8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

Breathtaking! Is it the most beautiful French Country kitchen of all time? Design by Pamela Pierce. Montrose - Reagan | Andre Architecture. #frenchcountry #frenchkitchen #kitchendesign #kitchendecor #europeancountry #countrydecor #limestone #Frenchantiques #whitekitchen #interiordesignideas #interiordecorating

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

If you are like me, when you surf online for beautiful French Country kitchen decor ideas, you can easily get lost in a world of lovely and lose all track of time!!! That is just what happened today as I dug into Pinterest and some of my favorite sources of French Country decor inspiration, and I still need to come up with a quick idea for dinner! Anway, let’s explosre these French Country kitchen decor ideas with images of inspiring, PIN WORTHY examples of the spirit of this style of decor. Not every kitchen here is located in France, but I hope the ideas for decor to incorporate into your own kitchen will be helpful and maybe set off an “aha” moment or twelve.

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Photo at top: Design: Pamela Pierce/via Reagan Andre Architecture

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Mais oui! Of course, I must begin the lineup with this amazing French farmhouse! If it aint pinned to your Frenchie board, by all means P I N !!!

A collection of beautiful kitchens in France with inspiration from French farmhouse style to minimal modernism.

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas! See this story with kitchens in France.

1. Lantern Pendant Lighting.

Lanterns are rustic, timeless, and such a beautiful substitute for a fancy chandelier. The first lantern option example below is a bit pricier than the second lantern. The second one is the lantern I spied in the Garden shop at Magnolia Market (did you read my post?).

Brianne Lantern Pendant #frenchcountry #farmhousestyle #lantern #frenchfarmhouse

HIGH:  French Country Farmhouse Lantern: FIND HERE Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Magnolia Garden Seed & Supply at the Silos in Waco, Texas. Oversized farmhouse style white lantern pendant lights hang over rustic wood tables with garden decor. #magnoliamarket #fixerupper #garden #silos #lantern

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas! – Read about Magnolia Market here.

Lussan Lantern Pendant

LOW:  Antiqued Farmhouse Lantern Pendant Light: FIND HERE Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Photo: L. Cohen via Homelife – 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

2. Farmhouse Tables With Rustic Appeal.

Antique or vintage harvest or farm tables look right at home with other refined details in a French Country kitchen. If you can’t find the perfect one with the right scale or price, here are a few with varying price tags.

Madison Dining Table - Shadow #shabbychic #farmhousetable #farmtable

HIGH:  Madison Dining Table: FIND HERE Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table #farmhousetable #farmtable #harvesttable

LOW:  Farmhouse Dining Table: FIND HERE Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Oh that we could all find a rustic dining table and chairs like the ones in Pamela Pierce’s gorgeous home!

Sophisticated white French farmhouse kitchen by Pamela Pierce/open white plaster shelves/antiques/Timeless and tranquil interior design decorating ideas on Hello Lovely to inspire your own classic decor/Pamela Pierce/Giannetti Home/Shannon Bowers/Veranda/Milieu

Design: Pamela Pierce. 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

My friend Desiree (Decor de Provence) chose a rugged, chunky style farm table with vintage chairs.

French Country decor in a stunning dining area with rustic farm table, vintage rattan chairs, and rustic lantern.

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

Here’s a gorgeous chair that only looks authentically vintage!

Diana Rattan Armchair

French Country Rattan Chair: FIND HERE

White Shaker cabinets and #farmsink in #modernfarmhouse kitchen by Hello Lovely Studio #minuet

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas! My Kitchen – Hello Lovely Studio

3. Farmhouse Style Sinks.

One just wasn’t enough for me at our house since I’m a fan of fireclay farmhouse sinks! We have one apron front farm sink in the kitchen, and a small one recently joined a new bathroom we created downstairs. Fireclay farm sinks are durable, beautiful, deep and so useful. Though on trend at the moment, I find these country sinks to be a timeless element to incorporate into a French Country kitchen design.

30" x 18" Undermount Fireclay Kitchen Sink #fireclay #farmsink #farmhousesink

Fireclay Farm Sink: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

There are so many different kinds of Farmhouse Home Decor and today we are going to take a Peek at the Farmhouse French Style. You will find tons of inspirations… tips… ideas and diys waiting for you. Even if the French Farmhouse French Style is not your thing…I guarantee you will find inspiration and ideas …

(via The Cottage Market) 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

4. Floating Shelves.

Floating and open shelving is popular with fans of farmhouse style these days, whether they are incorporated in kitchens or baths. Shelves in lieu of upper cabinets? It can be a pocketbook friendly design move (does anyone even use the term “pocketbook” and how much am I totes dating myself here?) to create an airier, unfitted feel in your French Country kitchen.

Mazzola Angled Bracket Wood Rectangular Wall Shelf

Wall Shelves: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

I’m loving how the counter stools below have a rustic seat with a more refined, delicate base. The French are masters of this rustic refined mix.

Rustic stone in a French farmhouse kitchen

via Style Files – 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

5. Unfussy Wood Stools.

Authentic French Country kitchens are less likely to have a giant center island like American kitchens, but if they did, I am guessing a more rustic bar stool would be preferable to anything frou frou or with ruffles and upholstery that could be soiled.

Feinberg Bar Stool

Rustic Wood Bar Stool: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Rustic farmhouse style wood stool

Rustic Farmhouse Stool: FIND HERE

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

via French Garden House – 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

via Joanna Gaines - 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

via Joanna Gaines – 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

6. Rustic Country Cutting Boards.

Do you use these or just display them? I have a collection of boards I like to use for entertaining, working, and decor. Rustic wood boards add instant rusticity to any kitchen and will work hard for years.

Artisan Boards Set #cuttingboard #artisanboard #breadboard

Artisan Boards Set: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Baskets in the Kitchen. 8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

7. French Inspired Country Baskets.

The French love their accessories and decor to be functional, and these picnic type baskets could hold any number of essentials, linens, or seasonal items.

French Country Baskets #frenchcountry #frenchbasket #rusticdecor #frenchcfarmhouse

French Country Baskets: Find HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

French baskets for storage in a modern farmhouse laundry room. #frenchbaskets #vintagebasket

This is Brooke Giannetti’s laundry room, not kitchen, but love the storage idea for kitchens!

Rustic and modern country kitchen with exposed beams, sage green lower cabinets and a farmhouse apron sink.

(via One King’s Lane)  8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

Stoneware Utensil Jar large0

Stoneware Utensil Jar: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Serene and minimal white French farmhouse kitchen with antiques by Pamela Pierce/Timeless and tranquil interior design decorating ideas on Hello Lovely to inspire your own classic decor/Pamela Pierce/Giannetti Home/Shannon Bowers/Veranda/Milieu

Design: Pamela Pierce. 10 Lovely French Farmhouse Kitchens & Decorating Ideas!

8. Charming Dining Table & Chairs.

Our own breakfast table and chairs is quite similar to this one below. The beauty of a round dining table is it seems you can always gather a few more chairs around as needed.

Round French Country Dining Table #frenchcountry #countrytable #diningtable

Round French Country Table: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

French Country kitchen by Pamela Pierce with French antique table and slipcovered chairs with ruffles. Copper pots are lined up above the pro range. Rustic, refined, elegance and European Old World charm!

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas!

Hoang Arm Dining Upholstered Dining Chair

Slipcovered Dining Chair: FIND HERE  Kitchen Decor Inspiration!

Have I ever told you about this farmhouse bench sitting in the hall near our kitchen? It is custom made from antique barn boards taken from barns in the heartland, and our family has used the bench for decades. Over the years, it took on an orange-y tint, and since I have never been shy of painting everything and anything white, well, you see its current identity. It is a true family heirloom.

Serene white kitchen with modern farmhouse style, white oak hardwood floor, and quartz countertop

8 Stunning French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas! – My kitchen: Hello Lovely Studio


Milieu French Sofa
French 3-Light Sconce
Pamela Arm Chair
Weathered Arm Chair
Linen Footstool
Rustic Wood Candleholders
Aged Terracotta Pots
Laluz French Country Chandelier
French Linen Dining Chair Set of 2
Galvanized Console Table
French Farmhouse Dining Table
30″ Bar Stool
Rattan Side Table
Beachy White Felicity Sofa
Rattan Armchair
Aidan Gray Collier Lamp
Light Grey Rattan Chair
French Country Altar Candlestick
French Tolix Style Metal Side Chair (Set of 2)
Modern Farmhouse Wall Mirror
Linen Curved Loveseat
White Farmhouse Lantern Pendant Light
French Country 6-Light Chandelier
French Country Loveseat
French Country Upholstered Arm Chair
Oak Accent Stool
Rustic Ring 12-Light Chandelier
French Upholstered Gray Bench
Jute ARea Rug
Old World 2-Light Sconce Pair
French Candle Style Chandelier
Swedish Writing Desk
French Linen Sofa
Rustic Wood Accent Stool
Rustic Wood Candlestick Set
French Market Basket
Linen Modern Wing Chair
French Country Farmhouse Baskets
Linen Slope Arm Dining Chairs
Parisian Glass Bottle Vase
Magnus Table Lamp
Spindle Leg Upholstered Bench
Modern Farmhouse Lamp
Tufted Headboard
Scrubbed Wood 5-Light Chandelier
White Writing Desk
Arched Champagne Wall Mirror
Grey Accent Chest
Moravian Star 1-Light Pendant
Highback Armchair
Mini Pendant
White Vase Set
Apothecary Chest
Grainsack Stripe Armchair
Fireclay Farm Sink
Striped Dress Form
Elm rustic stool
Matelasse Coverlet
Quilted Coverlet
Grey Bistro Set
60″ Round Pedestal Dining Table
Scrubbed Look Wood Bench
Belgian Linen Duvet Set
Round Marble Side Table
French Country Chandelier
Teak Farmhouse Stool

More Ideas for Adding French Country Style To Your Home

Bring the outdoors in. French Country decor style originates from the lovely landscape of rural France with its hills and valleys. Think lavender, herbs, and roses. Patience, ma cherie! The French take a very effortless, unhurried, and nostalgic sort of approach to their home decor which unfolds over time since family treasures are handed down through generations. Timeless over trends. Instead of following trends and redecorating every decade, the French prefer timeworn finishes and appreciate patina which results from age and wear. It’s an elegant, sophisticated look that is never contrived or overthought. The ultimate mix masters. There is often a sense of refinement in French Country homes where a mix of old and new result in interiors that feel balanced and sensible, yet soulful and interesting. Old World charm and collected antiques and heirlooms impart a sense of rich character. Masterfully non-matchy. Many Americans still opt for matching furniture sets that fall from favor in style after a few years, which would never do for a French farmhouse. The French country approach to furnishing a home is much looser, and the goal is a customized harmonious and unhomogenized look that appears undecorated and not overwrought. Surprisingly frugal and functional. French farmhouse style is practical since home decor pieces tend to work in a variety of rooms so they can be moved around to function in a flexible way. Since much of the furniture tends to be weathered, chunky, and not delicate, pieces get better with age and use and work hard no matter where they are put into service. Nature honoring. The French love their gardens and bringing in flowers for home decor and arrange the blooms quite casually. Depending on the region, sunflowers, irises, and poppies are common flowers which flourish in the French countryside. Weathered to perfection. Since French Country is a style which imparts a sense of age and tradition, scratches, rust, and signs of wear are celebrated. Perfectly new painted finishes or stains do not blend well with antiques and vintage pieces with desirable patina. The same goes for rugs. The French don’t shop for a new rug because of fading or fraying since this look is attractive, and the practical thing to do is to use something until it is threadbare and beyond useful. The distress and wear which come from using furniture and objects are honored and exalted in French Country design. Whimsical accessories. How do the French accessorize in their French Country homes? Interior designer Kathryn Ireland has an incredible country house in the South of France and knows her way around accessorizing and succeeding at this style of decor. One of my favorite quotes of hers: “Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration.” Ha! Function first. Houzz reports French Country home decor accents always have a purpose: “Rarely will accessories in a French country room be purely decorative. They usually have an undertone of usefulness: wall-hung plates that can be pulled down for service, jugs and jars that house kitchen staples, baskets that corral plump produce from the garden. Open shelving is a natural partner for this look — everyday items enjoy pride of place rather than languishing behind cabinet doors.”

Antique stone French farmhouse kitchen.Interior design by MILIEU editor Pamela Pierce (French, Swedish, Belgian, European, Gustavian, Scandinavian antiques, modern art, minimal, feminine, romantic, timeless, tranquil, farmhouse, elegant, traditional decor with reclaimed stone, biots, white roses, linen, slipcovers, ruffles, skirted tables, Lefroy Brooks, cremone bolts, steel windows and doors, rustic wood, white, neutrals, country, Chateau Domingue, oversize sconces, and chandeliers.

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Thanks so much for tuning in, you lovely friends! Find any French kitchen pretty to pin?

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. April 7, 2018 / 7:05 pm

    Love your bench — looks great and has a history.

    • michele
      April 7, 2018 / 7:28 pm

      Thanks, Colleen. It is a piece we’ll use forever. Hope you are well, friend. 🙂

  2. debbie
    April 8, 2018 / 1:21 am

    “tout a fait” to timeless over trends! I think the most beautiful interiors are those collected over time, they are layered and interesting and tell the story of those who inhabit them. ( I too find it easy to fall down the rabbit hole of beautiful interiors)

    • michele
      April 8, 2018 / 9:54 am

      Gorgeous and eloquent description of interiors, Debbie. Thanks for adding to the beauty and peace to you. 🙂

  3. April 26, 2018 / 8:48 am

    I’ve always loved the feeling you get from rustic wood accents. I think that your examples of the different kinds of wood that you used and still kept it looking cohesive. I would love to find a way to keep this going on in my home as I can to keep it feeling warm and inviting.

    • michele
      April 26, 2018 / 8:58 am

      I know just what you mean. Natural, rustic wood accents add a warmth to white interiors that keeps things from feeling too fussy or hands off, right? I always look to the Europeans who so often get the balance and mix just right. I’m always happy to brainstorm about ways to achieve the look you’re after, so you can always click the contact button at top or comment back and forth here! And definitely dig into my past posts…if you search Pamela Pierce, you will find impeccable designs! Hope this helps!

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