My Home: a white bedroom

September 10, 2014

One thing we have lots of around here is bedrooms.
Since our college kids carved out boudoir spaces
in the lower level, their old rooms became fair
game for white paint...lots of the delicious stuff.

This room used to be bright island blue!

The texty wreath is by my sister Lisa, and the
painting is by Melissa James.

The 'desk' was once our kitchen table in a wee farmhouse
in Missouri we lived in.

The rest of the furniture is 1940s, and I bought it from
the original owner who shared great memories of it
from her childhood.

I tend to use what I have and am very slow to add
new pieces to our household.
As I understand it, this is a European sensibility
maybe I inherited...speaking of my heritage, have
I told you thanks to Ancestry.Com, I now
know my roots?

Oui. Exciting stuff.

I am mostly Northern European but also
part African (Eastern Bantu Region)!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Beautiful room - I want it! :-)

    1. thanks, sweden! i need to catch up you with you, darlin. :)

  2. So pretty and restful and welcoming..always love the monochromatic pretty Michele!

    1. merci, beautiful tina. coming from you, that makes this mama happy.

  3. Oh my Michele, your roots are your direction in why and how you create the beauty you do so well.
    I love this room, of course I would. It's not a white that one would tire of, it's aged with linens of faded beauty, relaxed in white comfort.
    I love that you have anchored the room with a cherished piece, ( kitchen table ) that was once used in a home of certain beauty and soul.
    It's a piece I bet you won't let go, it's pieces like theses that hold special memories of what conversations took place sitting around it, and all the creative pieces that have rest apon it.
    I love using unexpected pieces in such a way as you have with it now being a side table/writing desk!

    See you soon,
    How is the move coming along?


  4. thank you, dore! house is still ours, and we have not selected a new home yet. hardly a sad thing if it remains our home!


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