4 Cozy Gift Ideas 4 Last Minute Luxury Finds

Are you one of those holiday gift shoppers who finishes all the shopping only to experience amnesia and/or doubt as Christmas approaches…triggering a bit more shopping? Because that would be me. I always seem to grow a bit insecure as the big day approaches, even when I have planned far ahead of time with confidence.  I am always tempted to unwrap what I have wrapped to re-assess my choices! It’s madness, I could always use more time on the therapist’s couch, I know.
If you have a few gifts left to buy for family or yourself, here is a dreamy quartet of cozy goodness to inspire, sourced from AMARA. These beauties fall on the tres luxurious side and certainly aren’t stocking stuffers, yet they are longlasting and promise years of delivering cozy factor (they fall under the category ‘buy less, buy better’).
I have another gift idea guide here.

We’re getting into splurge von splurge territory with these next two contestants, but if they are in the budget…ooh la la!

Combining mid-to-late 19th century weaving traditions, this luxurious blanket is crafted from an unnapped wool and cotton blend. Featuring a bold cross design, snuggle up during colder evenings or layer over bed linen for added warmth.

Made from luxurious New Zealand sheepskin, selected for its high quality feel, the short wool surface of this New Zealand pouf (below) adds a lavish surface to relax on. Perfect for placing in a living room, bedroom or hallway.

For more cozy Christmas vibes, do visit this story for design inspiration and this amazing Montana ski house.

Peace to you right where you are.



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