instant camera love


Remember instant photography, friends?

We had a Polaroid One-Step that was soooooo fun
back in the day when John Travolta and Andy Gibb
covered my bedroom walls.

Well….it’s BACK in a BIG way.

Jenifer Altman,
Susannah Conway, and Amanda Gilligan

are a beautiful international trio
of instant photography gurus…



Image of Cupcakes of happiness

and these three talented artists have collaborated on
the how-to book for shooting gorgeous instant pictures
INSTANT LOVE: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids

(Chronicle, 2012).

Since instant film is once again available,

what a fun bandwagon to jump on!


Anybody own an instant camera?

Peace to you right where you are.

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with companies I  love and think may interest you.



  1. October 7, 2012 / 4:33 pm

    Darn knew I should have kept my polaroid! Sooo true whats old soon enough becomes new again. Lets hope that good manners and chivalry are included 🙂

  2. October 7, 2012 / 5:01 pm

    Yes!!! I love these cameras, I thought they were crazy getting rid of them in the first place! They're smart bringing them back! Love this post!! Had no idea… can't wait to show my hubby!


  3. October 7, 2012 / 7:51 pm

    My daughter has a polaroid…bought it on ebay years ago…I thought at the time it was quite funny that she was so enamoured with, to me, such a low tech type camera…but she loved the novelty of it and the 'instant' product! I know she had trouble getting hold of the film…so she will be happy to know it's now more readily available. Robx

  4. October 7, 2012 / 8:32 pm

    I never had a polaroid, always wanted to have one! Wouldn't it be fun to have one during a fun dinner party?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Michele!


  5. October 8, 2012 / 5:23 am

    an instant camera adds fun to a party, yes? no need for delay of gratification!


  6. October 8, 2012 / 12:58 pm

    Used to have one! Got rid off it… What was I thinking? I could have been so in vogue….

    I bet you are counting the days!

    Love to you. Good to be back here! (Canada was FUN! Coming back very relaxed).


  7. October 8, 2012 / 2:28 pm

    I am right now, at this very
    moment, crossing my fingers
    that I did not get rid of my Polaroid!
    Have to scrounge through boxes
    and find out. This could be fun!

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

    PS: My ocean in a box arrived
    on Saturday and I love it!

  8. October 8, 2012 / 3:55 pm

    How fun! I haven't used a Polaroid in years. Could be a fun thing to introduce to a party – and send everyone home with their pics. These photos are just lovely.
    What's the countdown Michele? Are you 4 or 5 days away at this point. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear about your Paris adventures!!! XO

  9. October 8, 2012 / 5:36 pm

    we def need to be throwing polaroid parties–so retro chic!

    5 days and counting, jeanne!

    smiles to you all.

  10. October 9, 2012 / 12:34 am

    So glad they are coming back. I can vividly remember getting a polaroid for my 10th birthday and I was THRILLED…wonder where it is…

  11. October 9, 2012 / 12:38 am

    Oh yes, I had one of those babys, it was fuuuuun! Then you get to make a whole wall of photos, and everyone looks nutz in them. Awesome!

  12. October 9, 2012 / 3:18 pm

    Oh my gosh! no way it's back… that totally makes me smile. And, you know, it looks like fun too…


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