Over 50 Fashion: Questions

  1. What’s your daily uniform?
  2. What shoes do you wear with it?
  3. How does your uniform and wardrobe reflect your lifestyle?
  4. What colors who up in your closet?
  5. How would you describe your design style?
  6. How does where you live impact your wardrobe?
  7. Do values, ethics, or faith affect your choices?
  8. To bling or not to bling?
  9. How do you wear your hair with your daily uniform?
  10. Is there a celebrity, designer, or stylish friend who inspires you ?
  11. Talk to me about makeup, skincare, and injectables.
  12. Favorite healthy foods and exercise?
  13. Favorite shops?
  14. Favorite glasses/frames?
  15. Any mantra, lifestyle tips, or wisdom to thrive in midlife?