Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott

This double height living room with its Parisian elegance and classical French style offers a serene mood with its stone floor and various shades of white. Design: Kathryn Scott. #

Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott Sofa and Lamp: Christian Liaigre. Painting: Tom Brydelsky. Pendant: David Weeks.

Prepare your heart for sheer Parisian elegance.

Goodness gracious sakes alive. I will attempt to whisper and exhibit a shred of decorum as I share this post…except, you must forgive…now and again, I am likely to shriek BUTTER MY BISCUIT! Because, ya’ll, (A) I have just returned from Texas, and (B) these exquisite interiors (a Parisian styled townhouse in Brooklyn) imagined and designed by Kathryn Scott are rare studies in artisanal details.

The breathtaking Parisian aesthetic (classical French with contemporary and minimal) within this home renders me weak in the knees, and its taste factor (sky high) has my bourgeois fairyself swooning. When you factor in the designer’s wisdom which flows like honey from Kathryn Scott? Well, then, we are all bound to be richly inspired by the work.

Interior designer Kathryn Scott created the luxuriously bespoke interiors which follow, entirely from scratch. The existing Brooklyn townhouse was completely demolished (save for one wall!) for a family who had lived in Paris.

Kathryn Scott Outfits a Minimalist Townhouse in Brooklyn Photos | Architectural Digest

Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott

(above) French architect Claude Puaux worked with the design team to create a limestone facade reminiscent of Le Marais, built with stone which was cut near Paris.

A few favorite details? Definitely the architectural materials incorporated in this Classical French project…I suppose it’s a blessed Parisian trinity: Plaster, stone, and iron. J’adore the kitchen! The custom cabinetry in the kitchen features frosted glass fronts, allowing dishes and kitchen essentials to convey as shadowy silhouettes. The breakfast area has this cement top table and bronze base (it only looks like wood!) and is surrounded by classic Saarinen chairs with leather seat cushions and damask painted canvas backs. (Is anyone getting rid of a pair of Saarinen chairs because I am ready to paint!) The master suite feels like a serene Parisian dream and comprises the entire second floor. The master bedroom’s dressing room luxuriously boasts closets on all four walls.

I know what you’re thinking…I must see more!

Kathryn Scott, William Abronowicz, and Judith Nasitir have us covered. The Parisian townhouse project in Brooklyn is but one design project found in the new book, and you do not want to pass up this incredible volume!

Creating Beauty is a collection of sanctuary-like interiors, each with a thoughtful story whispering of its inhabitants’ milieu, each breathing with a tranquil, timeless soulfulness created by Kathryn Scott.  ~Hello Lovely

Oh, mes amis. Oh, guys. Oh, y’all. This book is A MUST READ for design geeks, artists, and especially designers. You may weep lovely tears of designjoy (and possibly a few tears of Bob in heaven, I need those chairs/that lamp/that art in my life!!!!).

Eclectic Kitchen in New York, NY by Kathryn Scott Design Studio l Photography: Ellen McDermott

The kitchen. Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott. Photo: Ellen McDermott

In Creating Beauty, Kathryn Scott reveals her approach to interior design which is reflective of her process as a painter. She writes, “I don’t try to force anything. Instead, I let things unfold in their own time, once the place tells me what it wants to be and my concept for it becomes clear.”  I so admire such a commendable level of patience and integrity which elevates the work and reflects such design purity.

Image result for kathryn scott design brooklyn house paris william abranowicz

The breakfast room overlooks the family room below. Upholstering the Saarinen chair backs proved challenging so a damask pattern was painted on them. Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott

I have quite the collection of beautiful design books, but this new one by Kathryn Scott has me captivated and design-delirious with its lessons in proportion, understated elegance, architectural interest, and thoughtful details. The photography by William Abronowicz is beyond stunning and will take your breath away with the gentle turn of each page.

There is a rare quietude in the mood of the decor as well as the photography which ushers this engaged reader into calm and peaceful design bliss.

Minimalist Dining Room in New York, NY by Kathryn Scott Design Studio

The dining room. The Live edge dining table is paired with bespoke benches which mirror the curve of the edge. Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott

Eclectic Bedroom in New York, NY by Kathryn Scott Design Studio

The master bedroom. Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott


Eclectic Office and Study in New York, NY by Kathryn Scott Design Studio

The office and study. Parisian Inspired Interiors in a Brooklyn Townhouse by Kathryn Scott

You have been forewarned! Prepare your heart for the lovely!

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. March 13, 2018 / 2:21 am

    First of all, bravo to them on the façade. The garage door is brilliant. Off-street parking is important, yet garage doors are hideous (especially when it’s a three-car garage and looks like a mini-storage business is attached to the house). By making it low and extending a balcony above (covered parking for another car?), the garage door almost disappears.
    Second, that window! It makes the façade, and it also makes the room. How do they close the curtains, though? (I assume that in NY they would close the curtains at night or people would come and take a look inside.) We have 14-foot windows in our vacation rentals, and people are always ripping the drapes (custom-made by moi-même). I wanted gorgeous brass curtain bars, not those ugly ones for retractable curtains, but now I wonder whether I should have done retractable anyway. Climbing up that high to repair drapes is not fun. Suggestions welcome.
    Last, I love that dining table but not benches. It is cruel to not let guests be able to sit back during dinner. Benches are OK for picnics or for children, but not for adults.

    • March 13, 2018 / 10:47 am

      You are so right about garage doors – they often look awful when they are front and center. I had not thought about the curtains, and I am imagining there is some high tech app for your phone which with a click, operates them, drycleans them, changes their opaqueness, and facilitates it all silently! Your 14-foot windows have me swooning. I will give your curtain issue some thought and can appreciate that repair nuisance. My first thought is I need to create a classy subtle sign that kindly requests guests not tug. 🙂 It’s so interesting they opted for dining benches, and I’m wondering if they are a family who do not use the formal dining room. Dining benches are a great design topic I should post about! Thanks for sharing your brilliance here – you elevate every discussion. 🙂

  2. Rhonda
    March 13, 2018 / 10:17 am

    Girl, you had me hooked with the details in the exterior iron railing, did you look at that closely? You better butter two biscuits while I order my copy!

    • March 13, 2018 / 10:27 am

      I’m buttering the biscuits!! And just can’t stop staring at EVERY SINGLE IMAGE in this amazing design book, Rhonda. You are going to be knocked out! 🙂

    • March 13, 2018 / 5:19 pm

      It’s a must own design book if you ask me, Holly. The artisan finishes and details throughout are beyond. 🙂

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