Luxury Sleepwear by Domi + a Luxury Pajama Set Giveaway!

Luxury Sleepwear by Domi; Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio

As a writer, blogger, and artist,
I get to work in my pajamas, and I think I have

maybe mentioned a billion times how I love that!

You can keep your yoga pants,

’cause my jam is jammies!

Even better?

When they’re luxurious 100% cotton, made in India

pajamas from Domi.

You can shop Domi online or in fine

boutiques around the globe for

gowns, pajama sets, caftans, robes,

bed linens, and even Jess Brown dolls!

Like a lot of you, when it comes to apparel, sleepwear,

and home décor, I now invest in less but better, and

I’ll be reaching for the dreamy, soft, breathable

pieces you see me in here for seasons to come.

Even if you can only live in your pajamas

on the weekend, that’s lovely too,

as I bet you’ll look forward to pulling

on these wispy sets all week long!

To make the luxury, made in India, Domi sleep

experience even richer, the shop also

offers sheets and blankets, and stay tuned

for a post showing off my new sheets!

Domi luxury sheets: 100% organic cotton and hemstitch detail

While it was my love of pajamas that

drew me to Domi’s site, it was something

else I found there that moved me and

changed my perspective about how

I thought about “luxury” and “organic”

and “made in India.”

It was this film…in which you’ll see

the manner in which pieces are created, and if

you’re like me, it will give you pause.

pin me!
Domi luxury sleepwear: Oversize With Pant; Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio

I fell in love with Domi’s Oversize With Pant set

the minute I tried on the pieces, and even though

the style is ‘oversize,’ they feel ooh lala feminine

and drape irresistibly well…in fact, the bottoms are the

the most comfy pj drawstring bottoms I have

owned as they can be cinched high or low,

depending on the length you prefer.

SleepDomi luxury pajamas: Oversize With Pant; Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio

Lounging in my sister’s backyard in luxury

pajamas is just another pajama-rama-couture

day at the office

and a summer happy break

from all the plugged-in

social media yada yada.

Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio

I love living in the white pajamas, but these pale pink

babydoll pajamas are what put Domi on my

radar as they are the simplest, pretty in pink

luxury item I have in my pajama drawer!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sleep Domi Luxury Sleepwear:  Pink Babydoll Set ($156)
Sleep Domi Luxury Sleepwear:  Pink Babydoll Set ($156)

The hemstitch detail on top and bottom,
the aged hardware on the straps,
and the softest cotton imaginable

mean I never want to take them off.

I love that the babydoll top is not cropped!

And the adjustable straps mean you

can wear this a bunch of different ways

depending on your figure and preference.

Sleep Domi Luxury Sleepwear:  Pink Babydoll Set; Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio
Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio
Sleep Domi Luxury Sleepwear:  Pink Babydoll Set; Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio
Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio
Photo: Stella for Hello Lovely Studio

Do you need a set of pink babydoll luxury pajamas?
($156 value)

I thought so.

Maybe you’ll win a set!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway

which runs through July 8, 2017,
is subscribe to Domi’s list, and they will

notify the winner by email on July 9th…

I bet you’ll fall in love with the luxury

at Domi and find the perfect, lounge-y

organic cotton lovely for you.

Stay tuned for more luxury pajama from Domi

photo shoot fun and a peek at their sheets

on our bed very soon!

Do you like living in your jammies?
(Please, do tell…it’s just you, me,
and the world wide web.)

Peace to you right where you are.


Thanks, Domi, for partnering with Hello Lovely on this
giveaway and for the beautiful luxury sleepwear.



  1. June 24, 2017 / 3:06 am

    Once again, you've found an amazing company! Those Jammie's….wow.

  2. June 24, 2017 / 4:16 am

    ha! I feel like it found me with that amazing film. did you watch it yet? thanks for stopping! 🙂

  3. June 27, 2017 / 2:28 am

    Had to enter you make these jammies sound irresistible. Off to watch the film now!

    • June 27, 2017 / 3:30 am

      They truly are! the film is so cool!

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