28 Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire

In my neck of the woods, the weather is finally mild enough to be considered porch weather so I have Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire on my mind. We’ll tour dozens of lovely examples for you to PIN and consider.

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire. Brick porch with fireplace and cnadlelight. #porch #brick #outdoor #patio #summerliving

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire.

Do you love spending time on a porch or patio and feeling a warm breeze while you read a book, sip something delicious, or meditate? When we built our last home, it was important to us to have a screen porch, and we used it often. In our present home, I’m dreaming of adding one. Affiliate links follow and won’t cost you extra yet may earn me a small commission.

28 Pretty Porches and Patios to inspire. #porches #patios #outdoorliving #decorating

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Let’s start with a little tour around my own humble home’s front courtyard and back patio. Then, we’ll enjoy pretty inspiration from Country Living, Southern Living, and House Beautiful.

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire

My Courtyard and Patio

Charming French inspired courtyard with gravel, bench, and ornate French mirror. Design by Hello Lovely Studio. #courtyard #frenchcountry #bench #mirror #outdoor living

Pea Gravel Courtyard with Mirror and Bench – Hello Lovely Studio.

I started with two inexpensive garden benches and 6 chairs like these below (great price!!!) and painted them a 50/50 combination of Farrow & Ball Cornforth White and Hardwick White. Then I found a vintage teak dining table (not shown) and painted it to unify it with the rest of the patio furniture.

Detail of burlap French pilow and light grey bench in a French inspired courtyard by Hello Lovely Studio. #courtyard #lightgrey #bench #outdoorliving #Frenchcountry

French Country decor in a courtyard by Hello Lovely Studio.

A meditative French inspired gravel courtyard with stone wall, light grey bench, and Bonjour pillow on a summer afternoon. Design by Hello Lovely Studio. #frenchcountry #courtyard #gravel #stone

Hello Lovely Studio’s French Country Courtyard with Tranquil Palette.

My Safavieh patio chairs are comfy, and I move them around. Here is one on the front porch with a pillow and plaid throw from RH.

Grey rattan outdoor chair with ivory cushion and French lettering on a grey pillow on the front porch. Design by Hello Lovely Studio. #outdoorliving #rattanchair #grey #Frenchcountry

On my front porch – Hello Lovely Studio.

Here is one on our patio with a light blue-grey linen pillow and ivory throw from RH.

A dark grey rattan patio chair with cushions next to a galvanized bucket of lavender. Design by Hello Lovely Studio. #outdoorliving #patio #rattanchair #lavender

Rattan chair on my back patio.

They are versatile, and if you need to add some texture to a casual living room or family room, one will do the trick.

Belgian stone patio with dark grey rattan chairs. Hello Lovely Studio. #rattan #patio #chairs

Pair of rattan chairs with ivory cushions on my back patio.

Traditional and Timeless

Decorate a small porch or balcony with a pair of chairs, a side table, and a garden seat. That's all you need! #porch #lantern #stone #traditional #decorating

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire

Here's a beautiful solution to add color and curb appeal to a front porch: luscious blue hydrangea flanking the front door. #blue #hydrangea #frontporch #decorating #curbappeal

Blue hydrangea bliss! Front porch decorating ideas.

Whimsical Patio Idea

Game Inspired Patio with chess board and personality plus. #patio #decoratingideas #chess #whimsical

Whimsical patio with a giant chess game.


Gorgeous architecture on a second floor master bedroom porch with traditional decor. Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire. #porch #decoratingideas #summerliving #outdoorinspiration

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire

A perfect wall decoration for your porch or garden! Celestial Harmony Sun & Moon Wall Decor.

In case you need some celestial lovely for a wall.

Dark rattan outdoor chairs contrast with a pretty white sofa on a charming white porch with coastal feel. #frontporch #decorating #coastal

Privacy and protection from the sun. Front porch decorating ideas.

French doors to a porch off the kitchen. #porch #decoratingideas #traditional #frenchdoors

Direct access to the porch from the kitchen is a great dining solution.

Pergola and Outdoor Dining

Wicker chairs from Target pull up to an antique pine table under a wisteria-covered pergola at a farmhouse in California. #outdoordining #pergola #outdoorliving #lantern

Jann Blazona. Outdoor dining under a pergola.

A waterfront porch with built in seating and a pergola. #coastal #porch #waterfont #dining #outdoorliving

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire.

Charming Curb Appeal

Large planters with blue hydrangea, ferns, and ivy flank a front door and create symmetry on the charming porch. #frontdoor #curbappeal #porch #decoratingideas #hydrangea

Symmetry and front door porch decorating inspiration.

Charming porch with green floor and lush plantings. #porch #decoratingideas #green

Faux bois chairs on a front porch with lush greenery and green painted floor.

Charming back porch off farmhouse kitchen with wide steps massed with terracotta pots of flowers. #porch #decoratingideas #steps #farmhouse

Jann Blazona. Porch steps massed with terracotta pots of flowers.

Screen Porch

A simple picnic table and rustic benches form a charming dining spot on a screen porch strung with lights. Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire. #screenporch #decoratingideas #outdoordining

Pretty Porches and Patios to Inspire.

Is it beachy? Is it a farmhouse? Yes and yes. A perfectly casual beachy farmhouse screen porch with dining table and chairs. #screenporch #outdoordining #farmhouse #beachy #coastal #decoratingideas

Outdoor dining area on a screen porch with pass through window and stools.

Curtains for Privacy & Decor

Wicker furniture, white cushions, and rustic dark wood combine for a cozy cabin porch strrung with white lights. #porch #cabin #cozy #decoratingideas

Cabin porch with rustic elegance.

Beautiful white porch with tranquil decor, comfy chaise, and white curtain. #porch #calm #decorating #whitedecor

Restful and meditative front porch decorating ideas.

Light Blue Ceiling

Front porch with rattan furniture, blue, orange, blue painted ceiling, and curtain panels. #frontporch #blue #outdoorliving #southern

Light blue ceiling and a pop of orange for a cheerful front porch decorating ideas.

Charming Southern front porch with arches, blue ceiling, and white rocking chairs. #frontporch #decoratingideas #blueceiling

White rocking chairs on a front porch with blue ceiling.

Wicker & Rattan Furniture

A traditional back porch with club chairs, black and white stripe rug, and green garden stool. #porch #decoratingideas #outdoorliving #blackandwhite

A graphic rug ties in the black shutters and wakes up the decor. Front porch decorating ideas.

Vintage style white wicker furniture on a front porch with dramatic Old World mirror. #frontporch #decoratingideas #wicker #furniture

I love a mirror outdoors! Front porch decorating ideas.

The combination of California weather and a fireplace makes this outdoor living area a year-round hangout. Wicker chairs from a local shop surround the coffee table, fashioned out of a reclaimed wine barrel. The walls are painted Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray. Fireplace is painted Benjamin Moore China White. #outdoor #fireplace #decoratingideas

Outdoor fireplaces are so wonderful…have one?

Porch Decor With Personality

A brick porch in Georgia with charming cottage style decor and swing. #porchswing #decoratingideas #brick

Charming porch swing and cottage style decor on a Southern porch with brick.

Vintage sliding doors with Southwest appeal on a rustic porch with stone wall and brick floor. #porch #rustic #decoratingideas #southwest

Reclaimed vintage doors add so much rustic character to already gorgeous stone and brick porch.

Blue hydrangea on a dining table on a Southern white porch. #frontporch #traditional #decoratingideas #dining #southern

Dining on the porch, anyone?

Porch Swings

Texas farmhouse porch with swing and blue pillows. #frontporch #porchswing #farmhouse #decoratingideas #raditional

White porch swings are always a good idea. Front porch decorating ideas.

A beautiful back porch with palm tree and charming swings. #porch #decoratingideas #islandstyle #palm

Island chic.

Are you a fan of porch living?

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Peace to you right where you are.




  1. Chris Salek
    May 25, 2018 / 7:15 am

    We put a screen porch on our house around 6 years ago. We live on it till the weather says we cannot !

    • michele
      May 25, 2018 / 9:27 am

      So lucky! I am dreaming about one for this house as I think it would add value in every way. Lots of mosquitoes in our neck of the woods so we can totally justify it! 🙂

  2. Wanda
    May 25, 2018 / 7:20 pm

    Thanks for an enjoyable evening, viewing beautiful porches & patios and sipping my tea.

    • michele
      May 25, 2018 / 8:50 pm

      Thanks for relaxing and reading the lovely! Happy holiday weekend, friend. 🙂

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