Books: Modern Living by Claire Bingham (teNeues)

Claire Bingham, author of Modern Living – New Country and Modern Living – Scandinavian Style (teNeues)

I’m gonna try to be a grownup as I pen

this book review and not let it become

a love letter to the author, but guys!

You know that’s never easy for a designfreak!

Claire Bingham possesses what I consider

to be an enviable vocation: she writes
about the design and decoration
of homes and hotels
and how their occupants

live in them.

And she writes splendidly.
Exhibit A:

Modern Living – New Country by Claire Bingham
(published by teNeues)


© Modern Living – New Country by Claire Bingham,
published by teNeues, $55,


There’s a winning mix of rustically lovely

country homes inside this book of wonder by Claire!


I fell in love with the casual glam of

the beautiful farmhouse on page 110

and with the rough luxe allure of the

grand chateau on page 50…yet

my favorite home in the book

is a study in tranquility…

a vacation home on

the chic French coast, Île de Ré.

It was difficult to peel myself away

from that particular design story which I found

to be an engaging atmospheric journey with soul.

Who can’t use an atmospheric journey with soul?

Deposit this one on your design library shelf tout suite!


T o P   s E c R e T…

Curious to peek inside Modern Living – New Country

before you throw it in your cart?

Shhhhhhhh. Take a look yonder at Claire’s blog.



© Modern Living – Scandinavian Style by Claire Bingham,
published by teNeues, $55,

Exhibit B:


Modern Living – Scandinavian Style by Claire Bingham

(published by teNeues)


In Modern Living Scandinavian Style, the design journalist

does not simply treat us to eye-candy with

carefully curated, cozy Nordic spaces.

No, flicka.

She fesses up the secrets to creating

these looks with do-able tips for

scoring Scandi chic.


One of my favorite aspects of this stylish volume

is how many spotlighted interiors are rich in color!

We frequently lump all-white décor schemes,

pastels, and Swedish style together exclusively,

so it may surprise you to find colorful vibrancy

and eclecticism singing on these yummy pages.

May I offer one last gush about this lovely book?

It’s friendly.

It is. There’s no snob factor.

Claire, you had me at friendly on page one.




Image result for claire bingham design sponge
Claire Bingham – via



Claire is the former Homes editor of Elle Decoration,

and these are a few enchanting images of her

undone and effortless chic Victorian home you

may recall spying on Design*Sponge years ago.


Claire Bingham – via
Claire Bingham – via


*the grownup sighs*


Peace to you right where you are.



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Thanks, teNeues for the opportunity to share these beautiful
titles with my design savvy audience.



  1. May 17, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    I haven't looked at the magazine ~thx for all this! I'll take a peak at her blog too:)

    • May 17, 2017 / 6:47 pm

      Not a magazine–but gorgeous décor books for your library! xox

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