6 Secrets to Grow Your Online Audience & Blog for Profit

If you are reading this post, you probably
have an interest in blogging for profit,
and growing an audience
for your blog, small business,
or website audience.

Maybe you are feeling stuck as to
how to drive more traffic to your blog or website
so folks can discover what you are promoting, selling,
or writing about in your particular niche.

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated should you use them to make purchases.

While I may not be a blogging or SEO expert (and
in fact am frequently a hopeless granny regarding
most technical issues), I AM in the trenches
just like you, coming up on my first year
of blogging for business.

By the way, at the time I first became more serious
about optimization stuff and growing this blog in 2016,
I had approximately 90,000 monthly blog views.
My monthly views in the past month?
About 300,000 views.

While I have blogged since 2008, I
only became intentional about monetizing
and growing an audience in the fall of 2016.

I love sharing what I learn because there’s plenty
of room for more success and and growth online
for everyone…no need to hoard good advice and tips
for what’s working as if it’s all a competition! 

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Grow Your Online Audience and Blog for Profit

I get emails all the time from folks in the design niche
who say “Thanks so much for sharing what you are
learning–it’s such a big secret with so many bloggers!”
And I sort of get it.

A lot of bloggers spend good money on consultants
and courses to learn to grow their audience and
don’t see why they should offer for free what
they paid for or worked hard to discover.

But blogging is lonely, and I want
to join you and be helpful since I struggled and
found others in the home decor niche so hushed
about sharing what was working.
My hope is that in sharing these tips and advice,
some of you will enroll in the courses for which
I have experience and for which I am an affiliate.
I’ll earn a few pennies while you will
pay nothing extra and will be increasing
your traffic and profits.

Ready to grow?

Here are tips to grow your online audience which have truly helped me personally.

6 Secrets to Help You Grow Your Audience


(The above is a bonus tip which is painless and
mildly effective for driving traffic.)

Facebook Page Strategies Course
Grow Your Online Audience and Blog for Profit

Secret No. 1:

Rachel Miller’s magic for growing audiences.

She’s a Facebook mooolah-makin’ machine, the
sweetest, quirkiest momma around, and if anyone
can show you how to optimize a FB page
(ummmm, Facebook pages are still FREE!),
create a community, and drive traffic to
your site, it’s Rachel and her course
Facebook Page Strategies

and FB group Massive Growth Strategies.

Why is the course so valuable?

Facebook Page Strategies Course

 Facebook Page Strategies Course

The strategies she teaches are not only relevant to
creating viral posts, video, and ads on  Facebook,
they be can applied to platforms beyond
Facebook…I was overlooking the audience
I could be reaching with my FB page
and forgetting that a ton of people
use FB as their internet and search engine.

Do not underestimate Facebook!

The shopping cart for the
Facebook Page Strategies course
is only open for short periods of time and then you
can get on the wait list…so if you’re considering it,
head over there…in the mean time, start with
Rachel’s free resources!
Her no-cost video series is awesome,
and you can reserve your seat now.


Jenny Melrose’s Pitch Perfect Pro

 Secret No. 2:

Monetize by Working With Brands.

Before spending cash on a course,
you can learn strategies from Jenny and see
if the course is right for you.

Get this free cheat sheet to learn to pitch brands, and take  a free class to learn to pitch.

If, like me, you realize you have everything to gain
by learning to: pitch brands, fetch repeat business, and
create killer reports to report engagement,
take the the same course I bought (It’s called Pitch Perfect Pro) and complete it at your own pace!

It’s friendly and not techie.
You’ll have direct access to Jenny Melrose and be welcomed into a private Facebook group just for students in the course!

Access to that group alone is worth the price of
the course if you ask me.

Even you simply lurk in the group, you will discover a treasure trove of information, ideas, and strategies from other bloggers blogging for profit!

(BTW, I was introduced to Jenny Melrose and

her course to increase traffic and pitch brands
by Becky Mansfield, an incredibly successful blogger
in the mom blog niche…how successful?

Becky released an income report recently–
in each of the last two months, her blog earned
6 figures, and her annual income is now 7 figures.


Image of woman in jeans with feet up relaxing in beautiful French Country kitchen - blogger Michele of Hello Lovely Studio
Grow Your Online Audience and Blog for Profit

Jenny’s Pitch Perfect Pro course
includes valuable bonus courses to grow traffic,
and I continue to apply her strategies to monetize
and grow my business.

If you would like to partner with brands directly
without using a middleman or agency, Jenny has to the tools to make that happen!


Simple Pin Podcast

Secret No. 3:

Listen to Kate Ahl’s Podcast.

I don’t know when or how I discovered

Kate Ahl’s podcast or Simple Pin Media

(probably a manic search on Pinterest for help),
but I am so, so, happy I found

her expertise, and after watching the
intro to Kate’s workshop:
Pinterest Marketing Made Easy,
I am seriously considering investing in it.

For now, I am getting caught up on
Simple Pin Media’s blog and podcast!

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Secret No. 4:

Watch This Video by Brian Dean.

Bet you’ll find some value in this
video about On Page SEO,
and maybe want to propose marriage to me
for finding it for you (fine…you’ll wanna hug me).


Charming Adventure Time Gif You Wanna Hug - found on Hello Lovely Studio
Grow Your Online Audience and Blog for Profit
5 Things to Do From Day One in the Blogging Business
Smart Tips!

Secret No. 5:

Visit Blog Coach Katy Widrick.

Katy’s site Make Media Over is brimming
with free articles and advice about SEO and
analytics, and you can learn about what
she considers game changing tools here.

Ready to grow?

One more secret.

Secret No. 6:

Check out These Tips

My 23 TIPS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC may just help you have an AHA moment for your blog!

Have time for just one business building strategy?

Sign up for Rachel Miller’s Free Workshop

where you will get an education in targeting your ideal audience.


Image of woman relaxing in stylish Belgian style living room - blogger Michele of Hello Lovely Studio
Grow Your Online Audience and Blog for Profit

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Thanks, friends, and peace to you right where you are.


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  1. August 23, 2017 / 12:51 pm

    Thanks Michele! This is awesome!! You are so generous for sharing with us. Wishing you every success in your business.
    xo Holly

    • August 24, 2017 / 4:05 am

      Thanks for being such a kind cheerleader, Holly! xox

  2. August 23, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    I JUST found your blog through a link on My Sweet Savannah's blog. I LOVE it! I'm enjoying all of your previous posts and look forward to new ones!


    • August 24, 2017 / 4:06 am

      yay! thanks for reading, Kelly. so happy to have you here. 🙂

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