28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin

This whole post is inspired by one particular fur baby visiting our home at the moment. Interestingly enough, this sweet girl needs your name suggestions since she is a rescue puppy just adopted by our son. 28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin honors our four legged friends that Angie Weiland-Crosby calls ‘love’s purest shadow.’ Perhaps you will spy a helpful tool or comforting product for your favorite pet, and don’t forget to pin the quotes as well.

28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies as well as Dog Quotes to Pin!

If you are disappointed there is not holiday cheer decorating this post, never fear! Mosey on over HERE!

Lovely finds for fur babies - Hello Lovely Studio. 28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin.  #gifts #petgifts #dog #dogsupplies
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28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin

Here’s the mixed breed, still-to-be-named rescue puppy girlie visiting, and I’m trying so hard not to freak about scratches, damage, and shedding. It’s hard since we only have experience with wee little indoor dogs who don’t shed or like to get muddy so this is an experience.

Rescue puppy mixed breed - Hello Lovely Studio. 28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin!
28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin

She has the cutest speckled white stockings!

Rescue puppy mixed breed - Hello Lovely Studio. 28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin!

And she eats her food wayyyyy too fast so she will likely need this slow eating mat:

Anti-choke slow eating dog food mat. 28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin!
Anti-choke Slow Eating Dog Food Mat…certainly practical and helpful indeed.

A Puppy in the House

I snapped these photos of her this morning in our backyard where she loves fetching a stick.

Rescue puppy mixed breed - Hello Lovely Studio. 28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin!
28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin

She is doing well with her obedience, but unfortunately things are not so good with her tummy. After a visit to the vet, our son remains quite concerned since her symptoms are so slow to resolve. And if you have ever cared for a puppy with D (I’m not spelling it out!) in the winter who needs to go outside constantly…oh, my!

Rescue puppy mixed breed - Hello Lovely Studio.

Fortunately, she seems happy and hasn’t been lethargic like what we see here…

A Donut Bed

Don’t you love that fluffy vegan shag bed?

Rubber Fetch Balls

Whistling rubber fetch balls may be old news to you, but I’m just learning about all these sweet finds.

Heartwarming quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #dogs

Bath Towels

Our family dog (a lhasa) in the 80s looked exactly like the fluffy teddy bear pup below!

Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Bath Towel
Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Bath Towel…certainly helpful indeed.

Buffalo Checks for Bella

And how cute would this little number be on Peaches or Lola during the holidays?

Plaid hoodie dress
Plaid Hoodie Dress…certainly darling indeed.
Funny quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #humor

Who Loves Mama?

This hoodie looks so comfy cozy, and the message on the back will make the rest of the family so jealous!

Howstar Pet Clothes, Puppy Hoodie Sweater Dog Coat Warm Sweatshirt Love My Mom Printed Shirt (S, Gray)
Puppy Hoodie Dog Sweatshirt…certainly darling indeed.

Seat Protector

We have always lived with hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs so a smart cover like this wasn’t necessary – but if your pet sheds and loves car rides…so smart!

Protective Front Seat Cover for Pets
Protective Front Seat Cover for Pets…certainly helpful indeed.
Heartwarming quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #dogs

Bags & Dispenser

Practical finds round out this list as well!

Funny quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #humor
28 Lovely Finds for Fur Babies + Dog Quotes to Pin

Anxiety Reducer

Have you seen these behavioral aid toys designed to reduce anxiety and offer your pup a warm body to sleep with? Meant to imitate the nurturing feel of a mama dog, they come with a heart-shaped ticker that heats up and emits a pulsating beat mimicing a beating heart. Pure comfort and perfect for thunderstorms, fireworks, and scary occasions.

Grooming Tools

With a firm, stainless steel edge, this tool penetrates the topcoat and gently removes loose hair. Easy to use — just comb through the hair to grab your pet’s fur, then press the easy FURejector button to release it.

Heartwarming quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #dogs

Fleecy & Dotted

Super Sweet Fun With Treats

Funny quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #humor

Paw Protection

Of this Musher’s Secret, one reviewer on Amazon raved, “I purchased three more containers today for my dog to give out as Christmas presents to her friends. It is that good.”

Heartwarming quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #dogs

Dog Harness

Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor

Travel Bowl

This convenient collapsible bowl comes with a clip-on carabiner you can use for attaching to a backpack while hiking, or on a crate when traveling.

Heartwarming quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #dogs

Go Pro at Home

Smart Container

Heartwarming quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #dogs

Sweet Squeakers

Cots For Chilling Out

Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor

Healthier Eating

Sometimes a slow feed dog bowl is just what you need to encourage an overzealous fur baby to eat slowly, improving digestion and reducing bloating. In addition to portion control, it provides a little puzzle for dogs to solve, keeping that sweet brain engaged while they feast.

For Tough Stains

Funny quote about dogs. #hellolovelystudio #dogquote #quotes #humor

Twinkling Safely

There are five color options, and Amazon customers seem to be obsessed with this light-up collar, given the 3,400+ raving reviews. I guess it is the product’s ability to glow brightly and keep your dog safe from vehicles. It is a fully adjustable collar which can be worn as one solid light or set to blinking mode.

Natural & Fragrant

Here’s a shampoo with detangler made with delicious natural scents such as eucalyptus and peppermint, oatmeal and aloe, mango, rosemary, tea tree, and sweet orange oil.

Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor

Especially for Puppies

Funny + Cute!

Thanks for entertaining all these ideas and quotes, and do comment with your name for this grandpooch!

Rescue puppy mixed breed - Hello Lovely Studio.
Lovely finds for fur babies - Hello Lovely Studio. #gifts #petgifts #dog #dogsupplies

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. Faye
    December 5, 2019 / 10:36 pm

    She is the cutest ! Congrats on your new family member and what a kind heart your son has to have rescued her. How about ‘Izzy ‘

    • Michele
      December 6, 2019 / 12:01 am

      Thank you! That is adorable. I’ll relay Izzy to him – my sister’s beloved pug in heaven was Izzy. 🙂

  2. Deb Wostmann
    December 6, 2019 / 8:44 am

    She is darling. I foster rescue puppies so it makes my heart happy that your son adopted a rescue. How about Oreo since she kinda looks like one!

    • Michele
      December 6, 2019 / 2:26 pm

      Hahaha – so cute, and I always loved the doublestuffed! How kind of you to foster those puppies – I can only imagine the joy (and extra work and patience) they add to your days. 🙂

  3. Marilyn S.
    December 7, 2019 / 6:20 am

    Not sure where this came from but I’m going with Fred or Darla. Just the first names that came to mind when I saw her pix.

    • Michele
      December 7, 2019 / 8:48 am

      I must have forgotten to say she’s a girlie – hahahaha – thanks, Marilyn. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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