Luxurious French Apartment Rental in Carcassonne + An Interview!

After that last beyond dreamy post celebrating the French countryside, I learned we are all longing for the lushness of summer to arrive and dreaming of a trip to the South of France!

Luxurious living room in French apartment with grey walls, gold ornate mirrors, and Versailles palatial style. #french #apartment #Paris #luxury #vacationrental
Luxurious French Apartment with Classic French Decor to Rent in Carcassonne

Have you ever vacationed in that inspiring countryside? Provence immediately comes to mind, but there are beautiful destinations beyond Provence on my radar now. Ready to hear about a lovely vacation rental with palatial, classic French decor, at an equally lovely price point!?!

Palatial French apartment rental in Carcassonne! Historical 1600's property! Versailles style furniture and authentic classic French decor await! Taste of France.
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Welcome to a luxurious 1600’s French apartment rental known as La Suite Barbès in Carcassonne, France. Today, we’ll tour the interiors and also dig deeper with the owner who renovated the high quality historical apartment. It recently received four stars in an official inspection based on its interiors and façade.

There are actually two renovated luxurious French apartments (here’s the other possibility) to consider for a stay in Carcassonne from the author of  the beyond lovely blog Taste of France, who just happens to be a reader of Hello Lovely. Oui, oui, madame. I bow to you gracious Hello Lovely followers whom I treasure and shall never take for granted…and yesindeedy, I’m referring to YOU! (My fingers just typed “shall” so is the palatial mood rubbing off? Because mama will be trèssssssss heureux after spending time recently with her way-less-than-dignified beach bum daughter!)

P.S. Speaking of beach bums, while on that road-trip getaway, my sister Jo received her DNA/genetic results, and I checked my own ancestry report only to discover an update with more accurate information about my ethnicity. Are we at all surprised to learn I am 41% French/Belgian/Swiss and 32% Irish/Scottish/Welsh? Isn’t it fascinating to discover more about our roots which may explain all sorts of mysterious longings?

Luxurious and palatial French apartment from the 1600's to rent in Carcassonne! Gilt mirrors, classic French decor, modern convenience, and history! #vacationrental #southoffrance #French #apartment
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Back to all things classic French decor! Versailles-style furnishings and formal decor inspire thoughts of Marie Antoinette and Ritz Paris (4-figures minimum for a night’s stay, anyone?) so what a thrill to discover a palatial apartment with a friendly price point ($121 at the time of this posting)!

Let’s travel to France to explore a charming vacation rental with classic French decor, La Suite Barbès

Photos/Source: unless otherwise noted, Taste of France

Carcassonne, France - medieval cityscape #castle #carcassonne #southoffrance
Now here’s a reason to travel to Carcassonne, France!! photo via Tripadvisor

Luxurious French Apartment {Let’s Stay Here!}

Mappa Linguadoca Rossiglione - Cartina Linguadoca Rossiglione
Medieval city of Carcassonne, France. #castle #southoffrance #medieval #France
Carcassonne, France – photo: via Tripadvisor
Image result for map of carcassonne, france
Map of the Medieval city of Carcassonne, France

Where is this vacation rental apartment known as La Suite Barbès?

In the city of Carcassonne. This grand palatial French apartment, now available to rent on Airbnb is a floor above street level, a block from Place Carnot in the heart of the Bastide Saint Louis, near la Cité.

Is the luxurious French apartment La Suite Barbès right for your needs?

If you will be traveling to the area, it’s a terrific value at $121 per night (this includes taxes, so no extra fees!). It is perfect for a couple seeking elegance and authenticity as it is decorated with antiques and Versailles-style carved decorations. With 1,033 square feet (96m2), the beautiful apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room (with balcony!!), a huge bedroom (377 square feet/35 m2!!) with balcony, and a bright bathroom with Italian shower.

Highlights of La Suite Barbès

Huge antique mirrors above the marble fireplaces echo the elaborately carved boiseries that top the chimneys. The space is generous; even the WC is big. This is the dream destination for those who want to experience the life of French elegance and grace, steeped in history while enjoying all the modern conveniences, such as an induction stovetop. The apartment also boasts a private entrance and a washing machine.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to pack my bags to head to this palatial French apartment rent!al Let’s tour more of the interiors, and then meet the owner, renovator, and blogger at one of the planet’s best blogs, Taste of France.

French apartment balcony at La Suite Barbes in Carcassonne, France. #French #balcony #Frenchapartment #vacationrental
Classic French decor in La Suite Barbès in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Marble fireplace and lovely ornate mirror above in a French apartment in the South of France with light grey walls and beautiful moldings. #fireplace #luxurious #French #apartment
So sophisticated! Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Luxurious living room in French apartment in South of France with grey walls, white moldings, and Versailles style. #French #apartment #Paris #luxury
La Suite Barbès…Let the sun shine in! Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Romantic decor on a French balcony of an apartment with terracotta tile and French doors. Versailles style furnishings and luxurious architecture paint a picture of South of France charm. #france #apartment #french #Paris #balcony
La Suite Barbès: Romantic and so classically French! Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Classic French decor in a gorgeous historical 1600's apartment with grey walls and white moldings in Carcassonne. #vacationrental #French #classicFrench #Paris #Frenchdecor
Classic French DecorLa Suite Barbès: Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Charming French kitchen with white cabinets and wood countertops in a historic 1600's Carcassonne vacation rental. #Frenchkitchen #classic #France #apartment
Charmingly classic and French…Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Charming stairway with wrought iron ornamental railings and tile to a French apartment in Carcassonne. #Frenchdecor #staircase #wroughtiron
French Country warmth! La Suite Barbès in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Classic French decor in a renovated apartment in Carcassonne, France. #classicfrench #frenchapartment #livingroom #French
Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!} – Classic French Decor in the bedroom.
Charming bathroom with cheery azure floor tiles, Venetian mirror, and pedestal sink in a luxurious French apartment with classic French decor. #bathroomdecor #French #bathroomdesign
Luxurious French Apartment With Classic French Decor to Rent –  La Suite Barbès {Let’s Stay Here!}
Beautiful and bold wall tile in a classic bathroom in a French apartment. #French #bathroomdecor #tile
La Suite Barbès: Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Classic French bedroom with light grey walls, traditional furniture, and glorious natural light. #French #bedroomdecor #classicFrench #vacationrental
Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}
Charming historical fireplace in a bedroom decorated with classic French style. #fireplace #French #vacationrental #classicFrench
La Suite Barbès: Luxurious French Apartment with Classic French Decor to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}

I’m ready to book my stay here…how about you? In the mean time, we can experience French living in Carcassonne through the lens of Taste of France, where we are treated to authentic glimpses and tastes of beauty and mystery.

Hello Lovely Interview With Taste of France

French country magic blossoms around this little villa in the South of France. Overgrown with lush greenery and deep pink, the turquoise doors and gabled roofline work together with the architecture and nature to take your breath away. #Frenchfarmhouse #FrenchCountry #turquoise #SouthofFrance #FrenchCottage
Petite Canal House (Villa Odette) via Taste of France – PIN ME TO SHARE THE MAGIC!!

HL: I’m a huge fan of Taste of France and am always stirred by your stories and photos. What can you tell me about this particular photo posted on your blog (above) which takes my breath away and ignites my imagination?

TOF: As for the photo, it’s a little refuge or boat house along the Canal du Midi that I pass numerous times a week. There’s a fabulous view of la Cité de Carcassonne just across from it. It doesn’t seem to be inhabited, at least not in the 15 years that I’ve known it. It’s covered with vines that turn a blazing color in the fall. I don’t know who Odette might have been to have had such a cute little house named after her. However, it always makes me think of Odette de Crécy, a major character in “In Search of Lost Time,” by Marcel Proust. Catherine Deneuve played her in the movie based on the book. It took me three years to read all the tomes of “In Search of Lost Time.” It was like savoring a very high-quality chocolate–so rich and dense you had to take the time for it. Which is very French indeed.

Marcello Mazzarella and Catherine Deneuve revive the decadent splendors of ï¬n-de-siècle France in Raúl Ruizâs 1999 drama âTime Regained.â
Catherine Denueve and Marcello Mazzarella in “In Search of Lost Time”

HL: For those of us who may be traveling to the South of France for the first time, where should we stay?

TOF: If I were traveling here for the first time, I would stay in Carcassonne, not in a village. Villages are pretty small, and the list of things to do is ticked off rather quickly. They are adorable, and worth wandering around, but many don’t have any restaurants or cafés, and most have only one or two. So you’d get bored pretty quickly. 

HL: How did you find these beautiful apartments in Carcassonne?

TOF: We looked for over a year for apartments to turn into AirBnB rentals. We wanted something in the “new” town (which dates to 1260; the “old” town dates to 900 or so). We wanted a beautiful building; there are many places that have low ceilings or little natural light. We got not only high, high ceilings, but also original tile floors and incredible decorative moldings.

Classic French decor in a stunning historical apartment available to rent in Carcassonne. The view through the dining area to the balcony sets a romantic tone. #French #classicFrench #balcony
Luxurious French Apartment with Classic French decor to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}

HL: How did you arrive at the decor plan?

TOF: We chose to decorate with antiques, because (1) that’s what we do in our home and (2) other AirBnBs tend to be furnished with the same Ikea furniture—whether around France or around the world. We want a visitor to walk in and know that they are in France. We want them to feel like they’re in a palace, but without the intrusion of staff. We want them to feel like they’re staying in a home, a place that they could imagine as their own home.

HL: Tell us about the renovations of your apartments.

TOF: The renovations took a year and were supervised by the Bâtiments de France, which are the French historical protection authorities. So we couldn’t just renovate at will. We were told where we were allowed to put bathrooms and kitchens, and even the color of the shutters. I see that not everybody follows the rules, but even our windows were custom-made to match the old ones. On the AirBnB listings, I see plenty of cheap fake-wood floors and dropped ceilings for more easily running electricity lines in buildings with solid stone walls. The city has a hard time policing the people who do renovations themselves and don’t get a building permit.

A charming French kitchen with classic fittings and stunning architecture in a 1600's French apartment in Carcassonne called La Suite Barbes. #French #kitchen #classicFrench #vacationrental
Luxurious French Apartment to Rent in Carcassonne {Let’s Stay Here!}

HL: What did you learn about yourself as a result of the renovation process?

TOF: What I learned during the renovation was a new respect for the French. I always have been a francophile, since I first read Madeline as a little girl. But the care, precision and craftsmanship of the local artisans astounded me. One hears so many horror stories about contractors, but these guys were such professionals, and true artists, full of passion for their work. I have seen the same kind of perfectionism in so many areas, from winemaking to cheesemaking and more. But a painter of walls gives his subjects as much care and precision as a painter of canvases. It was impressive.

HL: Thank you so much for being our guest, offering your properties for rent, and inspiring us not only with your beautiful blog, but with your gracious spirit of hospitality and authenticity–it is oh so rare and lovely.

What an honor to get to know Taste of France better and entertain the idea of staying in one of their properties in Carcassonne!

Here is the listing on Airbnb should you decide to book a stay here!

and here is Taste of France’s other vacation rental to consider.

I have yet to travel to the South of France…anyone care to join me?

Care to tour a celebrity’s stunning property in the South of France or see a 12th Century Villa?

French Country Lovely!

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Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. April 11, 2018 / 4:02 am

    Thank you so much, Michele, for the lovely presentation of our apartment. We’ve discovered we really enjoy the tourism business–people are so thrilled when they walk in, and it’s fun for us to share all our secret favorites. It’s very satisfying to add to their happy vacations.
    And if la Suite Barbès is reserved, never fear–we have another apartment on the same floor, with the same decor…and a dream country kitchen that’s my favorite room.

    • michele
      April 11, 2018 / 8:46 am

      Thanks so much for sharing your world and offering such beautiful properties for us to enjoy. I’ll be sure to add the info about the other apartment to the post! Don’t be surprised to see the other apartment making its own appearance soon. Peace to you, friend. 🙂

  2. April 11, 2018 / 5:37 am

    Such a beautiful post Michele – as I move on in life’s journey, I “feel” my tastes changing and find myself completely intrigued by such lush grandeur. To me, it is the perfect combination of sophistication and utility….absolutely stunning.

    • michele
      April 11, 2018 / 8:44 am

      So fun to be on this journey with you, Joan. How fun is it to see words like lush and sophistication right there with ‘utility’ ??? Peace to you, this day. xox

  3. April 11, 2018 / 9:50 am

    These are so stunningly gorgeous Michele! The living room with the gray draperies and gilded mirror is so perfectly elegant and simple. Definitely not casual living but so appealing!

    • michele
      April 11, 2018 / 1:39 pm

      I love how they have kept these apartments so timeless, palatial and rich! 🙂

  4. Joanna
    April 11, 2018 / 10:17 am

    I never thought to stay in a rental but you have changed my mind. We always try to see so much when we travel and in doing so, we might not get the real taste of the city/town. I’d love to stay in an apartment for a time and feel like a local.
    It’s a beautiful apartment decorated in the flavour of old France. I’d enter and throw open those windows, then sit on the tiny balcony and sip wine, taking in all the history and beauty in the surrounding area. Falling into bed at night, exhausted but happy. You have me thinking about our upcoming trip in 2019. I might need to adjust a bit.

    • michele
      April 11, 2018 / 1:37 pm

      I think you’re right that staying in an apartment truly allows you to feel like a local. On our anniversary trip to Paris, we stayed in a hotel for a few days and spent the rest of our vacation in an apartment – it was incredible and I can’t wait to see more of France, including Carcassonne!

  5. April 12, 2018 / 8:26 am

    I love both of these apartments and loved following along as they remodeled them. Carcassonne looks like a beautiful area to visit.

    • michele
      April 12, 2018 / 11:03 am

      Yes. I’m blown away by the thoughtfulness of the renovation – so much care devoted to making sure guests will have an incredible French backdrop for their travel memories. Peace to you, Elizabeth. 🙂

  6. Rhonda
    April 12, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    I could live in either of these apartments…so authenically French! Who knew one could stay in such beauty at a truly affordable price?! Definitely going on my must-do list.

    • michele
      April 12, 2018 / 2:32 pm

      I agree!!! Can’t wait to hear about it if you get there before I do! 🙂

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