Personal Reflections: Inside my Artist’s Heart

I am loving all the fall guest posts from my friends in blogland, and one of my pals (Joan) is saying “goodbye, blog,” and “Hello Lovely, portfolio”to follow her photography passion.

Rusty vintage white bicycle in pea gravel courtyard by Hello Lovely Studio
Hello Lovely Studio

As I contemplated Joan’s artistic journey

shared so courageously on her blog, it

seemed fitting that I somehow align

with it to honor its beauty.


My personal journey at the moment

involves letting go and allowing

reality to be reality.

This means, I am (in big and

small ways) relaxing into

this very millisecond,

living more fearlessly

moment to moment,


trusting what is

right here, right now.

Vintage white Christening gown on dresser - Hello Lovely Studio
The Christening gown I wore as an infant. Hello Lovely Studio

What you’re reading is

purely and entirely

stream of conscious


from my heart.

My vintage white family piano and a pointe shoe by Hello Lovely Studio
Where I write music and work out my salvation. Hello Lovely Studio

I snapped most of these photos today,

and while they are devoid of color

and maybe do not scream FALL,

if you get quiet enough,

you may hear them whisper

“autumn’s gentle light

is magic.”

Pink ballet slipper and plaster roses on my piano - Hello Lovely Studio
Pointe shoes are reminiscent of feminine strength. Hello Lovely Studio

For me, being an artist

involves cultivating an

alertness to such whispers.

Dried hydrangea in zinc vase with wood beads by Hello Lovely Studio
Autumn’s light is a gentler, kinder, kind of light. Hello Lovely Studio

I want always to create work

which gifts vision or language

to nameless beauty.

White serene studio with vintage chandelier - Hello Lovely Studio
My studio – Hello Lovely Studio
White piano with a pointe shoe and plaster roses - Hello Lovely Studio
I made these everlasting plaster roses. Hello Lovely Studio
Abstract seascape by Michele of Hello Lovely Studio
A recent mixed media seascape commission – Hello Lovely Studio

An artist’s work frequently encompasses

channeling: vulnerability, longing,

and perhaps, especially, loneliness.

I paint abstractly not only because

drawing seems impossible,

but because the work is

forever pointing to the inifinite,

to the eternal, to the subtle and lighter realms.

White Christening gown - Hello Lovely Studio
This armoire is a family piece I just painted white…it may want to be blue.

Art can be born from woundedness

yet joyously celebrate what it

means to be an image bearer of

the Divine Mystery.

In important ways, my work

seeks to connect with the


of every soul.

White serene studio - Hello Lovely Studio
A reclaimed barn wood bench we commissioned decades ago.
Red haired child holding baby boo white pumpkin - Hello Lovely Studio
Baby boo bliss. Hello Lovely Studio

If I’m honest, my innermost being

longs to feel at home and to belong…

so maybe the work I create is always

leading me closer

to home (where I belong).

Vintage white chair with leopard throw - Hello Lovely Studio
My studio – Hello Lovely Studio

I so love the wonders of wonder,

and I wonder…do you love it too?

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. October 13, 2017 / 8:48 pm

    Oh Michele-you are such an amazing woman an I am so grateful to be in your thoughts. Beyond the beautiful design work you share lies a wonderful and truly genuine heart. I will continue to be one of your many faithful followers during my blogging transition and will hope the hug I am sending reaches you warmly. Thank you Lovely Lady so very much! Joan

    • michele
      October 13, 2017 / 10:08 pm

      You were my muse for this, friend. I’m so excited for your next chapter as you courageously pursue your art. You’re already incredible, so the work ahead is going to be phenomenal. Thanks for the hug! xox

  2. October 15, 2017 / 8:22 pm

    Very beautiful Michele ? I love your sweet little christening gown and the clean simplicity of your imagery. Happy to know you, fellow artist!

    • michele
      October 16, 2017 / 10:05 am

      Thanks for reading, friend. xox

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