7 Smart Winter DIY Home Projects to Tackle Now

Redfin asked a few experts and me about a favorite winter DIY, and that got my wheels turning about those home improvements best tackled when there’s a chill in the air. I’d love to hear what your favorite winter DIYs are, and here are ideas for 7 Smart Winter DIY Home Projects to Tackle Now.

Modern farmhouse bedroom with fireplace, shiplap, and black painted French doors. Interior design by Jaimee Rose Interiors. #bedroomdesign #modernfarmhouse #interiordesign
7 Smart Winter DIY Home Projects to Tackle Now with ideas for organization as well as encouragement and humor. See more of this home’s tour HERE…certainly lovely!

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7 Smart Winter DIY Home Projects to Tackle Now

1. Paint a Room

Not that you can’t do this when the temperature outdoors is 103. But I mean. Lots of us enjoy painting our interiors DIY style, and see this for a painting tip or 6 if you’re curious.

Which paint color though? SEE THESE POSTS on the topic.

I recently painted an accent wall in a bedroom in our lower level (see below). The room is large and awkward (the basement was finished before we bought the place, and with pipes and venting to “box” around in the ceiling and walls…wonky is the word), and the bed is inset in a bump-out part of the room. I haven’t painted many accent walls in my day, but it just made good design sense to do it here.

I painted out the closet doors with BEHR Sterling and mixed 50% Sterling and 50% BEHR Cameo White together for this accent wall to arrive at a pale blue-grey in a room with only a little natural light from a small window.

The painting on the nightstand is a prized original by Holly Irwin, and I found the White Wild Rose wall decor flowers here.

Funny quote and humor about drycleaning. I have a dreclean only sweater that's about to learn some harsh truths about living with me. #funnyquote #humor #momlife

2. Touch Up Painted Trim

While it may not draw oohs and ahs as a dramatic before/after, touching up paint on baseboard and trim throughout our home is a favorite winter DIY project around here.

Serene tranquil white kitchen with farm sink, marble subway tile, Viatera Minuet quartz counters, white Shaker cabinets, and white oak flooring. Design and photo: Hello Lovely Studio. #kitchendesign #whitekitchen #minuet #whitequartz #benjaminmoorewhite
Hello Lovely Studio – Shop my kitchen here.

With painter’s tape, semigloss, and a 2″ angled brush in hand, it’s a job that can become a meditative exercise (play Mozart), educational (cue that history podcast), or even interactive (chat with a wireless cell phone headset). DIY painted trim touch-up never takes as long as you imagine it will and is highly gratifying in the end!

Laughter is such good medicine - humor and funny quote on Hello Lovely Studio. #quotes #humor #funnyquote #laughter

BONUS TIP: I do not enjoy dusting baseboard and trim, but I do it while I chat on the phone* with a favorite friend…what an uplifting feeling when the conversation is over, and so is the dust. *let’s face it…nobody seems to like picking up the phone or using their vocal chords anymore so there is always the threat of INVASION OF THE DUST BUNNIES ’round these parts.

Funny humor quote on Hello Lovely Studio.

If you’ll be painting trim for the first time rather than simply touching up, see this:

3. Organize the Pantry

While I don’t have a kitchen pantry beyond pull-outs which hold food in a tall cabinet, my creative dynamo friend Celia of After Orange County recently showed us the art of pantry organization. (You are bound to experience several AHA moments thanks to her brilliance.)

SMART IDEAS AND TIPS FOR ORGANIZING YOUR KITCHEN PANTRY | www.AfterOrangeCounty.com | #Pantry #Kitchen #HomeOrganization
After Orange County

Step by Step Pantry Organization

Funny quote and humor about healthy food. Calories in one pistachio: 4 Calories burned opening one pistachio: 2,479 Take that kale #funnyquote #quotes #humor #kale #dieting #pistachio

4. Declutter Closets

I have been making steady progress as I address each closet in our home, and winter truly is the perfect time to dig in.

My serene Nordic French style bedroom with Benjamin Moore White walls and Stikwood accent wall. Hello Lovely Studio.
Hello Lovely Studio

My own bedroom walk-in closet isn’t huge, but I’m fortunate to have enough space for a Victorian dresser I transformed with chalk paint. The mirror atop it is one I stenciled with a French poem…an easy 10-minute DIY. I also cozied the space with a vintage, made in Sweden, crystal chandelier. Since I’m clearing out clutter, I offered up a few things in a virtual tag sale HERE.

Knotty alder wood interior door to my closet - Hello Lovely Studio. #closet #alderdoor #hellolovelystudio #interiordesign

5. Upgrade Closet Organization

For symmetry in my smallish walk-in closet, we installed these tower units on each wall (another easy DIY).

We also installed one of these towers in a closet in our wee laundry room.

Come see how I made our awful little pass through laundry room next to the garage function better and look peaceful with simple inexpensive DIY - Hello Lovely Studio. #beforeafter #laundryroom #diy #makeover #serenedecor

I use baskets like these below to corral my stuff but still give me easy access. Since I understand my personal style of organization, I organize with bins and use broad categories rather than very specific ones.

When it comes to re-organizing your closets, make sure your closet makes sense. You may find visual inspiration from this recent post with a few re-imagined and high functioning closets.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Serene tranquil white kitchen with farm sink, marble subway tile, Viatera Minuet quartz counters, white Shaker cabinets, and white oak flooring. Design and photo: Hello Lovely Studio. #kitchendesign #whitekitchen #minuet #whitequartz #benjaminmoorewhite
Humor and funny quote about being old: Surefire way to know you are old? You suddenly love the music they're playing at the grocery store. #quotes #funnyquote #humor #aging #gettingold

6. Deep Clean the Kitchen

Is it time to give that refrigerator or oven a good cleaning? My own frig is now sparkling clean after I removed every single thing from it and got to scrubbing. Don’t wait like I did for inspiration…just go for it! (My inspiration? Coming home from vacation to a foul mystery smell and struggling to discover the source!)

Serene tranquil white kitchen with farm sink, marble subway tile, Viatera Minuet quartz counters, white Shaker cabinets, and white oak flooring. Design and photo: Hello Lovely Studio. #kitchendesign #whitekitchen #minuet #whitequartz #benjaminmoorewhite
Hello Lovely Studio

It’s easy to put off cleaning grout, scrubbing grime from filters for the range hood, and even emptying the toaster of crumbs, but it feels so much better when these tasks are completed.

Serene tranquil white kitchen with farm sink, marble subway tile, Viatera Minuet quartz counters, white Shaker cabinets, and white oak flooring. Design and photo: Hello Lovely Studio. #kitchendesign #whitekitchen #minuet #whitequartz #benjaminmoorewhite
Hello Lovely Studio

The two lines of cleaning products I have relied upon for years are Murchison-Hume (Australian White Grapefruit) and Williams-Sonoma (Meyer Lemon).

Murchison-Hume Clean Starter Kit (Australian White Grapefruit)

I’m so sensitive to fragrances and scented anything so I’m truly grateful that I can tolerate and enjoy hard-working, good-looking on the counter, wonderfully smelling products like these.

Psst. When I went seeking an inspiring youTube of a deep cleaning kitchen tutorial, I came upon heavily trafficked vids of regular pony-tailed housewives scrubbing wood floors to soothing soundtracks. Note to entrepreneurial self: filming the most mundanely uninteresting semi-monthly repetitive chore may be ripe with potential for monetization…mercy!

Humor and funny quote about DIY and crafting: Why buy it for $8 when you can make it yourself with $56 of craft supplies? #quotes #funnyquote #humor #crafting #diy #holidays

7. Create Art & Get Crafting

While not everyone enjoys knitting, painting, sewing, or crafting in winter, it such an ideal time to be creative! I even gathered some of my creations together on a gallery wall in the basement bedroom I mentioned above.

Humor quote on Hello Lovely Studio.

How to Find Motivation to Begin These DIYs

We all have our sources of motivation, and I personally find that looking at beautifully designed timeless and tranquil interiors is the inspiration and nudge I need.

New Year quote - an inspirational quote to encourage and energize for the fresh year ahead. #newyearquotes #inspirationalquote #encouragement #hellolovelystudio

It seems seeing it done is what moves me to BEGIN. So today, for example, I’m devouring the elegant simplicity within this book by Tricia Foley:

Listen to Ms. Foley describe her approach to elegant simplicity at home.

One King’s Lane recently spotlighted Foley’s blissful Bellport home and suggests decor to get the look!

Tricia Foley's elegant yet simple home filled with white decor and design from a purist. #whitedecor #interiordesign #simplehome
Design: Tricia Foley; Photo: Marili Forastieri; Styling: Michelle Wong; Source: OKL
New Year quote - an inspirational quote to encourage and energize for the fresh year ahead. #newyearquotes #inspirationalquote #encouragement #hellolovelystudio

What are you making for dinner? I shared an easy yummy dinner recipe recently HERE in case you need an idea.

Peace to you right where you are.


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    • Michele
      January 29, 2020 / 1:40 pm

      I love your blog so much, Celia, and you offer the best tips in such a generous way. How I wish I were your neighbor, friend! Thank you so much for reading. xox

  1. Jo
    January 30, 2020 / 10:12 am

    I hope your closet renovations will spur me to tackle my walk-in closet in my master bedroom! It is such a mess now but you present some very interesting ideas. Wish me luck!

    • Michele
      January 30, 2020 / 3:59 pm

      Yay! Think of how you will reward yourself when it’s done and keep your eye on the prize. 🙂

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