10 Reasons to Love Autumn & Those Leaves!

Feeling fallish yet? We have already swept up a ton of fallen leaves from our wooded lot, and if you were to spend time outdoors here right now, grab a hardhat since it’s raining walnuts!

Black converse and red fallen leaves in Paris by Hello Lovely Studio
Photo: Hello Lovely Studio

If you are a fall lover, you probably already know the cool facts which follow, but enjoy this primer and collection of inspiring images of gorgeous, colorful autumn leaves.

Harvest Moon Magic. In China, the Moon Festival is celebrated to give thanks for a fruitful summer harvest.

Birds Take a Vacay. Many bird species fly away in the fall to areas with milder weather. Despite the arduous journeys involved, long-distance migration is a feature of some 350 species of North American birds.

Equinox Explained. The first day of autumn is known as the autumnal equinox since the number of hours of daylight and darkness are equal. The sun is aligned with the center of the Earth between the north and south of the planet.Squirrels Never Rest! If you live with squirrels on your property as I do, then you already know this…they do not hibernate! They may collect a ton of acorns and food in the fall, but they do not retire to sleep the winter away. They hang out in their nests and come out to dig up what they buried in the fall.7. Not All Get Fall. Folks living close to the equator don’t experience the season of fall since temperatures remain consistently warm at the planet’s center.Pumpkin Lore. Ever wonder why they dominate autumn decor? The pumpkin was first named by the Greeks who called these large melon fruits pepon.

Leaves that Linger. Trees that don’t lose their leaves have needles, and these needles are covered with a thick wax protecting what is inside them and preventing them from freezing.

Beautiful fallen leaves and green bench in a Paris park by Hello Lovely Studio
Photo: Hello Lovely Studio
Gorgeous fall trees in a Paris park by Hello Lovely Studio
Photo: Hello Lovely Studio

Geomagnetism in Fall. The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, can be viewed during autumn thanks to the likelihood of geomagnetic storms to occur with cooler evenings.

Hope these happy autumn captures brightened your day!

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. October 4, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    Beautiful article. I too, am being hit with falling walnuts!! And little sticks flying from the trees. Love your blog. Have a great weekend, thanks for sharing your time with your readers.

    • michele
      October 4, 2017 / 2:38 pm

      Ha! Thanks for tuning in! You know I’m all about finding peace in my courtyard, while nature has other ideas with a wild and noisy raining walnut party! 🙂

    • michele
      October 4, 2017 / 2:36 pm

      Happy Wednesday, darlin. xox

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