5 “Paris in the Fall” Inspirations

Bonjour, friends…I’m loving the weather and my view this week: cool and colorful as leaves dance and freefall from their branches on high. I know the trees will soon be bare and the skies mostly grey, so I am trying to enjoy this fleeting season which teaches us to change colors, let go, and transform.

Black-converse-in-fall-leaves-in Paris-by Hello-Lovely-Studio
Hello Lovely Studio

5 “Paris in the Fall” Inspirations came to me as I reflected upon the autumnal inspiration taken away from a trip to Paris a few falls back. We chose Paris to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and to mix it up, we stayed in a palatial and posh hotel for some of the stay, and lived as Parisians in a beautiful apartment for the balance of our vacation. This gave us two completely different avenues to experience this mysterious city in France. The funny thing is, we spent nearly every second on the literal avenues! We found ourselves wandering the streets, the gardens, the shops, and in the open air where we allowed the magic and mystery of Paris to fully have its way with us.

Ready for fancy pics paired with simple inspiring ideas from a humble Midwestern girl?

1. Steal A Posh Autumnal Palette.

We loved our stay at the pretty, posh, and palatial Park Hyatt Paris Vendome.

Our suite contained the most inspiring mix of warm, autumnal hues and finishes, including a mahogany headboard, bronze sculptures, sconces and hardware by Rosaline Granet, gold silk window dressing, cognac and mink toned velvet cushions, and beautiful gilded moldings and mirrors.

(All of the guest rooms have fabulous French windows overlooking the most peaceful courtyard!)

5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – photo by  Hello Lovely Studio
Jardin de Tuileries in Paris in the fall with golden leaves and green chairs
5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – photo by Hello Lovely Studio

To bring a similar fall palette to your home decor: reach for warm metallics, toss a pumpkin-toned velvet pillow on your favorite chair, and paint a tired vintage dresser or side table a sophisticated shade of cognac.

Of course you can’t go wrong with quiet neutrals when they are this French-inspired and lovely like this bench:

2. Say Hello to a Simple Apple Trio.

What is the season of fall–anywhere–without delicious, orchard-fresh apples? It’s a simple, healthy, and inspiring idea for the guest room when entertaining: three delicious apples upon a simple white porcelain tray! It doesn’t get much easier than that, oui?!?

Fall Inspiration From Paris – Hello Lovely Studio
Beautiful fall cheese and charcuterie board with vivid fall color by Hello Lovely Studio
5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – See more of my Beautiful Graze Boards here

3. Bake Something Sweetly Comforting.

We consumed more baguettes and pastry than I care to recall, and if you find yourself far from Eric Kayser (my favorite Paris bakery below), bake something sweet and comforting. This boozy pear apple crisp recipe is straight out of my Chicagoland kitchen and not Paris, but don’t you just love the aroma of a baked apple crisp bubbling away in the oven on a cool, autumn afternoon?

Paris-bakery-by-Hello Lovely-Studio
5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Hello Lovely Studio

The recipe for my crisp below is impossible to mess up and simply delicious with or without the booze (and with regular flour or gluten-free flour).

Boozy Pear-Apple Crisp – Hello Lovely Studio

4. Savor Nature’s Evolving Colors.

The opera is wonderful, French pastry divine, but what we enjoyed most in Paris was wandering the blissful streets, and allowing ourselves to be surprised around every corner by masterful design, architecture, history, and nature showing off its October glory.

Pavillon de la Reine’s exterior was fiery beautiful! Swept up in fall rapture, it was breathing with voluptuous reds and greens (can you see the delight as my beloved beholds the spectacle below?).

Red-vines-on-Paris-hotel-exterior-by-Hello Lovely Studio
5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Hello Lovely Studio

How scrumptiously autumnal brown is this Paris chair, and can you even imagine how the patina will EVOLVE?

Climbing red vines on Pavillon de la Reine in Paris in fall by Hello Lovely Studio
5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Hello Lovely Studio
Fall Inspiration From Paris – Hello Lovely Studio

5. Be a Local Daytripper.

5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Musee de Carnavalet by Hello Lovely Studio

For many of us who spend a great deal of time online, we need reminders to step away from Pinterest and IG to see soulful beauty breathing right under our noses locally. That beauty may hail from a garden, a park, or on the walls of a city art museum. Just for a day, be a tourist in your own town or city!

5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Hello Lovely Studio – Hello Lovely Studio

Can you believe the shocking red on these walls? It’s Musee de Carnavalet, which houses an incredible selection of historic Paris treasures, and which we had to ourselves (!) on a rainy October day. It is now closed for renovations, but I cannot wait to get back within it’s walls when it re-opens! Speaking of vivid red…

Definitely don classic, casual, comfy footweear on your daytripping adventures and not cruel redbottoms you see lounging on our Paris balcony below…super cute for styling pics, not so much for hitting the Paris pavement!

5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Hello Lovely Studio
Beautiful pond at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris in fall by Hello Lovely Studio
5 Paris in the Fall Ideas to Inspire – Luxembourg Gardens by Hello Lovely Studio

I wish you all the colors and wonder autumn brings…

Hello Lovely Studio

…and peace to you, right where you are.


p.s. If Paris apartments sizzle your bacon, here are a few more.

Peace to you right where you are.


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    Hi Michele, Thanks for the mini trip to Paris in the fall, what a treat! Happy Thursday ?

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      Thanks for journeying with me, Holly! xox

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    November 9, 2017 / 6:23 pm

    Lovely post. Thank you so much Michele!

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      Thanks for tuning in, Sandy. 🙂

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