (no longer than 1.5 minutes). Always test the temperature of your wrap before applying to your skin. For cold therapy, store in the freezer until ready to use.

Funny quote and humor during pandemic 2020 on Hello Lovely Studio. #humorquotes #funnyquotes #pandemiclife #quotes

For Spoiled Fur Babies

Funny lockdown quarantine quote humor riffing on a well known Proverbs verse - Hello Lovely Studio. #humor #funnyquote #quarantinelife #lockdownlife #pandemiclife #humorquote #funnyquote

Avacado & Amber Glass

What a killer combo.

Funny quote and humor about motherhood on Hello Lovely Studio. #motherhood #quotes #funnyquote #humorquote #momhumor #mommeme


I am ALWAYS feelin’ camo! And when they are made from organic cotton from India?

Yes, please.

I haven’t worn a jumpsuit since 1976 and now have wrinkles on my wrinkles, but I see no reason that should stop me from rocking this organic AF number…

Funny meme and humor about quarantine on Hello Lovely Studio. #quarantinememe #covidhumor #pandemic2020 #memes #humor

Oops, I see more camo, and good gracious, these have pockets.

Funny quote and humor about quarantine and social distancing on Hello Lovely Studio. #quarantine #socialdistancing #funnyquote #humor #quarantinememe
An outright lie – but it’s what I’m hearing from everybody else.

Kimonos. Because Kimonos.

This blush one could become my summer uniform. I’m seeing it over faded-washed-a-million-times 501s or beachy white linen pants and a tank.

Walt Whitman inspirational quote about optimism, hope, and sunshine on Hello Lovely Studio. #waltwhitman #inspirationalquote #quotes #sunshine #encouragementquote

Let’s Stay Together…Hydrated & Hands-Free

Thank you for taking a part of your day to spend it here; I’m so grateful. I am sealing this with love, wishes, and wonder (great big, keeping the stars apart wonder that always leads to greater wisdom).

Inspirational quote about love and heart by E. E. Cummings on Hello Lovely Studio. #lovequote #poem #eecummings #heartquote #quotes

Peace to you right where you are.


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