Before and After: Amazing Midcentury Modern Flip

As a real life renovator, I am always interested in a great before/after, and when the “before” is bad, I mean, truly awful, it’s thrilling to see healing come to a home. That’s what happened with this Eagle Rock property, a Mid-Century Modern in one of LA’s Eastside neighborhoods.

Real Estate Developer Thomas Bayles, whom the LA Times refers to as a “flipster” (a hipster who flips homes to a hipster market) bought this 5-bedroom, 5-bath home for $917,000 in August of 2015 and sold it last month for a record-breaking $2,115,000…making it the most expensive home to sell in the neighborhood.

Let’s get to the reno drama. How’s this for pre-flip curb appeal?

I don’t have an “after” shot for the bedroom below but had to share it because I think it is worth a thousand words. It is also reminiscent of what our basement walls looked like when we bought the fixer upper. Where’s my paintbrush!?!  I would have to be heavily medicated at all times to live here!

Would you have kept this original stone around the fireplace? When you’re flipping for hipster millenials, such decisions require careful analysis.

Because just one room decorated with lavender iridescent abalone magic is never enough. Look at this incredible bathroom transformation:


The indoor/outdoor pool had potential for becoming an incredible selling point…

Now that’s some beautiful subtraction! What do you think about this transformation?

Peace to you right where you are.


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