Best and Easiest Ikea Hacks {Bemz}

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture

For me, the best and easiest Ikea hack comes from Bemz,

an innovative company offering customized slipcovers

for Ikea sofas, armchairs, chairs, and more.

Bemz has created covers to fit

the most popular models of IKEA furniture

(even the discontinued!) since 2005 –

helping customers to both extend the life

of their furnishings and express their

unique personal style.

Why discard a perfectly good piece of IKEA furniture

just because the original fabric has seen better days or

feels outdated when a custom slipcover may come to the rescue?

Bemz makes other home textiles too such as curtains, bedspreads, bedskirts and cushion covers – all sold online.

Here is how the easiest Ikea hack on earth works:


Visit Bemz and take a gander at the fabric choices

(oh, mama, plenty of pretties to choose from)

for your piece.


Request free sample swatches to be sent to you in the mail.


Place your order, and Bemz will create a

custom cover for you in about 4 weeks.

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture

I’ll walk you through this hack just for fun…

and working with Bemz and Ikea IS f.u.n.

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
Doesn’t this feel like Swedish heaven?

Let’s say you have one of Ikea’s Tullsta chairs,

(I just bought a pair of these for the Arizona fixer upper)

and you’re feeling the itch for an upgrade from

the standard white cotton.

image result for Ikea Tullsta chair
Ikea Tullsta Chair

Or perhaps, Bruiser has had a heyday destroying

the old cover, and you feel the chair is history.

You go to Bemz and check out your options,

one of which is a prewashed, soft, relaxed and elegant linen

that I personally have a design crush on:

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
Ikea Tullsta chair with Bemz cover in Brera Fino Cloud

Brera Fino – Cloud

It’s luxurious, 100% linen with fine stripes from world-renowned Designers Guild, and is made in Europe.

image result for Bemz linen blue and white stipe Brera lino cloud




You’re pretty sold on this stripey linen lovely

so you order a sample plus a few others,

and when they arrive in the mail, you sigh, and…

well, here’s a quick video of me opening up

my samples. 
(you should probs follow @hellolovelystudio on IG)

And here’s a little tip when you get serious

about a particular fabric choice:

Stumble around the Bemz website and view

other furniture pieces dressed in that fabric…

you’ll gain clarity about whether it’s

the right fabric for you…here’s that

same linen on a dining chair.

image result for Ikea dining chair with Bemz linen stipe slipcover


Now I’m MORE in love with this linen,

and omg, I forgot about Ikea dining chairs

and the gorgeous possibilities when Bemz

comes into play.

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
This sofa is wearing a loose “country fit” cover

Even when your choice is a simple lovely

white linen for a sofa, Bemz makes dreams

come true with their high quality slips.

Let’s pause for a moment before returning

to more Bemz Beauty and Brains.

Here were some of my favorite

Ikea hacks of 2016.

Remember this viral image of a

plain ol’ sink cabinet morphing into a hip

blue wonder with help from Superfront?

image result for ikea hack sink base painted blue and copper sink with marble wall

And this next Ikea hack is one I may just try

at the Arizona fixer upper where we are starting

from scratch as far as furniture.

Even though I visualize built-ins and a very Paris

or Stockholm apartment feel in the living room,

this hack might serve as a stand-in until the

ultimate (and pricey) carpentry work gets done:

A row of Ikea Sektion 30″ fridge cabinets topped

with grey concrete tiles becomes

a long media console…like this!

(photo below, Sara Medina Lind)

image result for ikea hack console media low cabinet with sektion

How cool is that, and isn’t it stylish with its low living

which works especially well with lower ceilings???

We all need reminding that new cabinetry from

Ikea can easily be made to appear old.

Make a new Bjorksnas cabinet look timeworn and vintage

with a little effort, paint and instructions here.

I can imagine this looking very cool with a distressed

black finish as well and maybe some caster wheels.

image result for ikea hack with cabinet made to look vintage

If you have ever been poor, then you may well

be acquainted with the Ikea Lack tables.

At a mere 8 bucks a Lack, these babies

can function for all kinds of purposes,

and I need to devote an entire post to them.

Here’s a labor-intensive hack for those who

may want to try their hand at tiling.

Make a graphic statement with an Ikea Lack table

and a mosaic tile with instructions here.

Isn’t this striking?

image result for ikea lack table hack with mosaic tiles and graphic design

More my style are the Ikea hacks which involve

me and a paintbrush, and here’s a smart hack

with Ikea Aina fabric in linen for artwork, curtains,

or a coverlet like this.

image result for ikea hack with painted linen fabric stripe coverlet bedspread

Ikea’s Ingefara planter  just needs a grey paint hack.

image result for ikea hack planter painted grey


Don’t feel like painting or grouting?

Could you possibly bear to lift a beautiful cushion

and place it ginergly upon a luscious black velvet

Ikea Stockholm easy chair with high back

for instant easy HIGH DRAMA HACKING?

image result for ikea hack with stockholm armchair black velvet

I’m feeling energized from these heavenly hacks!

Let’s ease back into tranquil goodness

from the wealth of possibilities from Bemz.

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture

We recently bought two white Ektorp sofas for
our Arizona getaway and are working with
Bemz to have covers made from this luxurious
Belgian linen from Designers Guild.

I am so excited about being able to
have two looks with a simple quick change.

image result for Bemz Belgian linen swatch from Designers Guild



Brera Lino – Natural

A luxurious, high quality 100% linen from world-renowned Designers Guild, the Brera line offers both subtle neutrals and striking hues in a complementary palette. Pre-washed for a soft and relaxed, yet elegant finish. Linen adds a timeless structure to furniture covers and drapes beautifully on curtains. Made in Europe.

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture

You know I am partial to neutrals, so these
Bemz looks caught my eye and demonstrate
how elegant and personal a space can
potentially be with Ikea and customization
from Bemz.

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture
image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture

For lovers of color, you will also fall in love
with the vast range of choices at Bemz,
including luscious velvet!

image result for Bemz custom covers for Ikea furniture

I sure hope folks around the globe never tire

of Ikea hacks, because I love discovering them

and marveling at the creativity out there!

And please do consider taking Bemz for a spin

(please do not confuse Bemz with yer Benz)

as they are a swell new sponsor of Hello Lovely

and making more of my fixer upper dreams

come true…stay tuned for the Arizona adventures!

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. January 5, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    I loved this post!! I had o idea there was a company that made slip covers for Ikea furnishings!! thank you lovely lady!!! xo

    • January 6, 2017 / 12:56 am

      You're so welcome, Leslie! I have been watching them for years, thinking that it's such a brilliant idea to grow with Ikea…the easiest Ikea Hack ever!

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