Design Chicago 2016 {Around Chicago}

Did you see my post featuring Michael Del Piero’s
lovely work in Milieu and elsewhere?

Michael Del Piero

Well, today promises to be extra special since I’ll be seeing

her rustic + refined work in person
at Chicago’s DreamHome 2016
(open now until Dec. 4th).
while at the MART
Design Chicago 2016.

Design Chicago is a 2-day luxury design event
where oodles (a technical term)
of Trade professionals gather
for educational opportunities,
showroom events, networking,
and I hope…cake.


Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen

I’m bringing along my partner in crime, and together
who too seldom are recognized as
the respected journalists we are–
shall grace the Mart’s halls,
the good, the true, and the beautiful
as your personal paparazzi
because you make blogging fun.

Your personal paparazzi’s selfie last weekend at midnight reason.

Plus. Interior design and nesting?

They still thrill us and go together
like an Olsen and…

Image result for gif olsen twins smoking

a good smoke.

It was 2008, when everyone dressed alike, pod-personed their faces,
and photoshopped their teeth scary white, oui?


Can’t wait to see this bedroom up close and personal
designed by Michael Del Piero!


Mysterious paint color:
Benjamin Moore Deer Trail Satin.

Art work behind the bed:
an encaustic painting
by Lonney White from Holly Hunt

Which do we need more in our lives?
That stripey pillow,
(RA softgood collection by Robert Allen/Beacon Hill)
the fur and linen throw,
(Homelosophy at Baker Furniture)

Image result for gif girl eating cake


Ohhhhh me. Oh myyyy.
The wingchair’s
from CAI .

Janet Shiff and Lynn Boutross
of Blutter Shiff Designs
were going for contemporary with edge
for the foyer at the DreamHome,
and Ashley best be prepared
for Mary Kate’s inevitable
heart failure when she sees this
weathered metals II wallcovering
from Maya Romanoff!

The area rug from Stark Carpet, fabulous sculptural elements,
and all the quiet tones feel utterly calm
in a space welcoming one home from a long stressful day
of getting your blonde on, saying NO to Fuller House,
attending fashion week and fan celebrity fan cruises, and…

Image result for gif marie antoinette cake

making decisions.

Blutter Shiff Designs

I would gladly bake you petit-fours in the kitchens
above and below designed gorgeously by Blutter Shiff.

Notice they took the stone straight up the backsplash
which for me…well, for me it’s eye cake.

Care to hear how Ms. Del Piero conceived the design
of the DreamHome’s bedroom?

See you in a couple of hours, Chicago.

Peace to you right where you are.


okay, mom.
i’m going to bed.

this post was inspired
by my love for
my sister…
she is an exceptional
human being.



    • October 8, 2016 / 9:31 pm

      i finally found some in a showroom at the MART! delicious! xox

  1. October 9, 2016 / 12:05 am

    I've never been to the windy city..was it windy?! You crack me up Michele and I love this post (a little bit of everything) and I can't imagine how you two handle the paparazzi day-in/day-out;)

    The house is "finished" but there are still shelves to build downstairs. We just put wainscoting in the MB and I will have a few photos of part of the room in a week or two. I still need to get a boarder around my window shades .. the hubs needs to do it (won't pay to have it done) so that may take days, weeks, months, or years.

    Enjoy your weekend:) I'm starting a chocolate cake made with olive oil and may go gluten free (maybe not cuz it affects the texture, ha) xo

    • October 13, 2016 / 2:53 am

      it most certainly is windy. your little body would be slammed to the pavement on any given March day! save me a slice. 🙂

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