Blogging for Business: LOVELY ADVICE from Jenny that Won’t Cost a Penny!

Before I get into the blogging biz stuff,
can I just say I love hearing from you!
I will never tire of getting emails like the one
the other day that read, “I don’t follow too many
bloggers since I just wanna browse interior design
pics, but I saw you in your pajamas…

Okay, that alone made me laugh out loud.

“…and I see you’re 50something and….
so I thought I’ve got to follow this one.”
Anyway, it was delightful.
Thank you for supporting me by letting me
be me and show up in your inbox (sign up, here please!)
whether it’s in my pajamas with an amaretto recipe,
or with interiors that make our hearts beat faster.
I have a blast blogging because of you guys!


A Giannetti Home Modern Farmhouse Renovation

For the past year, I have actively sought avenues to

monetize Hello Lovely while getting busy…
I mean, BIG TIME busy to grow the blog:

1. Working tirelessly to increase pageviews
(here’s what I learned).

2. ENGAGING on social channels

(ahem…I didn’t have Instagram, thought I had no time

for Pinterest, and even took a 3 year fast from FB!)


Please support Hello Lovely by following!

3. Becoming an affiliate for products/services I believe in.

4. Pitching the brands I love for compensated sponsored posts.


Patina Farm (Giannetti Home) – Photo: David Tsay

I know you have noticed the hard work

because so many of you email and express
some version of GIRRRRL, YOU ARE POSTING
And it’s true!
I have doubled my traffic, and sponsored posts
are currently my greatest source of blogging income.

Here’s the thing.
Social media can be a lonely biz.
(How ironic is that?)
While my inbox is consistently full of
bloggers asking for help, advice, and favors,
I haven’t had a tribe to find help for myself.

When I was introduced (via Becky Mansfield)

to blogger Jenny Melrose, I felt joined.

I learned she endured years of trial and error,
before figuring out a system for finding, pitching

and LANDING the brands she wanted to work with.

 She cracked the code and now earns
six figures from sponsors eager to work with her.


The course I took to learn to work with brands
is called Pitch Perfect Pro, and of course
I think you should snag it when the cart opens July 28th
since the skills you’ll acquire will set you up for success.
But if you’re not sure it’s right for you?
Do what I did when I was on the fence as
a frugalicious chick:


I first explored the free content!

No shame in that!
So impressed with the freebies, transparency,

and helpful info, I knew her course was likely valuable.

And it was. In fact, I refer to it over and over.
She walks you through every step and will
teach you to create a media kit, give you the exact wording
for email pitches, explain what a sponsored post is
and isn’t, and teach you to create killer follow-up
reports for brands to secure future opportunities.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand new blogger
who wants to partner with brands
or have been blogging since 2008 like me.

The cart for the course opens July 28th,
and the best free event to take advantage of is
happening soon…it’s a FREE training
which starts July 24th (9 a.m. EST)

and runs through July 28th.

5 days of free training!
If that weren’t enough,
Jenny’s giving everybody
her Pitch Perfect Workbook
for free as well.

Save your seat now!

If you have any questions about the
freebies or course, get in touch, and
I’d be happy to answer questions.


Is it possible to post too many pics of Patina Farm’s kitchen? (Photo: David Tsay) NOOOOOOOO.


Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. July 18, 2017 / 11:45 pm

    I have followed for years and the reason that I keep coming back is that I love, love, love your honesty, humor and you! You are so genuine and I believe that you actually want others to learn from you. I am looking forward to more information about this course. I would like to amp up my blogging income.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • July 19, 2017 / 1:11 am

      You are so kind, you beautiful blogger! I will continue to share what works for me and not keep it a secret – it's more fun and honorable to cheer each other on! 🙂

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