Spring DIY Decor Projects & Shelter at Home Ideas

Spring DIY Decor Projects & Shelter at Home Ideas is bound to be a bit random, but if I am to be authentic here, can we expect anything less as April 2020 dawns?

French courtyard with bench, pea gravel, and pink flowers - Hello Lovely Studio.
Spring DIY Decor Projects as well as Shelter at Home Ideas

“Happy April” rings hollow and so silly.

Still new to the deeper meaning, language, and culture of pandemia, my thoughts and feelings seem to travel all over the spectrum these days.

But Mary has a prescription.

Inspirational quote from Mary Oliver poem about worry. #inspirationalquote #quotes #maryoliver #poetry

Singing, structure and list making are suddenly my best friends, along with a broom, meditation, scripture, and prayer. While I have been writing songs and prayers, it’s time to get the hands busy too!

Are you seeking beauty in the little things? And are they little things, or are they EVERYTHING? Here’s a little delicious thing I shared this week:

PUSH PLAY AND LET A FELINE HEAL SOMETHING IN YOUR SOUL (or at least ease you toward peace).

Spring DIY Decor Projects & Shelter at Home Ideas

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Spring for Modern French Decor

Why not just begin with the best there is?

Pamela Pierce designed moment of French elegance with antique olive pots flanking an arched stone entrance with lanterns. #pamelapierce #frenchcountry #olivejars #stonesurround #frontdoor #archeddoor
Pamela Pierce

Study designs from Pam Pierce and issues of Milieu to train your eye for simplicity and pleasing juxtaposition.

Pamela Pierce designed Houston living room with modern French decor and European country style. #pamelapierce #frenchcountry #livingrooms #interiordesign #whitedecor #petervitale
Pamela Pierce (photo: Peter Vitale)

Whether you add flowers, branches, or nothing at all to a white pot like this (below), its pleasing silhouette is bound to charm you this spring.

Spring is in the air! French country courtyard with beautiful bench, blue blooms, and stone wall - Hello Lovely Studio.
Spring DIY Decor Projects as well as Shelter at Home Ideas

Make a Humble Bird House

I commissioned my husband to make this humble bird house, inspired by a dear friend’s recent passing. She was a lover of nature, and when we were together just before Christmas, the tumor in her brain had taken most of her vision and hearing, yet she remained mobile and energetic as she fed chubby squirrels on the deck. The beauty of this woman, stripped of her senses, hair, and time will remain with me always.

A DIY bird house we made - Hello Lovely Studio.
Hello Lovely Studio

As she tossed handfuls of seed like colorful confetti through the sky, I kept thinking about that conversation with Peter and Christ. “Do you love me?” Yes, Lord. “Feed my sheep.”

It wasn’t just the birds and squirrels fed by my friend that day. What a blessing to pray, reminisce, laugh, and hold hands.

French courtyard with pink potted flowers, pea gravel, boxwood, and light grey bench - Hello Lovely Studio.

We planned our next ‘party’ (there would be foot massages and wearing of a spectacular new wig made from a daughter’s tresses), but she flew home before we could gather again.

I don’t know what you and yours will face in the coming months and years, but since we just don’t know, may I be bold?

Say the loving things now.

Don’t wait for a moment to materialize where it feels appropriate or less awkward. If only you knew the number of awkward moments I have created!

Feed each other love. Let your voice shake and quiver. It’s okay if it’s messy. Let tenderness flow with tears from your eyes.

Back to bird house making. We used reclaimed wood from a vintage dresser I salvaged so it feels even more special.

Here are the instructions:

Inspirational quote about peace on Hello Lovely Studio. #peacequote #inspirati #hellolovelystudio onalquotes #quotes

DIY Plaster Dipped Flower Art

It seems many of you are getting crafty with the extra time at home during the global crisis with so much of #earthshutdown.

Here’s a super easy craft I have done for years.

My plaster dipped white roses were created simply and now sit atop the piano with a framed vintage print - Hello Lovely Studio. #diy #plasterflowers #vintagestyle #hellolovelystudio
Hello Lovely Studio’s plaster dipped white roses and a framed vintage print.

You may be familiar with the beautiful blog So Much Better With Age, and here is Jamie’s awesome tutorial for an adaptation of those dipped flowers.

So Much Better With Age

Discover even more easy elegant French DIY projects in Jamie’s book:

Join the Face Mask Makers

Whether you are a seasoned sewer or an aspiring one, I love the idea of how ordinary folks are stepping in to meet a dire need.

I mentioned the other day JoAnn Fabrics is on a mission to get masks and gowns into the hands of heath care and essential workers. You can find their tutorial in pictures HERE.

Something amazing has been launched by JOANN. The store aims to donate

*get ready for it*

100 million masks! When I saw that 18.2 million have already been donated as of today, tears sprung to my eyes.

How lovely is this make to give effort?

DIY Face Mask tutorial from Treasurie.

Here’s another video which walks you through the creation of two different styles.

Voltaire quote about happiness and health on Hello Lovely Studio. #quotes #voltaire #happinessquotes #healthquotes

Spring Exercise Idea

I am loving the sun on my face and brisk walks through the neighborhood in a brand new way. Do you need a nudge to get moving?

For those of you who have little doggies and one of these with the back wheel rack…

Blush pink Retrospec Ladies Commuter Bike.

Oh my!

Shelter at Home Learning: Research the Science of Happiness

First of all, you can take a course at YALE on happiness for FREE. Yep. Here’s a great book I own on the subject:

Flourish book cover
Flourish by Martin E.P. Seligman

And let’s get real. My research on the subject often leads me here:

My fat-restricted diet allows me to indulge in a serving of 8 of these happy pills once in a while.

For a healthier dose of happy, these chewies (below) hit the spot (I can eat the whole bag since each serving is 1.5g of fat!):

J. K. Rowling inspirational quote about rock bottom on Hello Lovely Studio. #jkrowling #quotes #struggle #success #quotes

Bake Someone Happy

How adorable is this daisy crowned bunny? Whether you have a Ph.D. in fondant or have no idea what fondant is, maybe this is a sweet time to learn a new skill like cake decorating.

Spring for a Groovy Green Accessory

Luxurious classic coastal style bedroom design in a magnificent bespoke traditional home from architectural design firm Geoff Chick & Associates. #coastalstyle #coastaldecor #bedroomdesign #interiordesign

Lovely Spring Wreath DIY

I’m so impressed by folks who make these handmade wreaths, and I’m even more impressed with folks who take the time to teach us! It is so much work creating even the simplest DIY video so my hat is off to creatives who teach!

Instant Wreath Beauty

I also found these readymade beauties:

Peony basket wreath  spring wreath  front door wreath
Peony Wreath, TheWhimsicalDoor on Etsy
Rumi inspirational quote about heart on Hello Lovely Studio. #rumi #inspirationalquote #personalgrowth #quotes

Learn to Save Money in the Kitchen

In this helpful post from After Orange County, find smart and frugal-minded tips and sensibility during this season of shortages and social distance (it’s actually good advice for any season!).

PANDEMIC PENNY-PINCHING POINTERS | PANTRY EDITION | www.AfterOrangeCounty.com | #Pantry #Kitchen #HomeOrganization #Pandemic

Spruce Up a Spring Vignette With Glass Beads

Add Gentleness to Your Slumber

Sleepgram pillow
Worth every penny! Sleepgram Pillow

Relaxing music and spring flowers are always a winning combo.

Spring Into Self-Care

This is an oil I use regularly that works on body, scalp, split ends, cuticles, etc. No messy dropper or pump, just hold it upside down for a little drop to instantly drop.

Inspirational quote about beauty on Hello Lovely Studio. #beautyquote #inspirationalquotes #quotes

We began with words from Mary Oliver…let’s part with them too in this poetry excerpt which paints a portrait of how I aspire to somehow draw strength from the present “velvet darkness” of which we live:

Mary Oliver poetry poem about connecting with nature and spring blissfully - Hello Lovely Studio. #maryoliver #poetry #poems #springpoem #nightpoem #naturepoem

Thinking of each of you, thankful for your presence here.

My French country courtyard with stone walls, pink flowers, and French farmhouse decor - Hello Lovely Studio.

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. April 2, 2020 / 11:58 am

    I like using mirrors outdoors. I see you have one with your bench. I think they are a great idea.
    Porches screened or open are great places to place one. I do worry about birds slamming into them but that happens with my windows as well.
    I use a mirror frame that can take rain or that I don’t mind ruining the frame in the weather.

    • Michele
      April 2, 2020 / 2:35 pm

      They are so enchanting outside, aren’t they? We haven’t noticed mirrors slamming into ours (I have a couple outdoors!); but the birds do linger at them, and I’m always hoping to catch a squirrel or chipmunk in the act. πŸ™‚ Wishing you peace, friend.

  2. Lisa D.
    April 2, 2020 / 12:07 pm

    I love the sweet kitten clinging to the branch, and the bicycles, are wonderful Michelle, but what I really crave is a Vespa. That would truly make my heart sing! Thank you for the wonderful post. Take care and stay healthy.

    • Michele
      April 2, 2020 / 2:33 pm

      Thank you for reading, Lisa. I have never taken a Vespa for a spin, but I can see why you’re dreaming of one! Wishing you days of gentle comfort and meaning. xox

  3. April 2, 2020 / 1:15 pm

    So many fun ideas here! I really enjoy the birds that congregate at my fountain. Now I feel compelled to make them a bird house. Thanks for the helpful video. And, thanks for the kind shout-out and link to my Pandemic Penny Pinching Pointers! So appreciate that! Stay well.

    • Michele
      April 2, 2020 / 2:32 pm

      Oh how I wish we lived closer, Celia. I have so much to learn from you, and your creative ventures always engage my senses. Thank you for inspiring us and turning our attention to practical matters at home. You’re a gem.

  4. Kathie Johnson
    April 3, 2020 / 4:13 am

    Is that your β€œHouse Beautiful?” I have never seen another like the one I found antiquing one day! It was long ago, but it is a special treasure. It makes my heart smile that you might have one too! Peace be with you as well. ☺️

    • Michele
      April 3, 2020 / 4:57 pm

      It sure is! I bought it at an antique shop years ago and treasure it. How fun that you have one as well. Thank goodness there are those of us who see these treasures as worth saving! πŸ™‚

  5. April 16, 2020 / 9:52 am

    That’s so special you made a birdhouse in honor of your dear friend. Every time a blue jay visits our bird feeders I think of my Grandmother.

    • Michele
      April 16, 2020 / 5:51 pm

      What a wonderful way our loved ones remain with us. I never tire of watching the birds out there, and they are my only pets right now with the squirrels and deer. πŸ™‚

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