My Art: Mixed Media Assemblage

August 24, 2011

A few weekends ago, my sister
hosted a going away dinner
for our sons before they
headed to college,
and these are pieces
I created for my
son and hers.

This leather topped chair is a recent gift from my younger newly licensed son
who rescued it curbside. I love it not just because of its age and texture,
but because my son knew it was perfect for me.

These mixed media on canvas pieces
are 'meditational collages,'
and each layer holds meaning.

The golden windmill-y embellishments
are vintage earrings I altered.
Both of the boys excel at English,
and these are a nod to Shakespeare,
literature, and all things academic.

A simple muslin bag was attached
to the canvas with velcro and
contains three treasures.

A vintage sterling band to save
as a family heirloom,
a vintage ring,
and a heart stone.
This is the family bond layer.

The last layer is a spiritual one.
A meditational thought (varied for each)
layered on leather.

The leather was taken from a jacket
of a beloved friend
who was a grandpa to both
of these college boys.
In his younger years,
he sang with the group
Rufus (before Chaka Khan).

We lost him in October,
and because he was extremely fashionable
and an artist, he left miles of wardrobe.
Several art pieces were created for
family incorporating bits of this
coat (there are many more coats!).

Seeing, touching, and sharing the soft leather that
warmed our grandfather-friend
helps us heal a little.

I am missing my son already.
It's his second year of college,
but this house is just not home
without him...parting gifts
are my least favorite
creations to make.
I know you understand.
So thanks for listening.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. a totem for your sons... powerful and beautiful gifts


  2. Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your son. Always so hard to let them go, but every stage is so fun and exciting. He has so many wonderful adventures ahead!!

  3. Michele!
    Tears running down my face and filling my eyes.... I can so relate on so many levels!
    This is such a lovely post, lovely gifts and heartfelt sentiments.
    WHERE did you get the quote about being young and only finding happiness through God and one's faith?
    I must find that and print it out.
    Gorgeous friend, just like you.

  4. So beautiful! I'm sure it is so hard to send them off to college, but you must be so proud of them too! What a wonderful gift.

  5. Oh, the years have gone by, but the feelings stay. Those specially chosen, yet heartrending gifts for our sons and daughters as they leave us for college. Whether it's the first year or the fourth, the emptiness felt upon their leaving feels like the hollowing of our very selves.
    Beautiful gifts, Mother.

  6. So touching. Loving Rufus too.

  7. sooo bittersweet. i am proud of him; just not very proud of how i am still grieving!


  8. Beautiful and
    meaningful pieces
    from YOUR beautiful
    heart. I can so
    relate to the grieving.
    My heart already
    hurts just thinking
    about fall of 2013....
    Love that your new
    driver rescued a chair
    that "looks like" you,
    xx Suzanne

  9. These are beautiful Michele and so sweet to send off a bit of you with them, always keeping them close at heart.
    I hope that the school year goes well for them and that they call their momma often. :)

  10. You created such a wonderful gift your son. It's bittersweet seeing them grow up. your son sounds like an amazing young man. thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. i appreciate your comment.

  11. Hey lovely lady! Could you send me your address again, I am such a dork and can't find it. :) My goal this week is to send you the boat! :) Yeah!!!!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!!!

  12. It really fills my eyes with tears... I remember my parting gift from mum, little things of childhood put together in a wonderful album. I still stay far away from home and I can so relate to it...what it means to you when you are far away from people you love, from a time you'll go back to. Thanks to all those wonderful mums who make our lives worth living and worth reflecting back to.

  13. I can't imagine sending one off to college! Those are beautiful gifts! Thanks so much for linking with us at Show & Share!


  14. I love your family are very clever...and your son is so thoughtful to find that chair. I know how you feel, missing your son...I'm about to leave Oz for England on Thursday, leaving my son and daughter behind...back to reality and cold U.K. Robx


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