My Art: Tranquil abstracts, the desert, and dawn


I am headed to the desert in a few hours
(not to dessert, half-asleep bloggy gorgeous friends)
to comfort my mom for the next round
of chemo, and this one will be rough
since she will lose her hair.
The women in our family are particularly
freaky about hair, but this side effect
is never easy
for anyone.


It’s beachy, not deserty landscapes
which inspire my abstracts, and
I have a few left in the shop
I would like to liquidate
should anyone require
a humble, created with
peace and gratitude,
canvas in their life.


I plan to offer some larger sizes in
the New Year, but these 8x10s
work well on a bookshelf
or massed.


Especially for hello lovely readers, I am offering
a 2-for-1 painting sale for a limited time…
simply browse my shop then
convo or let me know here
which ones you
would like me to reserve
before you check out.

Then I’ll edit the listings to reflect the sale price
(and shipping will be $10 total,
no matter how many
you order).


I had a wonderful breakfast this weekend
with a gorgeous nearby blogger* who authors
Inspired Living, and among
other things, we discussed our mutual
love of spare interiors with limited
patterns and prints…which is another
reason I love creating these pieces
that fit so well with my aesthetic.


While I love vibrant, energetic modern art
as well, there is just something about living
with serene, ethereal ones to soothe
my soul and keep me centered.

ORIGINAL ABSTRACT PAINTING on canvas...Tranquil (2)

This next image sort of says it all about

my family…it was taken in November

right before my mom’s mastectomy

where we held on to each other

and prayed for strength and peace.

It’s my prayer for you too.

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. January 21, 2013 / 6:14 am

    Your abstract paintings are so tranquil. Thanks for sharing them. You are an inspiration, Michele! (I *really* should get back into painting! I miss it.)

  2. January 21, 2013 / 3:20 pm

    Dear Michele, this post is so emotional.What have you wrote tuched my heart so deeply…last night I had this conversation with my man about his parents and my mom. I wish all the best and a lot of strenght to your mom.
    I paint too occasionaly and my style is very similar to yours. I'll send you my photo of my big painting inspired by the seaside landscape and you'll see :).
    I also love modern art, vivid colors and on the other side I love tranquillity and soft tones. Specially for my home, I would love to achieve that feeling…..once. Maybe when my two boys grows a little 🙂

  3. January 21, 2013 / 3:31 pm

    Michelle, you have such a way of weaving beauty (your paintings) with the touching, emotional, real side of life. The photo of the hands clasped together in faith is a treasure. Thinking of you and your mom in this next round of chemo. No doubt you are a huge blessing and comfort to her. Xx Heather

  4. January 21, 2013 / 5:37 pm

    Dear Michele – I know your mom will be so grateful for your visit. Sending you all my very best. Take care, Loi
    PS – I have a new project, and hope to place your paintings once the bones are done. Your pieces will look terrific in this home (any home, actually 🙂

  5. January 21, 2013 / 6:08 pm

    I am praying for your mother and you during this time. Such courage and energy is required to go through chemo, but I know that your presence makes such a difference.
    Beautiful paintings. You are such a talented person.
    Happy Monday.

  6. January 21, 2013 / 7:17 pm

    That last image is so emotive and my heart goes out to you my lovely girl. Sending lots of love during such a difficult time for all of you xxx

  7. January 21, 2013 / 8:47 pm

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    I await your response to munekitacate(at)gmail(dot)com


  8. January 21, 2013 / 10:08 pm

    The photographh of your loving hands says it all. The power of prayer is so powerful. We can send light and energy .. all that positive energy is so good for her and it's helping her so much. Such an amazing family..

    Your paintings are a welcome reprieve from the weighty issues you are dealing with I'm sure. They are so beautiful and exude peace and calmness.

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.


  9. January 22, 2013 / 1:29 am

    How heart felt and touching, what a wonderful family you have! Sending continuous healing thoughts to you Mother!!!
    Your paintings depict a peacefulness and judging from that family photo I can understand why!
    XO Karolyn

  10. January 22, 2013 / 3:32 am

    You know i'm thinking about you and your mom, and your family right this minute, and I'm sending whatever it is that i have to send to you guys. The last photo really helps to focus the energy…


  11. January 22, 2013 / 3:48 am

    I was so moved by your last photo that i forgot to comment on how much i love the soft serene style of your paintings… the earth and sea colors are wonderful. You do know that i copied your style in some of my recent paintings don't you? Don't sue me, OK!? I love the simplicity, and the soft sea colors. It's actually pretty amazing how calming and pleasing paintings in this style are…


  12. January 22, 2013 / 3:48 am

    Michelle –

    While I'm sure this is a hard time for you and your family, I hope that having the opportunity to be by her side this week will help through this process……

    It was wondeful to meet you this weekend, I had a great time at breakfast and of course look forward to gab more over a glass of wine sometime soon!

    i love the paintings….i did say i was drawn to water….may have to consider a few…or wait for the larger size I don't know!!! Did i also mention I have a really hard time making decisions?!!??! maybe that is why my home is spare……


  13. January 22, 2013 / 9:57 pm

    Dear Michelle
    Wishing you and your family warm, positive thoughts, and all the best–you mom will be so happy to have you there for support!

  14. January 22, 2013 / 10:59 pm

    beautiful paintings, michelle!! and a heart-filled, love-filled photo of your family's hands holding. i am sending prayers and healing vibes to you and your mom.

  15. January 23, 2013 / 2:10 am

    Your paintings DO exude
    exactly that: peace.

    Praying that your mom
    finds that peace as she
    does battle with this awful
    disease. I love love that
    pic with the hands. And
    I must say, hers looks so
    fresh and young!

    I'll be thinking of you and
    praying for healing for your

    xo Suzanne

  16. January 23, 2013 / 5:21 pm

    Hi my friend,

    Thinking of you and your dear Mommy. Sending tons of warm thoughts and good energy.

    I will be heading to Starbucks in 5. You will see my phone on your display shortly.

    Love to you.


  17. January 24, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    thank you for so many warm thoughts. i am honored to be sharing this journey with my mom even though it is such foreign and frequently uncomfortable territory. love keeps making it all okay.

  18. January 24, 2013 / 7:34 pm

    Hey Michele – what a beautiful hand picture. I am sure she feels so loved and supported as she fights that terrible disease. Praying for a miraculous and creative miracle for her! Thanks for your inspiring blog and WOW I wish I could paint like that!

  19. January 25, 2013 / 5:29 pm

    Enjoyed visiting you blog, Michele! Thanks for stopping by mine, too. Your abstracts are very lovely and I'm striving for your aesthetic of spare and clean as well. 🙂

    My heart goes out to you and your family through this trial – in my own family, we just found out my FIL has an inoperable brain tumor, so we are heading down the same chemo-radiation road you're on. As I pray for him, I'll lift up your mom as well as others going through it, too. Blessed be His name…in everything.

  20. January 26, 2013 / 4:51 am

    Praying for your dear Mama and for you too. It's not easy watching someone you love go through things like this. I wanted to pop in and say thank you for your kind comment on my blog. God bless.

  21. February 2, 2013 / 1:29 am

    Hey Michele! Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower of yours & am in love! Lots of wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Amber @ The Honeysuckle Bus Stop

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