Summer Thornton WONDERLAND is the Mad Beauty We Need Now!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Good gracious, it has its moments lately, oui? We may as well make it a WONDERLAND. But how? Summer Thornton WONDERLAND is the Mad Beauty I Need just where I am, and maybe you need it too.

Summer Thornton designed fantasy bedroom with Gracie wallcovering (a scenic lemon-grove), yellow cashmere drapes, and four poster bed. From WONDERLAND (Rizzoli, 2022). Photo by Thomas Loof. #summerthornton #lemonwallpaper
Gracie wallcovering features a scenic lemon-grove panorama in an impossibly beautiful bedroom designed by Summer Thornton in Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022); photo: Thomas Loof.

Summer Thornton WONDERLAND is the Mad Beauty We Need

Opening our hearts to mystery and our minds to more wonder is always a good idea. Can home become an expression of such wonder? Because I wonder what impossibilities are possible as we grow curiouser and curiouser?

I hope you are in the mood to wondrously adventure away from design bondage to rendezvous with a rabbit! Because an out of the box, anything but ordinary decorating book has come along so utterly decadent and scrumptious, you’ll want to live in its pages.

Sweet cozy Moses in a nickel bathtub, the bold designs, magical backdrops, and uncommon beauty will inspire you to stretch, to dream!

Meet the Author: SUMMER THORNTON

Chicago-based Summer Thornton’s design work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and beyond.

Summer Thornton in orange gown in a lovely interior of her design. From WONDERLAND (Rizzoli, 2022). #summerthornton
Summer Thornton

Featured on the 1stDibbs 50 list and selected by Sotheby’s as one of 20 Interior Designers to Watch, she is truly some kind of wonderful.

What is Her Design Philosophy?

To understand her work, you need to be aware of Summer’s refreshing design philosophies. For example,

Instead of worrying about the right way to decorate, DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT.

Right? And also:

Summer Thornton fanciful and colorful mood board within her first book, WONDERLAND - photo: Hello Lovely Studio.
A mood board from a fearless romantic…in case whimsy and bold color tingle your jingles.

Forget about any rules and SET YOURSELF FREE TO CREATE.

At a time in history when so much remains beyond our control, don’t you find the idea of taking charge attractive?

Summer Thornton quote from WONDERLAND. #designquotes #decoratingquotes

Because when it comes down to it, Summer writes:

“It’s your home, you make the rules.”

Summer Thornton fanciful and colorful mood board within her first book, WONDERLAND - photo: Hello Lovely Studio.

What is Summer Thornton’s Creative Process Like?

Clearly, it is imaginative!

Her creative interior decorating process involves bold use of color, a surprisingly psychedelic mix of patterns, and unforgettable moments of edgy irreverent whimsy.

Summer Thornton quote from WONDERLAND. #designquotes #decoratingquotes

In fact, her first book: Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022) features so many whimsical moments of Technicolor bliss, you will likely be awakened to WONDER.

This type of design book is bound to spoil you. (When I was 12, I went on a dream vacation with my best friend to Miami where we visited the home of Barry Gibb, saw the premiere of Saturday Night Fever, and ate pastries every single day without gaining an ounce…life has rarely been as sparkly since. Hahahahaha.)

I guess I’m saying WONDERLAND is a get-lost-in-disco-glossy-pages-of-over-the-top-design-joy sort of must own volume, kittycats.

Order a copy of WONDERLAND Here.

Peek Inside Summer Thornton’s Book

Expect excess and whimsy!

Summer Thornton designed bathroom wallpapered with whimsical giant white cranes on a hot pink background. Luxurious marble console sink and FontanaArte mirror. From WONDERLAND: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022). #summerthornton
A whimsical wonderland of a bathroom with stunning architectural details and also giant white cranes. From Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022); photo: Thomas Loof.

And rooms dripping with sophistication.

Summer Thornton designed luxurious and formal interior with skirted periwinkle velvet stools at round table. From WONDERLAND (Rizzoli, 2022). Photo by Bjorn Wallander. #summerthornton
Breathtaking and luxurious design in a palatial apartment with chinoiserie wallpaper, velvet stools, and a round table stacked with books. From Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022) by Summer Thornton. Photo: Bjorn Wallander.

With color stories that will surprise you!

Summer Thornton designed lively saturated green living room with handpainted Japanese mountain scape wallpaper. From WONDERLAND: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022). #summerthornton
Saturated greens create a lively energy in a living room with Japanese mountain-scape hand-painted wallpaper! From Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022); photo: Thomas Loof.

And bespoke details to thrill.

Summer Thornton designed hallway turned art gallery with pale lavender walls, geometric painted floors, and impossibly beautiful architecture. From WONDERLAND: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022). Photo by Thomas Loof. #summerthornton
A boring hallway to a bedroom becomes an art gallery of impossible beauty. Lavender lacquered walls and geometric painted floor. From Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (2022); photo: Thomas Loof.

Because life lived to the full means something different to each one of us. Isn’t that a wonder?

Summer Thornton designed quirky living room with mirrored coffee table and Art Deco wallpaper. From WONDERLAND: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022). Photo: Werner Straube. #summerthornton
Art Deco wallpaper, kidney-shaped mirrored table, and sumptuous sofa in a townhome’s living room. From Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, 2022); photo: Werner Straube.

I’ll leave you with my favorite message of all from Summer Thornton’s book, and I’d love to hear your response to it!

Summer Thornton quote from WONDERLAND. #designquotes #decoratingquotes

Order a copy of WONDERLAND Here. And mosey on over HERE for another must have for your design library.

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. Linda B Hirschfeld
    March 30, 2022 / 6:50 am

    Coincidentally, I was just ogling a project of hers this morning. I didn’t know there was a book! I need this!

    • Michele
      March 30, 2022 / 8:04 am

      You need it in your hands soooooo much, Linda. It is a treasure and will likely spark a revolution. (wonder how i really feel about wonderland’s brilliance? hahahahaha.)

  2. Cindy Adams
    March 30, 2022 / 8:04 am

    I love all of this, what a feast for the eyes and the imagination…thank you for this introduction.

    • Michele
      March 30, 2022 / 8:16 am

      Thanks so much for visiting this morning. We need this beauty! I know it sounds like a lot of gushing, but I can’t help myself. Summer has outdone herself with this one. The invitation to set our creativity free and follow that rabbit gets a great big yes. 🙂

      • Amy
        April 4, 2022 / 10:28 am

        Even though my go-to is neutral subdued home decor, I absolutely love what Summer creates…especially the cool, unique items she uses that are out-of-the-box! Love her hallway gallery wall idea! May try that myself. Your 12 yr old dream vaca sounded wowzers…especially the pastries everyday without gaining an oz…those were the days! But I LOL about your sparkly comment immediately after😆…so true! I might have to indulge myself in buying this book! I always want to buy the decor books you recommend, but then never do…maybe this will be my first. I did order me some verb bars!

        • Michele
          April 5, 2022 / 5:04 pm

          OMG – this book, Amy. If you don’t buy it, I will bring it along with me for that reunion we need to make happen! It is packed with inspiration, color, boldness, imagination, and beauty. It’s still on my nightstand, and I got my advance copy a long time ago!!! Summer Thornton is all about fearless romanticism!

  3. Elizabeth
    March 30, 2022 / 6:26 pm

    WOWOWOW! Every room is fabulous! I love the quotes too!

    • Michele
      March 30, 2022 / 6:36 pm

      The whole book is truly a wonderland of loveliness, and I have been feasting on it! Chicago is so lucky to claim Summer Thornton! Thanks for reading, Elizabeth.

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