Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire

These Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire may be just what you need for kitchen design ideas. While most will be regarded as country kitchens, there are various interpretations of classical style. We seem to see a surplus of spacious kitchens with giant center islands in blogland, don’t we? Well, today’s kitchen lineup also includes a selection of realistic, small, u-shaped kitchens which don’t accommodate an island of any size. Hope this helps for any design plans now or later!

But first this. A true classic who fills me with joy and who inspires me with his ageless grace and musicianship. Watch, smile, and love him…again!

I hope you loved it like I do! Onward to more classics.

Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire

Ina Garten’s Classic Approach to Kitchen Design

Even though this glimpse at Ina’a kitchen in Rockefeller Center is from 2009, the kitchen’s timeless good looks, and her evergreen advice make this worth revisiting. She loves a simple approach to kitchen design and gives concrete tips for it.

As always, if you own an image in the lineup and prefer it not appear, let it be known and I will immediately and happily remove it – it is here because of its loveliness and potential to inspire more beauty. For a more detailed discussion of traditional style – see the end of this post.

English Country Style Kitchens

Beautiful English country bespoke kitchen by deVOL Kitchens. COME TOUR THESE Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire! #classic #countrykitchen #englishcountry #shaker #traditional #kitchendesign
Just in case you need kitchen design inspiration: deVOL Kitchens.

Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire

Beautiful English country bespoke kitchen by deVOL Kitchens. COME TOUR THESE Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire! #classic #countrykitchen #englishcountry #shaker #traditional #kitchendesign
Just in case you need classic kitchen inspiration: deVOL Kitchens.
Beautiful English country bespoke kitchen by deVOL Kitchens. COME TOUR THESE Classic Traditional Kitchens to Inspire! #classic #countrykitchen #englishcountry #shaker #traditional #kitchendesign
In case you need classic kitchen inspiration: deVOL Kitchens.

French Country Kitchens

White dishes in a hutch in a kitchen with Paris inspired design by Myra Hoefer. #cottagestyle #whitekitchen #paris #openshelves
In case you love a Paris inspired kitchen by Myra Hoefer – see her home here.

An Australian Cottage Kitchen

Kara Rosenlund's charming white cottage kitchen in Australia. Shelves of white vintage dishes, an oil painting propped directly on the counter, and rustic elegance. #kararosenlund #whitekitchen #farmhousekitchen #cottagekitchen #rustickitchen #vintagestyle
Just in case you love cottage kitchen inspiration from Kara Rosenlund

Connecticut Farmhouse Kitchen

Gorgeous open shelving with white beadboard and collected English silver and lacework china in this modern farmhouse kitchen. Designer Nicole Fisher created this "residential retail" show house and family home for One King Lane president Debbie Propst. #farmhousekitchen #whitecabinets #beadboard #openshelves
In case a vintage farmhouse kitchen interests you from One King’s Lane

Sarah Richardson’s Own Kitchen

We have explored Sarah Richardson’s off the grid farmhouse in Ontario (find the story and resource guide here), and here’s a short video where she takes us behind the scenes. Sarah knows her way around classic design that feels fresh. Take a look!

Scullery in Atlanta

Butler pantry with round window and chandelier above sink. Stunning traditional style kitchen with light blue painted cabinets, hammered brass hardware arch window over farm sink, and waterfall marble island. Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studios. Lauren Deloach. Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens. #bluekitchen #roundwindow #classickitchen #scullery
Southern Hospitality – see this kitchen here.

U-Shaped Traditional Kitchens

Small classic traditional kitchen with black and white flooring and two tiered upper cabinets taking advantage of every inch of vertical space. #smallkitchen #ushape #kitchendesign #classic #traditional
via BHG
Small u-shape kitchen with white upper cabinets and grey lowers. Pink flowers and accents add elegance and softness. #smallkitchen #ushape #kitchendesign #classic
source: BHG
Small classic u-shaped white kitchen with black counters and wood floor. #classickitchen #smallkitchen #ushape #kitchendesign
Beautiful u-shaped kitchen via Modern House Magz.
Kevin Dakan kitchen via Remodelista. Small white classic kitchen with glazed tile statement wall and dark counters. #smallkitchen #ushape #kitchendesign
Kevin Dakan via Remodelista
Come see these photos of lovely white classic traditional kitchens including this u-shaped one with dark counters. #kitchendesign #smallkitchen #classic #traditionaldstyle
source: BHG

Personal Reflections: Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Style

What is Traditional Interior Design Style: This design style is neither trendy nor stuck in the past. Firstly, traditional style honors the past by incorporating antiques, and beautiful print fabrics with a timeless feel. Secondly, traditional interior design style relies upon comfortable furniture with clean lines, familiar silhouettes, and symmetry. Thirdly, a sense of order and calm arise from classical design choices and familiar decor elements. Finally, comfort is a priority for traditional interior design, and it informs all of the decorating decisions for traditional interiors.

Traditional Origins

How Did Traditional Interior Design Develop? Traditional style developed as a result of furniture designs, interiors, and decor hailing from the 1800s and earlier in European countries. Warm wood tones and rich colors associated with elegance and comfort are associated with traditional decor. A neutral palette or tone on tone is also widely celebrated. Prints such as damask, plaid, paisley, stripe, and floral are all commonly embraced for home decor fabrics, furniture, curtains, pillows, and bedding.

Endurance of Traditional Decor

Why Does Traditional Interior Design Endure? Timeless and traditional style works because it has stood the test of time! There is a warmth, a refinery, and a sophisticated sense of history and context. Rather than push the envelope or experiment, traditional leans into the tried and true. Still, there is a wide range of creative interpretations for traditional interior design style! Traditional interiors can be exciting and fresh without the influence of the latest and greatest new fashions on the runway.

Design Elements Traditionalists Love: Firstly, antiques with a story and pleasant lines are important in traditional design. Secondly, hardwood flooring in warm, rich tones is a popular choice. Thirdly, traditional furniture tends to be more comfortable and formal. Furniture details such as claw feet, carvings, medallions, tufting, gilding, and fluting are often present. Fourthly, traditional fabrics tend to be higher end as they intend to stand the test of time. Specifically, linen, velvet, silk, and leather are traditional choices for textiles. Finally, in terms of silhouette, traditionalists admire Gustavian, Queen Anne, Classical French. Chippendale, Sheraton and historical furniture styles that continue to be relevant today.

Achieve a Traditional Look

Traditional Interior Design Eye Candy: Firstly, traditional style often honors architectural elements such as crown molding, arched doorways, French doors, and transoms. A modernist might deem the same touches traditionalists admire as elements that are too busy or too ornamental. Traditionalists are rarely minimalists! Secondly, symmetry is honored in traditional interiors. It’s not unusual to see a pair of sofas in a room, equidistant from a focal point such as a fireplace.

Traditional rooms feel balanced and harmonious, and there’s a sense of “the expected.” Thirdly, there is often an elegance factor in traditional interiors that may be absent in other design styles such as country or modern. Traditional charm is rooted in more formal sensibilities than informal ones. Therefore, you will find more refined details in traditional decor choices. For example, tassels and decorative trim on drapes or pillows, carvings on wood trims, heavy wood trims and architectural moldings, paneling, formal china and glassware, silver and gold objects, bookshelves and built-in window seats, etc.

Harmonious Interiors

Create Harmony in a Traditional Style Space…Previously, symmetry was addressed and is an important factor to establish a sense of balance and harmony in a traditionally designed room. Additionally, prints and fabrics are matched thoughtfully for balance. While a traditional space may include some contemporary furniture or art, the majority of the pieces, antique or reproduction, will hail from a common era to avoid an overly eclectic or less harmonious result. Traditional rooms will be graced with a softness derived from elegant and sumptuous fabrics and also classical curves from furniture, mirrors, moldings, and accessories.

Traditional Elegance Deconstructed

The Role of Understated Elegance…Care is taken in traditional style interior design to avoid excessive formality or garishness. Too much metallic, heavy drapery, laquer, mirror, pattern, gloss, or ornate finery can undo the charm of a balanced traditional design. So too can the wrong fabric and upholstery choices lead to overkill. An understated elegance can be achieved when there is a pleasing proportion of shiny with matte, formal with less formal, and bold with subtle. Additionally, mid-range color and muted tones work best in most traditional interiors, as opposed to bright, dramatic, or bold color schemes.

Are You Traditional?

You May Love Traditional Style… Firstly, if you love history, are sentimental toward days gone by, and adore old movies, traditional decor may sizzle your bacon. Secondly, traditional may be your thing if you enjoy classical beauty, classical music, and classical art. Thirdly, if you have a comfort level with a degree of formality and appreciate order and symmetry, well…you sure sound traditional to me. Fourthly, if you love turning the pages of a real hard copy book in your hand and have no clue as to what paint color is trending? You may love traditional style.

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. June 23, 2018 / 7:27 am

    Hello Beautiful! You managed to capture me once again with too many PINS to count – love these kitchens! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • michele
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      Ha! Always a treat to have you here, lovely artist friend. xox

  2. Susan
    June 23, 2018 / 9:41 am

    Thank you so much Michele. As a fellow Liverpudlian the video of Sir Paul brought back many memories of my childhood. Your posts always manage to bring in the unexpected! Kitchen designs are amazing. Love from the UK, Sue

    • michele
      June 23, 2018 / 6:02 pm

      How lovely is that!?! I was just so moved by that video and Paul’s ageless charm and grace. How wonderful to have memories of that place – I have yet to visit and now more than ever would love to! 🙂

  3. Mary
    June 23, 2018 / 10:04 am

    Great post. Kitchens require much thought, from cabinet style and color, tile, countertops and appliances. I am craving a farmhouse sink. Thank you for all of inspiring photos. Wish I could chat with you about Paul. From that first moment on the Ed Sullivan Show in February of 1964, I was hooked. The Beatles were such a huge part of our childhood years, yes? I still have “Beatle cards” that came with the big slab of pink bubble gum!

    • michele
      June 23, 2018 / 6:00 pm

      I’d love to chat about Paul too. My mom was young when she had me so we were both fans when I was a kid, and I’m crazy about that man. How cool that you have those Beatle cards!!! 🙂

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    Another fabulous post. I too pinned almost every kitchen.

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      So happy you enjoyed. Thanks so much for reading, friend. 🙂

  5. December 17, 2019 / 1:14 pm

    Hello, lovey Michele–you are so full of inspiration! I have a question. I’m trying to choose a paint color (manufacturer only will do in a Sherwin Williams paint color) for my kitchen cabinets. Can you even guess what color would be a match to the DeVol mushroom color in the first photo? I’m holding paint chips up to my computer screen and we know that doesn’t work.

    Have a blessed Christmas . . . Donna

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