Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft!

Upholstered and wood chairs cozy up to the farmhouse table.

We’re definitely on a roll…yesterday we got woozy with industrial farmhouse home decor inspiration, and about a year ago, we explored gorgeous inspiration from the luxurious industrial farmhouse interior design style Meg Ryan chose for her 4,100 square foot Soho loft on Mercer Street featured in Architectural Digest. She had purchased it for $8 million in 2008, Meg-anizing (and mega-nizing) it completely with a beautiful renovation (involving the help of designer Monique Gibson and architect Joel Barkley). In recent months, the place sold for a reported $10 million.

Meg’s a serial renovator. This was her ninth renovation project, and you may remember a Martha’s Vineyard modern farmhouse project of Meg’s I shared back in 2010. Remember her unique industrial kitchen with all the interior windows and the black barn doors? She does more magic with interior glass doors/windows in this interior design project too.) I hope she continues all the MEGanizing because it’s intriguing to watch Meg Ryan mix it up, refining and redefining her distinctive luxe and edgy style.

Could you live happily in this loft? While this Soho home exhibits a fair share of masculine and sleek features of which I may not have personally chosen for myself (all the black painted everything, in time, would begin to depress me so I would have to constantly be talked out of repainting it all white), I admire how Meg Ryan boldly interprets her personal vision of farmhouse style decor. It’s a lovely invigorating balance of city and country, and it’s not everyday you see a country style home dismissing the shabby in favor of some edgy cool and highend chic. While vintage objects showing age and weathering make an appearance, it hardly appears any dumpster diving entered into the sourcing of this decor (cha-ching!)!

Noteworthy design moves. I love the symmetry created in the kitchen on the window wall and how the open shelving on it can be styled and restyled to change with the seasons and the homeowner’s whims. It affords privacy from the street yet still welcomes a portion of city life’s sights and sounds. I’m also a fan of her decision to place a huge farmhouse table in the center of the kitchen as opposed to a stainless worktable or marble island we might expect to see. Since everyone lives in the kitchen these days, and guests always seem to congregate there as well, why not cozy up things with a great big harvest table to gather around? To me, it says, “for realz, we like to cook and eat in this house.”

Lots of the unexpected. The oversized mirror in the kitchen above the marble counter is also an unexpected move since one might expect to see more upper cabinets or storage in that space. It not only virtually creates another “window” and bounces the light around nicely, it reinforces the industrial/commercial feel since we might see the similar use of a mirror in a city restaurant, pub, or shop.

Ebony floor musings. Could you live with black floors? I’m not ready for them as I think seeing every speck of dust could send me and my OCD to crazytown. Our close friends have a whole modern farmhouse of ebony-stained floors, and the floors honestly seem to look better and better as they age and increase in distress (oh, that we could all say the same!).

Source: Architectural Digest

Let’s get right to our tour of Meg’s former New York residence, a luxurious and chic industrial farmhouse style home…bonus! I found more images of the place for you to happily pin:


In sightline with the formal dining room, Meg Ryan's kitchen’s bright atmosphere is a welcome break from the dark palette.#industrialfarmhouse #modernfarmhouse

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Breathtaking white industrial farmhouse style kitchen with white cabinets, black floors, and huge harvest table. #industrialfarmhouse #modernfarmhouse #farmhousekitchen

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Industrial pendants illuminate the farmhouse table in the #modernfarmhouse kitchen with black floors. #farmhousekitchen #industrialfarmhouse

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Magnificent industrial farmhouse kitchen wih white builtin shelves and farm table #modernfarmhouse #farmhousekitchen

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

image result for Meg Ryan New York apartment #industrialfarmhouse

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

image result for Meg Ryan New York apartment

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

image result for Meg Ryan New York apartment farmhouse bathroom #modernfarmhouse

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

A hallway of French doors lead to the rest of the apartment. #industrialfarmhouse #blacktrim

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Isn’t this charming mile-long built-in bench amazing for this expanse of the loft? I can imagine how well it works for entertaining and parties and people watching, yes?

Meg Ryan's bedroom in an #industrialfarmhouse New York loft. #urbanfarmhouse

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Architect Joel Barkley and designer Monique Gibson collaborated with Meg Ryan on the design of her SoHo loft.

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

A tapestry lines the wall in the office of Meg Ryan's industrial farmhouse country style New York loft.

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Black pendant light over huge farmhouse table, white cabinets, subway tile, and industrial home decor in Meg Ryan loft.

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Displaying framed art so simply in her kitchen inspired me to do the same in our Arizona kitchen. Initially I felt I was simply styling an otherwise austere expanse of countertop in the kitchen by placing framed pieces directly on the quartz counter. But I ended up leaving the framed art there and have enjoyed it very much…thank you, Meg Ryan!

Industrial farmhouse style bathroom with pedestal sink, black shower doors, and subway tile.

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

I was so happy to see the images of Meg’s farmhouse style bathroom because I was reminded how much I love that simple 1920’s ceramic mosaic tile which we had in our very first Chicago bungalow and used in a remodeling project in our prior home as well. Don’t you love the custom pattern created within the sea of white with the little black tiles? While the shower doors are surely custom and expensive, the floor tiles and simple subway wall tiles are relatively inexpensive and pack a huge timeless punch!

Meg Ryan's dining room’s main attraction is undoubtedly the decorative marble mantle fireplace.

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Luxurious and chic bedroom in Meg Ryan's Soho loft with industrial farmhouse style decor.

Meg Ryan’s Industrial Farmhouse Style Loft

Have a favorite design detail or ten from above? I’d love to hear from you!

Is your “farmhouse” cup of tea more European and with less edge? Find decorating ideas for a collected European farmhouse look in this recent story.

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. January 20, 2018 / 12:48 pm

    I didn’t know that Meg was a serial renovator! This is pretty farmhouse fab, I’ll look forward to seeing what she does with her next place. I’m a big fan of leaning artwork too, instead of hanging it. Makes everything more casual.

    • January 20, 2018 / 5:40 pm

      Me too! After you get the cover of Architectural Digest, I wonder what you shoot for next!?! 🙂

  2. Cindy jensen
    January 21, 2018 / 7:17 pm

    I love that Meg added little bits of family and things she loves in the kitchen. It makes it “not a show room” and where some people really live. She also made things softer with her table and upholstered chairs. Other wise this could have seemed cold without those things. I had trouble with the living room. Those sofas seem so uncomfortable, but I did love the desk off the kitchen with the black and white photos beside it. I for one am tired of rooms “decorated ” but having no soul, or not giving anyone an idea who you are. No personality, even if it is beautiful. Even though you love things very simple, who you are comes out in the way your rooms are designed. Again, keep up what makes you happy and feeds your soul!

    • January 21, 2018 / 8:47 pm

      I hear you about the comfort and livability of the kitchen. The living room which feels to me very hotel lobbyish, which is not always a bad thing, but sort of unexpected. Thanks for this analysis which should be published within the body of this post! Happy weekend, Cindy. 🙂

  3. January 22, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    It’s so interesting to see Meg Ryan’s taste–impeccable of course, yet so different than I would imagine from her character roles in the movies. I would expect more of a Rachel Ashwell look which is based on nothing more than her movie persona, that’s funny isn’t it? This place is stunning though, thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    • January 22, 2018 / 9:41 pm

      I know what you mean, Leslie. I think I would expect English Country and traditional from Meg. But her decor choices are more tomboyish, right? She seems to have an aesthetic similar to Diane Keaton. Thanks for stopping! 🙂

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