7 Whimsical Christmas Decor Finds, Movies & Wearables

7 Whimsical Christmas Decor Finds, Movies & Wearables is a fun holiday romp to lighten your mood with a variety of entertaining snippets, home decor, and “fashion.” Fashion has to go in quotes, y’all, since I’m all about comfort and non-trendy pieces. If you prefer to just peruse interiors or decor, be sure to check out the rustic farmhouse holiday decor in recent posts HERE and HERE or click the “holiday inspiration” label in the menu at top.

Beaded Acorn Ornament
Pottery Barn…certainly festive for the holidays indeed.

Can you believe how every shop has gone gnome crazy? Find cuties HERE and HERE and HERE.

Urban Farmgirl decorated for Christmas - Hello Lovely Studio.

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7 Whimsical Christmas Decor Finds, Movies & Wearables

Christmas movies grid

Can you even believe there are only 2 weeks til Christmas!?! How????

Hello Lovely Studio.

7 Christmas Movie Favorites

I am polling you friends on Facebook HERE to discover your favorite Christmas movie. Here were the favorites from last year, and if you haven’t responded on the FB thread…do leave your favorite movie or a GIF!):

Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor

Take these Christmas movie snippets for a spin a to remember, to laugh, discover, and to support this site (time spent on Hello Lovely = support to keep it afloat).

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

I’ll be sharing more in the next post, and from the list of Christmas movies above, No. 5 is my favorite…and yours?

Scroll to the bottom of the post for the movie titles…how many of these have you seen?

Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor

7 Winter Cozies to Wear

j.crew: vintage pajama set in stewart tartan
Vintage Pajama Set in Stewart Tartan…certainly a classic pattern for winter.
j.crew: fine ribbed knit glitten
Fine Ribbed Knit Glitten…in case you love red mittens.
j.crew: excursion vest in stewart tartan with primaloft
Stewart Tartan Excursion Vest…certainly a vest you can wear year after year.
j.crew: ribbed beanie with faux-fur pom-pom
Ribbed Beanie With Faux Fur Pom Pom…certainly a practical winter accessory.
Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor
j.crew: tissue turtleneck t-shirt
Tissue Turtleneck…certainly a winter essential.
j.crew: reusable everyday tote in stewart tartan
Reusable Everyday Tote in Stewart Tartan…certainly a sweet tote for plaid lovers.
j.crew: turtleneck sweater in supersoft yarn
Tutleneck Sweater in Supersoft Yarn…in case you need an idea for a great sweater for Christmas.
Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor
j.crew: pouch set in stewart tartan and gold, right side, view zoomed
Pouch Set in Stewart Tartan & Gold…in case you need a great holiday gift idea for you or someone else.
j.crew: long-sleeve everyday cashmere crewneck dress
Everyday Cashmere Crewneck Dress…certainly lovely indeed.

7 Whimsical HOLIDAY DECOR Finds

1. Holiday Pillows With Whimsy

Son of a Nutcracker Elf Holiday Accent Pillow
Whimsical Holiday Pillows, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…in case you love a whimsical pillow for the holidays.
Bailey Bros. Holiday Accent Pillow
Holiday Accent Pillow, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly sweet indeed.
Scrooge Holiday Accent Pillow.
Handmade Scrooge Pillow, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly darling indeed.
The Wand Chooses the Wizard - Harry Potter pillow.
The wand chooses the wizard Mr. Potter Handmade Pillow, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…in case there are Harry Potter fans in your life.
French Cottage Linen Ticking/Pillow Cover/Red and CReaM/Paris
Handmade Red Ticking Pillow, Sassycatcreations on Etsy…in case you love handmade stripey pillows.
Vacation Holiday Accent Pillow
Vacation Holiday Accent Pillow, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly humorous indeed.
Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor
Tilley Peace Lumbar Pillow
Peace Lumbar Pillow…certainly a decor element for all winter long.
Christmas Story Leg Lamp Holiday Accent Pillow
Leg Lamp Holiday Accent Pillow, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly silly indeed.
Alondra Classic Tartan Plaid Print Cotton Lumbar Pillow
Tartan Pillow…in case you love a classic plaid.
Fall Feelings Pillow Plaid
Fall Feelings Plaid Pillow, DesmondBrownDesigns on Etsy…certainly charming indeed.

2. Christmas Stockings & Hangers

Merry Reindeer Brass Stocking Holder Collection
Merry Reindeer Brass Stocking Holder Collection
Reindeer Stocking Hanger…in case you need a sweet holiday decor item for the mantel.
Oakley Plaid Sherpa Stocking
Oakley Plaid Sherpa Stocking
Plaid & Sherpa Stocking…in case you love a plaid stocking.
Bronze Alphabet Stocking Holders
Pottery Barn
Bronze Alphabet Stocking Holders
Bronze Stocking Hangers…certainly darling indeed.
Merry Stocking Holders
Pottery Barn…certainly a lovely selection,
Merry Stocking Holders
Stocking Hangers…in case you need stocking hangers for the fireplace mantel.
Farmhouse Christmas Stocking Good Tidings
Handmade Flannel & Cotton Stocking, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly darling indeed.
Belham Living Pom Pom Scandinavian Christmas Stocking
Pom Pom Scandinavian Christmas Stocking…in case you love pom pom fringe.
Farmhouse Christmas Stocking Mistletoe and Holly
Farmhouse Christmas Stocking, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly adorable indeed.
Funny holiday quote and Christmas humor. #hellolovelystudio #quotes #holidayquote #christmashumor #funnyquotes

3. Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Gold Bell Ornament
Vintage Gold Bell Ornament…in case you love Christmas bells.
Farmhouse Christmas Hoop Ornament Grandma and Grandpa 2019
Farmhouse Christmas Hoop Ornament, DesmondBrownDesign on Etsy…certainly makes a sweet gift.
Mercury Glass Adorned Ornament Set of 6 - Silver
Mercury Glass Ornaments…certainly a gorgeous set of ornaments.
Beaded Acorn Ornament
Beaded Acorn…certainly sweet indeed.
Christmas Ball Ornament
Christmas Ball Ornament St: FIND HERE...certainly a great find for a white decor theme.
Beaded Acorn Ornament
Pottery Barn…certainly a glorious selection.

4. Christmas Tree

Glitter Angle Star Tree Topper
Tree Topper: FIND HERE.
Green Fir 7.5' Hinged Green Artificial Christmas Tree with 750 Clear Lights
Christmas Trees: FIND HERE.
Funny Christmas humor and holiday quote. #quotes #funnyquote #christmas #humor

5. Christmas Wreaths

6. Sleigh Bells

vintage sleigh bells
Vintage Sleigh Bells (Photo: Cricketcapers on Etsy)

7. For Holiday Mantels & Windows

White wood Swedish electric candelabra.
White wooden Swedish electric candelabra: FIND HERE.
2 Piece Birch Bark Reindeer Décor Set
Bark Reindeer Set: FIND HERE.

Pretty Receptacle for Ornaments & More!

Michele and E at Urban Farmgirl in Rockford, IL.

Make Sure to See This HOLIDAY INSPIRATION from The French Nest Co!

Christmas Movies From Above

CHRISTMAS MOVIES: 1. Love Actually 2. It’s a Wonderful Life. 3. A Christmas Story 4. White Christmas 5. The Family Stone 6. While You Were Sleeping 7. Christmas Vacation

Peace to you right where you are.


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