Knotty and Nice Alder Wood

image result for alder wood cabinets trim beautiful kitchen
Beautiful alder cabinets and trim

I have been sharing peeks at our fixer upper progress

on Instagram (@HelloLovelyStudio), so you may

already know the door style we chose for

both the interior and exterior is…

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a 2-panel knotty alder plank door,

made by Pacific Entries

and ready to customize.

What do we think of them?

image result for alder wood 2 panel door rustic collection Pacific Entries
Pacific Entries Interior Swinging Unfinished Alder Door

The doors are beautiful!

We decided on unfinished, solid alder wood doors

to replace hollow 6-panel Colonist trim doors

and weren’t certain how we wanted to finish them.

We love the character of the knots and wood grain,

but we needed to see them in person to narrow

down the possibilities.

image result for alder wood door 2 panel plank rustic collection Pacific Entries

Alder velvety goodness right here in our basement.

The minute we carried the doors into the house,

we were certain we had made the right decision

because of their solid construction,

weight, and gorgeous quality.

image result for alder wood 2 panel rustic plank door Pacific Entries

The master bath door being installed.

I will be sharing more details about this particular

door from Pacific Entries, because the company

offers something no one else can:

a patented door with a reversible jamb kit

so that handing can be determined at installation.

image result for hello lovely master bath fixer upper clawfoot tub

Here’s a peek with that handsome Helmsley oval door knob you can find here.

Know what I’m talking about here?

Let’s say you are a DIY type like us and decide

to upgrade a door or ten at your house.

Maybe you drop by a big box store to check out

the selection…but before you buy you must know:

is it right handing or left handing you need?

What a pain when you guess wrong and have

to return it, right?

gif image zoe dechanel sobbing on floor

Or maybe you are a contractor, designer, or builder

and want to check off “Order Interior Doors” from your long

To Do list…how convenient is this reversible system?

image result for alder wood farmhouse sliding barn door rustic Pacific Entries
Pacific Entries Unfinished Alder Barn Door...we’re adding this one too!

Pacific Entries’ patent pending feature is a gamechanger.

No more mistakes. You are always right.

I mean.

Where else are you gonna run into those odds?

That feature also means you can stay in your PJs,

shop online, and know the door you buy

will be the right door for your installation.

image result for Helena Bonham Carter woman in pajamas shopping

If you’re Helena Bonham Carter, you can still

stay in your PJs and just head to the door store.

(For shame. That’s knotty to pick on Helena

and maybe this is a movie still?)

image result for alder wood plank v-grooves exterior door clavos Pacific Entries speakeasy
Pacific Entries Rustic V-Groove 2 Panel

If you saw my post on beautiful inspiration doors,

you’ll know there are an infinite number of options

for stain and paint, and in our case, we wanted to

add vintage character with the doors since

our home came with a bunch of

quirky (in a bad way) features.

image result for pink plank door 40 beautiful doors inspiration

Read the Post!

After experimenting with stains and finishes,

we decided on a matte water-based sealer, allowing

the natural color of the wood to shine through.

For the bathroom doors, we are painting the side

which faces inside the bathroom, white…not yet

certain whether we will do this for the bedroom doors,

but we can always paint later.

Wait until you see what this alder door looks like

painted white with those beautiful oval door knobs!!!!

image result for oval door knobs oil rubbed bronze Helmsley Pacific Entries Rockwell

It looks exactly like the vintage doors I searched

the antique markets for, with all the character and

rustic charm but without the peel-y paint

and poor-fitting sizes that made that option impossible!

gift image phaedra real housewives atlanta thank you jesus

I am not showing you its awesomeness yet because I want

to give that dreamy white alder side the honor

it deserves…there may be an entire devoted post.

image result for alder wood exterior rustic door Pacific Entries

But I will show you our new beautiful alder exterior door

with its walnut finish and working speakeasy…

we can’t wait to see it in place!

The handleset is foxy too.

image result for san jose rockwell handleset Pacific Entries oil rubbed bronze

So why alder then?

We are charmed by alder’s character
and how it lends itself especially well to
modern farmhouse style.

Because we have so many white walls
and new finishes, we think the rustic contrast
will achieve the balance and harmony
we are after.

Alder is easy to stain…these doors from
Pacific Entries are smooth, velvety,
and ready to receive their finish.

Let me show you some beautiful
alder examples.

image result for alder wood rustic kitchen chalet

Alder cabinetry and doors here are perfect

for a casual feel…yet almost everything is

rustic so while beautiul, it’s a little one note,

and I wonder if modern art, some sleek

accessories, and more white might elevate the lovely.

image result for alder wood interior doors chalet rustic craftsman house

While I love the look of these alder doors above,

we are keeping our surrounding trim white for contrast.

image result for alder wood rustic garage doors stained dark elegant


I am seeing mainly nice and not much knotty

in the gorgeous alder garage doors above.

image result for alder shelves with candles

Carpenters love working with alder.

But they hate it when you call them aldermen.

image result for alder wood rustic sliding barn door mud room kitchen

And the character of the knots and grain make

it a great choice for farmhouse style projects.

image result for alder wood plank interior door

Knotty alder arched panel doors are

also beautiful, but I knew there were enough

arches happening with the fan windows

everywhere here in the cottage.

image result for alder wood cabinetry beautiful rustic kitchen

Do you know anyone who has used alder for kitchen cabinetry?

Or shutters?

Divine Custom

Here’s a richly stained alder reminiscent of cherry wood.

image result for alder wood elegant two panel doors

I love the warmth of the finish above,

the lack of knots has an elegant feel.

A few more alder examples to consider.

The above gives us an idea of the spectrum of stain possibilities.

image result for alder wood rustic kitchen cabinets plank


For your Aspen getaway?

Thanks for stepping into the world of alder wood
with me today, and stay tuned for my
fixer upper update…we are working hard
installing one door at a time, and it will
take a Christmas miracle for them all
to be in by Christmas, but maybe
by the New Year!

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. December 13, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Looks like you are making some awesome choices. Here in Texas we use knotty alder a lot! Lots of character and easy to stain! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    • December 13, 2016 / 6:19 pm

      Thank you for sharing that, Leslie!!! With your mastery in finishes, I am sure you know your way alder and create beautiful finishes for it in Texas. xox

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