6 Tips for an Enchanting Holiday


What a treat to share holiday tips

and magic from my friend Tina of

The Enchanted Home,

a beautiful blog and shop where

classic, traditional, and timeless design

reign supremely and where

blue and white are best friends.


(Did your jaw drop when you glimpsed

her elegant Parisian-like entry above?)


Tina puts her heart into the details that make others feel special.


Tina has created a gorgeous home for

her loved ones, and she kindly extends

the enchantment to her readers.



Her sense of joy for house and home is inspiring,

and I suspect the secret to her success as

a designer, influencer, and shop owner is

her blessed gift for hospitality.



We may not have the pleasure of visiting

her enchanting abode in person, but

Tina invests so much heart into each post

and shares so freely her tried and true

recipes and ideas, that she essentially

invites us to enter the gates and to

dine at the table.



And don’t we all want to be invited to the table?



6 Tips for an Enchanting Holiday!


Your approach to holiday decor…one fell swoop or gradual?

Tip No. 1

My planning falls into the category of several

“mini stages.” I wish I could say I had a master plan

like some and did it all in one day with a formal list

of “to do’s” and military-like precision, but my nature

is much more free spirited and pretty spontaneous

with changes often happening at a moments notice.


Somehow, it all comes together.

I normally start after Thanksgiving (in recent years)

and tweak until right before Christmas!


Does your holiday decor evolve from year to year?

Tip No. 2

My approach to decorating changes a bit year to year.

This year it’s all about mostly blue and white,

white holiday flowers (amaryllis and paperwhites),

and touches of gold.





Walk me through an ideal evening of holiday entertaining

at The Enchanted Home…

what is engaging my eyes, nose, ears, and tongue?

Tip No. 3

Oh boy, well we do hold an annual Christmas party

for our families so that’s always a fun and festive night.

It starts with my waking up early and prepping

all throughout the day…with food, dishes,

flowers, and gifts ever present.


I take what I serve seriously, and my kitchen

island will be full of all kinds of things from

baked goods to cheeses, fruit and specialty items

from a local Italian specialty shop

so I can make one of my big antipasta platters

everyone looks forward to.

There will be dough for cookie baking

and plenty of ingredients for whatever I plan

to be making that night.

You will smell a baked brie in the oven along

with specialty holiday cookies that I make every year.

There will be lots of other good things happening,

a plethora of yummy sights and scents.

And in my kitchen, it’s unlimited “taste testing!”

I will be sure to have Christmas music playing

and a beautifully scented candle burning

to add to the holiday magic.

I always set a time “to be done by” and allow myself

an hour or so of total rest, normally that means

a bubble bath around 3 pm and a chance

to rest my feet.

By 5 p.m., the lights come on, the music gets

turned up, and the kitchen becomes holiday

party central…there is a fun buzz in the air,

and it’s a sure sign the holidays have arrived!


We usually have one or two trees, but my sister is famous for having nine, how about you…and do you get creative with decorating the Christmas tree?

Tip No. 4

I normally only have one tree.

I used to put a tree in my son’s room (per his request)

since he loved colored lights and I only wanted white…

this way he got his wish!

I think one day when I have grand kids,

I will put up a second tree and allow them to

decorate it to their hearts’ content.

I think it will be a fun tradition so with every year

they can add on ornaments of their choosing.

But for now it’s one big one right in my foyer.


In terms of a special holiday meal,

what would your dream menu include?

Tip No. 5 

Call me sentimental, a creature of habit, or plain lazy

but, I do love the traditional turkey dinner we

always have on Christmas day.



It’s been that way for so long it would feel

sacrilegious to have anything else.

However if I wanted to change it up

and as long as I am dreaming….



It would have to start with a champagne toast!

Then we would move onto a caviar crostini (yum)

followed by a cold crabmeat cocktail.



For dinner I am thinking something really decadent
like a rich seafood casserole, a petite filet mignon
with a side of grilled asparagus.

For dessert a delicious moist fudgy chocolate

torte cake with cream fraiche and berries

would do just fine with a well prepared cappuccino

(sounds like stretchy pants would be a prerequisite

to indulging in this decadent meal).



Sounds good to me, especially if there are
leftovers for the next day!


The last tip is actually a little holiday treat

I dreamed up for my friend Tina
because she is such a treasure.


Tip No. 6


I re-visited her post from Christmas 2015

and noted she had crafted a brilliant holiday checklist.


I organized that brainstormed list

into a simple graphic

to share with everyone with hopes to

“be a little more organized next year.”


Who doesn’t need more organizing help?


From Hello Lovely with love, enjoy an

Enchanted Holiday Checklist

via Tina and The Enchanted Home:



With these tips from Tina for an enchanting holiday,

let’s ditch chaotic and frazzled for:


Thanks so much for the Enchanting Holiday Tips, Tina!
Thank you, Michele, for allowing me to visit
your lovely blog and spread some holiday cheer…
happy holidays to all!

Peace to you right where you are.



  1. November 25, 2016 / 11:34 am

    Michele!!!! Wow…I am so humbled, flattered and blown away- I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU for such a beautiful post, I could feel the love you put into it..a testament to your supreme creativity and crazy good writing skills.
    And to boot you made me APPEAR super organized:) Thank you for that as I need to follow my own list and fast lol!
    I will so enjoy looking back on this beautiful post and can't wait to share it with my readers, sending peace and holiday cheer in big doses your way with a great big hug of gratitude:)

    • November 26, 2016 / 9:12 pm

      Thanks for the hug, Tina! It is easy to post with so much lovely content, images, and inspiration at your enchanted home…keep the tips and checklists coming! Your home just sparkles with warmth during the holidays!

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