12 Reasons to See Dream Home Chicago {Around Chicago}

October 06, 2016

Design Home Chicago 2016 Foyer Blutter Shiff

What an honor to be invited as press to
Design Chicago 2016 and DreamHome,
where the air at the Mart was positively charged
with creativity, excitement, and the laughter of two
Over-the-Hill-Olsen-Twins from Hello Lovely.

Image result for the mart chicago
The Mart (Merchandise Mart)

It is an easy a task for this blogger to generate 
12 Reasons to See DreamHome Chicago 2016,
and let's start with the obvious.

Hello, Lovely Chicago.

downtown Chicago river the mart merchandise mart skyscrapers

For a dreamy design travelogue with tips for
where to go and what to see, check out
Michael Del Piero's under-the-radar gems here.

It's More than Just Fluff.

While DreamHome Chicago is a feast for the senses
and a joy to behold, underneath all the sparkle
lies a heart of gold.

I say this because while it is indeed
a place for designfreaks like us to
be swept off our feet with inspiration
 and is a lovely collaboration between
fine interior designers in Chicago and
exemplary showroom resources
(of the Design Center at the Mart),
the beating heart of the project remains
a commitment to Almost Home Kids,
which provides transitional care
in a home-like setting to children
with complicated health needs.

An opportunity to make a difference.

A short-term community based pediatric healthcare facility,
AlmostHome Kids brings together Medical Professionals, Recreational Volunteers, Community Providers, Sponsors, Donors, Friends, Corporate and Civic Partners.
Visitors to DreamHome Chicago have the opportunity
to be a part of the lovely dream by donating
to AlmostHome Kids...a win-win for everyone.
DreamHome Chicago foyer Blutter Shiff

Blutter Shiff Design's Feminine FOYER.

showcase some of their favorite items
available from showrooms in the
Design Center at the Mart, including
this Weathered Metals II wallcovering
(Maya Romanoff) which took my breath away.

Design Home Chicago 2016 Foyer Blutter Shiff
Kadlec Architecture's Sleek LIBRARY.
More metallic walls in here!
An emerald ottoman takes center stage
in this ultra-luxurious study designed by Steve Kadlec.

DreamHome Chicago 2016 Floral Drape Detail
Drapery by The Shade Store
DreamHome Chicago 2016
 DreamHome Chicago 2016
Painting by Carl Robert Holty (Richard Norton Gallery)
DreamHome Chicago 2016
DreamHome Chicago 2016
Isn't this glowing cluster unexpected and delightful!?! 
DreamHome Chicago 2016
Michael Del Piero Good Design's
A striking encaustic painting by Lonney White (Holly Hunt)
behind the bed sets a dramatic tone in an earthy-hued
haven to rest your head by Michael Del Piero.
DreamHome Chicago 2016 Michael Del Piero Bedroom

DreamHome Chicago 2016 Michael Del Piero vignette Bedroom
Michael's vignettes are KILLER.
DreamHome Chicago 2016 Michael Del Piero bedroom wing chair
Our scrappy selves (below) are no match for the refinery
in this brilliant space, but you get the idea of
how it made us feel.
SUMPTUOUS is how I would describe
the cozy linens (Robert Allen - Beacon Hill).
DreamHome Chicago 2016 Michael Del Piero bedroom linens
You must touch these textiles to appreciate! Get to the DreamHouse!
DreamHome Chicago 2016
JamesThomas Interiors' Groovy SUNROOM.
Tom Riker and James Dolenc tell a sweet story
about this happy place...it entails the 70's,
swimming, Bruce Jenner, and gin.
I'll not say more. Just go see it.
It's casual. It's elegant. It's stripey fabulous.
And it may transport you to a simpler time.
DreamHome Chicago 2016 sunroom
DreamHome Chicago 2016 white apples sunroom
Selfie on a settee? S'il vous plait, OUI.
DreamHome Chicago 2016 sunroom colorful art
Hunter Kaiser's Escapist DINING ROOM.
It's quiet in here.
And sexy.
You must visit this room and touch the walls
Kaiser says act as foil to the luminosity
of the gilded accents.
DreamHome Chicago 2016 dining room Hunter Kaiser
DreamHome Chicago 2016 Hunter Kaiser vignette art

DreamHome Chicago 2016 Dining Room Bar Cart

Ummmm. This bar cabinet.
(Bar de Elixirs - Baker Furniture)

DreamHome Chicago 2016

DreamHome Chicago 2016

The scale of the table!

DreamHome Chicago 2016

DreamHome Chicago 2016
 I love this casual tower of books inviting me to settle in.

Souci Horner's 1930's Paris LIVING ROOM.
Shea Souci and Martin Horner created a room
evocative of the City of Lights with glamorous
restraint and a curated combination of finery.

DreamHome Chicago 2016
Soucie Horner

The Living Room DreamHome Chicago 2016

DreamHome Chicago 2016 Living Room

An education in style.

 You may have noticed the rich, dramatic, and layered rooms
featured here are a departure in most respects from the airy,
neutral, tranquil projects so often appearing on Hello Lovely
(and a grand departure from my own easy, simple,
frugaliciously styled home).
Yet there is no reason to stay within your comfort zone
when there is so much to learn beyond it.
Magazines? Blogs? They have their limits...
you simply must go in person with wide eyes OPEN.


As you tour DreamHome, you will hear
the designers describing their designs...
it really does add another layer of lovely intimacy
to the sensory experience.

DreamHome Chicago is located in the MART.
The Mart is home to showrooms on floors 1, 6, 14, 15 and 16.
All of the beautiful products you see in these designed
spaces were sourced from these Design Center showrooms.
Have a look around.


It's a sweet place to bond.
We had such a fun time discovering these artfully
crafted rooms at DreamHome together as friends
who never tire of timeless, beautiful interior design.

Find a kindred soul who loves to decorate,
and make a memory or two at the Mart.

DreamHome Chicago 2016
is open until December 4, 2016.
Admission is free; donations welcomed.

I am not yet ready for the final reveal of our
cottage makeover...the evolution continues.
I am shopping for doors to replace
the awful ones here, some of which do not
even function...I am dreaming of solid,
wood doors (as opposed to faux wood grain).
Wish me luck.

Follow me on Facebook for extra peeks of progress.

belgian linen chair hello lovely studio

And you may have noticed this granny of a blogger
got herself on Instagram recently and is sort of
seeing the beauty of it...the other day I posted the
photo below I took in Paris at Musee Carnavalet,
and I learned Carnavalet closed that very day
for renovation until the end of 2019!!!!
See lovely today while you can.

Musee Carnavalet Paris Marais Hello Lovely Studio

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Happy you hopped on the Instagram bandwagon. This looks like such fun, if I was any closer I would jump in the car for an adventure! Love the picture of you and your sister and cannot wait for your reveal, I know you will wow us:)

    1. thanks, tina! we need to merge a blogger event with one of these design showcases for sure and see the lovely together!

  2. I soooo want to see this! Absolutely seductive! Thanks for sharing, Michele!

    1. you should see it. so much art and craftsmanship to admire! xox


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