i was hormonopausal {Personal Reflections}


I have been tweaking this blog for a couple of weeks,

and I must say I am having a blast!


Look mom, I’m branding! (sort of.)


For the first time in 6 years, I ventured into

Hello Lovely’s dusty archives only to discover some

of the most immature posts in designblogdom, proving:


A. Hormones once held me hostage, and this blog

reflected and perhaps even celebrated the resultant

Stockholm Syndrome.


B. My health–physically, emotionally, spiritually–

improved significantly in recent years…oh. my. lord.


What am I raving about?


holy cramp…my ‘snapping photos upside down phase” of 2011


For a couple of years, under the influence of

an extreme peri-menopause and a

cuckoo-for-cocoapuffs juvenile phase,

you may recall I frequently attached a disclaimer:



Fluctuating hormones may or may not

affecting the author in odd ways.

Please follow this blog responsibly…

with deep tenderness,

a modicum of caution,

and a voluminous glass of red.


in 2011, things were scattered in the membranes & the basement.



Still following after all these years?

I salute you and apologize if you were terrified.


For example, when…



I styled Amy Grant with vintage jewelry

for her holiday concert yet showed up dressed

like fa-reak high on estrogen and ready for a circus.


I was often in pain, lived with teenagers (need I say more?)

cloistered myself at home playing the piano,

attempted to meditate rather than medicate,

and clung to rosaries and my Bella Luna.


to my credit i managed to snap some decent shots


To lightheartedly return to that combustive chapter when

my body’s chemistry was indeed a Hormonal Chernobyl,

the following is a crazy original post from 5 years ago when…

YES, indeed in the same post I blog about Katy Perry’s album cover, I manage to offer the brilliant Kara Mann

complimentary interior design advice (oy, oy, oy.)!!!





I know you recognize Katy,

but do you know the

talented artist behind this image?


W I L L  C O T T O N


created the art for Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream cd.


Am I the only one compelled

to create candy tiaras???? omg.


Is this already the NEXT BIG BLOG THING

and I’m just unaware?????


On with the mini art show…

my own fruit rollup strapless is similar…but c’mon…tailoring! TAILORING, people!


These sweeeeeeet surrealist paintings

by Will Cotton are feminine chic and light as air.

so lifelike…do you love the irony of the artist’s name and frequent subject matter?

just where does one display a Will Cotton? wouldn’t it wake up a minimalist already brilliant space by Kara Mann?


yo bloggers: let’s add DIY cupcake liner bustiers to the tutorial list.

If you are an artist stumbling upon this post

and your specialty is surrealist oils on canvas of bloggers

in cupcake tiaras/fruit leather, today is your lucky day!

This blogger is available…

just kidding…

no, I’m not.

See more Will Cotton here.


Okay, back to the present.
I know. I know.  Fruit rollups…wow.

Let’s have fun today and laugh at
how far we have all come, yes?

p.s. if you enjoyed this peek at madness,
I bet I can be swayed to unearth
more crazytown should you be persuasive
in the comment section below!

Peace to you right where you are.




  1. May 31, 2016 / 1:13 am

    Oh Michele – you are truly priceless and this post made me smile again and again. You yourself are a design work of art my dear and I look forward to the ride! Having followed you for at least 4 years, I must admit, there is always profound inspiration to be had and for that we all love you!

    • May 31, 2016 / 2:32 pm

      that is the nicest thing to say. xox

  2. June 1, 2016 / 3:06 pm

    I've definitely had my fair share of crazy town Posts here in the Land of Blog. The Bloggers that keep it Real though are the ones that I enjoy reading the most since we all go thru metamorphosis in this Journey of Life. You really made me Smile with this candid and enjoyable Post! Here's to Madness and Sanity and every state of Being in between! Dawn… The Bohemian

    • June 2, 2016 / 12:18 am

      well said, dreamy bohemian mama. the design world can be stuffy and take itself overly serious so i do my part to leverage it (with levity…ha!). xox

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