Blog Smarter: 3 Secret Tips to Grow Your Audience {Blogging}

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Tips to Help You Grow Your Blog Audience

If you are reading this post, I am assuming
you have an interest in growing your blog
or website audience by driving more traffic to it,
and while I may not be an optimization expert (and
quite possibly a granny regarding
most technical issues), I am in the trenches
just like you and want to
share what I am learning about
growing a blog…because remember,
this aint a competition (has anyone ever
told you this, and don’t you feel relieved?).

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Grow Your Blog Audience

So because I love you and want to help…here are
3 Secret Tips to Help You Grow Your Audience
which have truly helped me succeed recently!


Bonus tip: painless and mildly effective for driving more traffic.

Tip No. 1
Rachel Miller’s magic monetizing Facebook fairy dust.
She’s a Facebook phenom, and if anyone can
show you how to optimize a facebook page which
will create a community and drive traffic to your
site, it’s Rachel’s course Facebook Page Strategies
and her FB group Massive Growth Strategies.

Why is the course so valuable?

Because what she teaches is relevant to creating viral posts, video, and ads
on other platforms beyond
Facebook…I was overlooking the audience
I could be reaching with my FB page and forgetting that
a ton of people use FB as their internet
and search engine.
Do not underestimate Facebook!
The shopping cart for the
Facebook Page Strategies course opens
Monday, May 22nd and is only open
for a short time so if you’re considering it,
don’t wait!
We’re never sure whether it will
be offered again, let alone at this price.


Pitch Perfect Pro

Tip No. 2
Jenny Melrose’s sensibly smart strategies.
I was introduced to Jenny Melrose and
her course to work with brands
by Becky Mansfield, an incredibly successful blogger
in the mom blog niche…how successful?
Becky is heroic in her transparency and released
an income report last night–in each of the last two
months, her blog earned 6 figures, and her annual
income is in the 7 figures.

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Blog Smarter: 3 Secret Tips to Help You Grow Your Audience {Blogging}

So I took Jenny Melrose’s Pitch Perfect Pro
course, which came with incredibly helpful
bonus courses to grow traffic, and I continue
to use her strategies to build my business.
If you would like to learn to work with
brands directly without going through an agency,
learn how with this course…and please do use
these links and tell Jenny I sent you!


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Blog Smarter: 3 Secret Tips to Help You Grow Your Audience {Blogging}

Tip No. 3
Brian Dean’s SEO Science.
I don’t know when or how I discovered
Brian Dean’s Backlinko site
(probably a manic googling
for SEO help), but I am so, so, happy I found
his expertise, and after watching this
hot off the presses video about On Page SEO,
you will to want to propose marriage to me
(fine…you’ll wanna hug me).

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Blog Smarter: 3 Secret Tips to Help You Grow Your Audience {Blogging}

The video is gold and contains genius advice
which is shaping the way I blog smarter.

One more thing.

Here are 23 tips for driving more traffic
to your blog in case you missed it!

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Blog Smarter: 3 Secret Tips to Help You Grow Your Audience {Blogging}

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Thanks, friends, and peace to you
right where you are.

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  1. May 22, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    I am finding your posts on blogging very helpful as I am thinking about starting a blog to help drive customers to my custom slipcover business. I will definitely check out Rachel Miller's Build Your Facebook Page. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your blog is one of the best out there.

  2. May 22, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    thanks for the kind words, Karen. so happy to help! Rachel Miller's enthusiasm will bowl you over! 🙂

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