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You have to respect a master craftsman

(winning one prestigious award after the other)

who names one of his brilliant collections

for his high school woodworking teacher.


Mr. Knock bookcase


Samuel Chan’s MR. KNOCK collection

honors the teacher who encouraged him

to pursue a career in the craft after

Chan (at age 15) built a rocking chair

for his grandmother.



Forget the ongoing accolades and beautiful

new monograph honoring this British furniture designer

with the immaculate making skills…what a fine human

this is who built a chair for grandma to rock in.

(Now that is design purity!)




Samuel Chan has been awarded many honors for his work,
including 12 DGMS
(Design Guild Mark) which rewards the work
of the finest furniture designers working in Britain.


DGM 148 awarded to Magnus chair

DGM 147 awarded to Column bookcase series


DGM 128 awarded to Kerning cabinet series

DGM 127 awarded to Kerning bookcase series


DGM 79 awarded to Finnieston console

DGM 78 awarded to Finnieston bookcase


DGM 37 awarded to Gillespie side table


DGM 18 awarded to Motley pallet drawer system

DGM 17 awarded to Motley baton chair


DGM 14 awarded to Motley dining table

DGM 13 awarded to Motley drums

DGM 12 awarded to Motley bookcase


Chan’s Channels furniture showroom in Chelsea

Below is Chan’s new book I referenced earlier,

and its authors Charlotte and Peter Fiell

have followed his work since he was an undergraduate.

If you honor furniture design,
you will be delighted with
Samuel Chan: Design Purity and Craft Principles.

* * * * *
Does Samuel Chan’s work ignite your imagination, or what?

Peace to you right where you are.



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