23 Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog, Part 1 {Blogging}

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Who doesn’t need smart ideas  to drive more blog traffic?

I promised you fellow bloggers I would
gather my thoughts and post
tips to drive more blog traffic.
It’s my gift to you friends nutty enough
to get geeky about blogging,
SEO, and link building.
(Affiliate links follow and using them for purchases may earn me compensation.)

(The rest of the tips are shared
right here in Part 2!)

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (photo: HelloLovelyStudio)

I am self-taught and remained essentially
a hobby blogger until a couple of months ago.
Blogging for business means
added pressure and responsibility
to increase traffic to your site so I researched
the topic and continue to experiment.

Tips here reflect the experiments which
have worked to help me double my traffic
(from 90,000 monthly pageviews
last summer to 250,000+ monthly pageviews currently).

23 Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog, Part 1

I’m assuming you already know these basics:

Jenny Melrose’s Pitch Perfect Pro

1. Take An Online Course.

The best course I have taken and recommend
for monetizing your blog by working with brands
is Jenny Melrose’s Pitch Perfect Pro (affiliate links).

It included a bundle of bonus courses so it’s a whole
lotta value for the investment…you can even take it
now to prep your blog to work with brands later.

Jenny has helped lots of bloggers increase their income
and makes herself accessible so you feel as if you
have a friend online, accessible, and
always happy to hold your hand.

I had already been working with brands directly
before taking the course, but I wanted to:
possess more strategies for securing partnerships,
learn how to score repeat sponsored posts with brands,
and discover how to submit killer follow-up reports
with analytics to share with brands (thanks, Jenny!).

Jenny’s course provides everything, including the very
emails with wording she used to secure those sponsored posts!

You can start by taking her FREE challenge, and
should her cart be closed at the moment,
you can get on the waiting list for the next launch.

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (collage: HelloLovelyStudio)

Wanna take a course to build your Facebook page
which will drive traffic to your blog? I’m buying this
Facebook Page Strategies with Rachel Miller course
which starts in a few weeks, and if you
google Rachel Miller’s videos,
I bet you will be sucked in as I was because
her enthusiasm, energy, and expertise are
legendary…and if you hate Facebook,
she just may change your mind.


BTW. Rachel teaches you strategies for
building an audience and growing which go
well beyond Facebook (although do not underestimate
the power of Facebook to drive traffic to your blog…

plenty of folks like my mom, never venture beyond
FB for their internet.

I’m not kidding.
Tons of people follow my blog strictly
via Facebook, and more and more readers
are using the search box on FB
as if it’s a search engine!

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

 2. Make Your Blog a Bag of Chips.

We want readers to stick around,
so we make our blogs “sticky”
to amp up the i-can’t-quit-you factor.

To increase your blog’s
potato-chip-ability so visitors keep reaching
into the bag for more, there are a million
ways to make your blog sticky…
Check out this article or this podcast for starters.

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (collage: HelloLovelyStudio)

3. Write With a Conversational Tone.

You already know your posts should
sound like your natural voice, and it’s easy
as pie to make sure you’re doing it.
Before clicking publish,
read your post aloud and you will
instantly know whether it’s flowing
and in your voice.

I’m a professional writer, but you certainly
need not be!

That said…try to avoid common spellcheck fails.

Know the difference between
peek, peak, and pique.
A sneak peek is not a sneak peak!
(If I had a dollar for every blogger who called a sneak peek
a sneak peak, I would be a billionaire babe with my toes in the sand.)

Are you are a design blogger?
Business blogger or not,
please properly spell mantel
when blogging about a fireplace.
(There, I’ve said it.
And you are free to remind me
I misspelled Scandinavia my first
few years of blogging. #busted)

Write as honestly and
vulnerably as you can.
That’s always where the gold is.

To create killer commentary,
know your audience…use surveys,
take the time to interview a sample,
use “insights” on your blog’s Facebook page,
and by all means look at your analytics to
know your most popular posts.
If you can entertain us with your writing, awesome.
But this is important:
if you are not that funny away from
the keyboard…avoid attempts to
be comedic while blogging…it’s
far more important to be authentic.

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Photo: Hello Lovely Studio

4. Make it Sparkle.

So so many pretty templates
to buy and customize for your blog
no matter which platform you’re on,
and I am partial to Restored 316 designs.

I recently migrated to WordPress.org
from Blogger and chose the Go Geek
hosting plan at Siteground…I’m lovin’ it,

Siteground will even migrate you at no cost!

Make sure the experience of visiting
your site is pleasant…um,
assaulted by popups much!?!
Oh my lord, they can be the devil.
Apparently they can convert effectively,
but they can also put your visitors
in a sour mood.

Pay attention to white space.
Not just in your blog’s design
but within the body of your posts.
That space is fresh air.
It can be a sacred pause
and an invitation to rest.

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (Kitchen by Hello Lovely Studio)

5. Consider a Giveaway.

Offering an enticing prize can increase
traffic, and lots of folks will be
willing to subscribe or follow you
to score an entry.
Not sure what to give away?
It should relate to your brand or
your blog’s focus, and there are
plenty of brands (small and large)
who will be willing to partner with you
in exchange for press/links/clicks
in your post…don’t hesitate to craft
a killer email to request a partnership
(and bonus when you don’t have to
do the shipping!).

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (photo by Hello Lovely Studio)

6. Network with Bloggers.

There are a myriad of ways to connect
with other bloggers…for starters,
read similar blogs in your niche
and leave comment love…there aren’t many
bloggers who are loyal about this because
of the time commitment, but I remain
a true fan of blogs and comment like crazy
since it has always felt right to leave footprints
if I visit and appreciate the content.

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (seascape painting: Hello LovelyStudio)

Share blog posts you enjoy in your niche
to Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.
I am shocked at how many bloggers
do not do this, and I wonder if it’s
because they believe they should only
promote their own posts?
If I am inspired by an image, video,
DIY, or idea, I love sharing it with
my audience who appreciate content
from sources approved by Hello Lovely!

Guest posting is a great way to network.
Do an exchange with a blogger in your niche
who will link to you, or organize a group to post
about a theme your audience loves.
Not only will you attract new followers,
link building is an important part of SEO.

Let My Love Open the Door painting Rustic urban typography on wood by Hello Lovely Studio

7. Try a Series & Cliffhangers.

My fixer upper series drove a lot of traffic
to the blog and attracted new followers into DIY
and renovation.

If readers respond favorably to a particular
series on your blog, keep them engaged
with a cliffhanger at the end of your posts.
In the conclusion of my fixer upper chronicles,
I created an appetite for what to anticipate next
to increase excitment for the next installment.

Beautiful abstract seascape on canvas by Hello Lovely Studio
Abstract Seascape: Hello Lovely Studio

8. Recycle Popular Posts.

Consider updating a popular post
from a previous year
(check the stats for your posts)
or modifying the same content slightly.

If your highly trafficked post is
10 Tips for Shabby Chic Style,
you could recycle this into
12 Ways to Do Shabby Chic Right
by tweaking and adding more examples.
New followers likely never
saw the first version anway!

Need More Blog Traffic Tips and Tweaks by Hello Lovely Studio
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9. Tweak Your Feed.

Until recently, when a new blog post from Hello Lovely
popped up in your email inbox, the email contained
the post in its entirety with commentary and images.

I edited the setting on my blog’s dashboard so that
a shortened version with the post title and no images
would appear.

This increased pageviews because subscribers
now are cued to click the title’s link
and because now I don’t have to worry about folks
waiting for a bunch of images to load to their computer
or mobile device…less chance they’ll x out…a
simple yet important tweak!

Book cover collage with Marie Antoinette by Hello Lovely Studio
Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (collage: Hello Lovely Studio)

10. Think Evergreen.

A timeless blog post stays relevant
in your archive for years,
driving traffic indefinitely.

Take the time to pen a list
of dozens of evergreen topics which
are relevant to your blog’s scope.

(I find it easier to generate a list
of potential post titles and
use those titles as a springboard.)

Can’t think of enough evergreen titles?
Go to your favorite magazine’s
site if it is related to your
niche and jot down headlines.

Bonus: If you use social media or automation to
promote your posts, evergreen content
can be re-posted and promoted at any given time
(like when you are vacationing or need a break).

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

11. De-Clutter.

As much as you can, make it easy
to navigate your blog.
One of the best ways to get perspective
is to have a friend give your blog a
test run and share feedback about what
could make it better.

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Smart Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

12. PARTY On, Wayne.

This is wayyyyy old school, yet painless
whether you’re a newbie or have plateaued.
There are link-up parties for every
day of the week whether your jam is
vegan smoothie making or painting chairs,
and joining introduces: your work,
blog, and style to a diverse bunch of folks
in one fell swoop.
You may just get featured on a popular site
and gain a press link.

Find a list of link parties right here.

Visit as many party guests as possible,
and leave comments with: your name,
blog URL and an invite to visit you.
Always leave love for the party host with a comment
expressing gratitude for the hospitality.

Need more blog traffic tips and tweaks by Hello Lovely Studio
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Please leave a comment if
you found this helpful
(and subscribe here)
have a question.

The rest of the tips are shared
right here in Part 2, and
best to you as you create
quality content on your blog
and learn new ways to
increase your traffic!

Peace to you right where you are.


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  1. May 6, 2017 / 2:31 am

    This is incredible Michele! A great starting point guide for those of us seeking our way. I intend to revisit each point, make notes of how I can best apply each tip and really focus on building my blog. To have such a list of proven methods spoken so uniquely is a gift. Thank you so much for sharing this gift with us!!!

    • May 6, 2017 / 2:45 pm

      thanks for reading, joan! i will go into greater detail of some of these topics after i lay this initial framework–so many tips and so little time! 🙂

  2. May 6, 2017 / 11:51 am

    This post is very helpful! Thank you for sharing.

    • May 6, 2017 / 2:46 pm

      thanks for reading, Kathy. stay tuned for more! 🙂

  3. May 6, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    AHealingSpirit.org is also a Restored theme, but my webmaster finds it very difficult to work with for a number of back-end issues that I try to stay out of. We are probably going to switch themes in a year or so. We would do it sooner, but the site is too new and getting too many kudos for us to change. But it is definitely a challenge. Not all WordPress themes are easy to work with. Looking forward to your continuing series!

    • May 6, 2017 / 2:51 pm

      just hearing 'webmaster' makes me nervous! your A Healing Spirit site is beautiful, Carol! and i think i am drawn to it and the designs at restored because of the feminine and minimal sensibilities there. blogger has been the easiest thing in the world for Hello Lovely, and i haven't stayed here because it's free, i have stayed because i post a ton of images which it can support and i have not required extra plugins which wp makes possible. so i won't migrate this site to wp (oh the horror stories about migration!) but will create something new. 🙂

  4. May 8, 2017 / 2:29 pm

    This is a fabulous post! I am looking forward to hearing more about your browning your blog. I thought perhaps you were doing something new because of the sponsored posts for your house projects. Thanks for sharing.

    • May 8, 2017 / 8:19 pm

      thanks for tuning in, Elizabeth. so few bloggers actually share how they drive traffic so I hope to help de-mystify some of the info that would have helped me as a beginning blogger. xox

    • May 9, 2017 / 1:01 am

      So few bloggers share would be a vast understatement. I think it is so fabulous that you are sharing what you learned and I cannot wait to read more. I love learning new things about blogging. Thanks again, you are too kind.

    • May 9, 2017 / 4:32 am

      thanks for those kind words, friend. 🙂

  5. November 15, 2017 / 11:50 am

    Hello, Lovely You! I’m a relative newbie to blogging and loving it, but my learning curve remains rather, well, curvy. How do I generate more readership traffic beyond friends and family on Facebook, for example? Your post of driving traffic to your blog is so timely, and I appreciate it. Although I do follow some of the tips, I’ve made a list of other steps to consider. The most effective, I think, will be in creating cliffhangers, a fiction writer’s greatest tool in moving the story along and exciting the audience. Thanks again so much!

    • November 15, 2017 / 2:31 pm

      Hi Jo. All the tips shared within these 2 posts address your question. Writing quality content is only a part of the equation–marketing the post and finding your ideal audience requires a lot of creativity and work. I highly recommend creating attractive pins for each post and marketing them on Pinterest to attract more readers. 🙂

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