Home Tour: A Danish Farmhouse With Minimal Decor {Farmhouse Style}

Historical European farmhouse with thatched roof in Danish countryside on Hello Lovely Studio


In my last post, we explored the romantic, unfussy,
lovely side of European farmhouse style,
and today’s inspiration, a
historical renovation of a Danish Modern Farmhouse
for Danish design royalty is a different
interpretation of farmhouse style I knew I had to share!


So often on this blog, I spread love for farmhouse style

interpreted in a variety of flavors of design.

I especially love sharing European inspired

farmhouses or country homes.

No harm in that; yet, it’s important to keep returning to

classic originals, to authentic farmhouses like this one

(renovated or otherwise) which powerfully instruct

and inspire us with their architecture,
timeless design and rooted-ness

in the Old World.


Danish farmhouse exterior on Hello Lovely Studio
Magnificent thatched roof and details on a Danish longhouse.

Some facts about this European farmhouse…

Built in 1880

2,600 square-foot traditional

Danish longhouse in southern Jutland

Purchased in 2004, by Thomas and Heidi Dinesen
Restored interiors are minimal and modern
Dinesen Douglas fir flooring plays a starring role!


Thomas Dinesen is the fourth-generation owner of

Dinesen, a Danish company specializing in custom

wood floors since 1898.


The Dinesens hired Jørgen Overby to restore the home

and bring back its original character.


The look they aimed for?

Historic minimalism.

Regarding minimalism.
Minimal is not everyone’s cup of tea.
I should know.
In our last home, which we kept extremely
spare and airy, there were visitors who let
me know they could never feel at home or
live with the minimal interiors that brought
me comfort (a neighbor once visited soon
after we built and asked if I was staging
the kitchen for sale…
“This is how we live everyday”
was my response).

People who love minimal are not boring
or indecisive…they are very often sensitive,
soulful, and contemplative types.

Many folks need their collections and objects
in full view at all times to feel calm.
But certain folks find such excess distracting,
disconcerting, and even nerve-wracking.
For me personally, I feel the energy emanating
from objects so I must exercise restraint to
feel a sense of tranquility and peace.

But I love love love visiting homes that
are anything but minimal…it’s the spice of life!

Magnificent minimal decor in a European farmhouse with Douglas fir floors on Hello Lovely Studio
Custom Douglas fir bench. Modern windows. Pale green painted ceiling beams.


Francesca Chair

This farmhouse is no longer a private residence for the Dinesens;

instead, it’s being converted into the Dinesen Country Home,

a guest house for the Dinesen company.


What is a traditional southern Jutland longhouse?

It’s more accurately a sønderjysk gård…

a type of 18th- and 19th-century farmhouse

with a thatched roof (the longest side aligned to the street).

Since the owner’s business is custom floors,
I bet you won’t be surprised that these Douglas fir
beauties play a starring role in this magnificent
country farmhouse.


Modern bedroom with blue quilt in European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Headboard with integrated shelf and desk: Douglas fir. Lights: Tolomeo.

About the exquisite floors in this home:
They are from Dinesen’s Douglas Collection
Douglas fir treated with lye and white floor soap
12″ wide and up to 26 feet long.

You won’t find moody rooms of dusty antiques

within this masterfully crafted historical home…
I’ll let the images

tell the historical minimalism story.


Source: Remodelista

Photography: Dinesen


Breathtaking European farmhouse kitchen with exquisite wood floors by Dinesen on Hello Lovely Studio
Kitchen Design: Jørgen Overby. Custom cabinetry by local carpenter. Appliances: Smeg.
Open white shelving in a European farmhouse style kitchen on Hello Lovely Studio
Clip spot lights: Tolomeo. Backsplash: Handmade ceramic tiles. Countertop: Dinesen Douglas fir.
Magnificent custom European farmhouse kitchen design and decor on Hello Lovely Studio
Danish Farmhouse Kitchen in Dinesen Country Home


Magnificent Douglas fir wood flooring in a Danish Farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Round Douglas fir sculpture: German woodcutter Michael Moosmann-Pfaff.


Minimal decor in a European farmhouse dining room on Hello Lovely Studio
Custom dining table: Dinesen Douglas fir planks. Lighting: Tobias. Art: Jens Birkemose
Wishbone Chair


European farmhouse living room with modern minimal decor on Hello Lovely Studio
Danish Farmhouse Living Room with Modern Minimal Decor.
Steel Fire Bowl
Modern minimal fireplace in European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
European Farmhouse Living Room with Minimal Decor


Gravel driveway and magnificent exterior of Danish farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Dinesen Country Home


Modern design in a bedroom of a European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Buy this budget friendly, similar Ikea light shade.


Modern minimal bedroom in European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Spanish chair: Borge Mogensen


Warm modern design in bedroom of European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Custom headboard. Rocking chair: (Stingray) Thomas Pedersen.
Built-in desk in a modern bedroom of European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
European Farmhouse with Modern Minimal Decor
Wood built-in headboard in modern bedroom of European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Douglas fir integrated headboard.
Hallway and bath in modern European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Hallway to bathroom.


Modern design in a simple white European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Bathroom in a Danish farmhouse with modern interiors.
Modern stairway in European farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Modern design in a European farmhouse.
Secretary desk in office of Danish farmhouse on Hello Lovely Studio
Douglas fir on ceiling.


Grounds of Dinesen Country Home on Hello Lovely Studio
Danish Farmhouse – outdoors


Dinesen Country Home exterior found on Hello Lovely Studio
Danish Farmhouse Exterior


What do these interiors and this farmhouse renovation
stir up in you?

Tour a historical Belgian style cottage,
an “undone” manor house, and these French
farmhouse kitchens for more country inspiration.

Peace to you right where you are.


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