Personal Reflections: Universal Beauty

Cosmos Photography


Since I was very young

I’ve been fascinated

by the vastness of the cosmos

and by teeny tiny worlds.


(above: alluvial fan)

Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

split end – human hair


Not interested enough to study

quantum physics mind you,

but awed.


By the mastery,

the mystery,

and the creative genius,

of so many lovely

galaxies and subatomic particles.


Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

Coahuila – Mexico


When I was seven or so

and sleepless in the wee hours,

the terrifying thought that before creation

there existed nothingness

which my mind could not paint a picture of

kept me awake with tears.


Even dark spaces out there are


I reasoned…

so what is


Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

red blood cells


Now that I am older,

still I occasionally shudder.

What is nothing?

What is antimatter?

What is the purpose of all the space in between

heavenly bodies and molecules?


Thus, the mystery.

Do I sound like Miss Spiritual Fancypants or what?

Not to worry. Blood cells above?

For me, they bring to mind blood and vampires

and hence, Robert Pattinson.


My ADD superficial side allows me to

deviate quickly from philosophy.

Let’s face it.

The Brit gives good face.

Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

Delta region – Netherlands

I think it’s helpful at times

to ponder our place in this universe.

Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

human egg


Are you small and insignificant?

Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

Demini River – NW Brazil


Or are you magnificent and

at the center of it?


Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

mosquito heart


Could you be both?


Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

Ghadamis River – Libya


Or is everything deep within you,

Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

sulfur compound


everything deep within the earth,

Cosmos Photography

Cosmos Photography

Great Sandy Desert – Australia


and everything deep beyond the galaxies,

equally magnificent?


Peace to you right where you are.




  1. January 31, 2011 / 7:13 pm

    Oh my god why has no one commented on this post? I came over because you asked me to on my blog (see? I'm good like that and I wanted to see the lovely that awaited me) and I have already become quite smitten. This post is amazing. I actually LOL'd at the 'Not enough to study quantum physics' line because I am of a very similar mindset. The mysteries of the universe facinate me as well and I love the images you've chosen. Right, I have a feeling I'll be getting stuck in here for a while! 🙂 xxx

  2. January 31, 2011 / 11:42 pm


    thanks for reading. i'm crazy for these sorts of photos because of how similar micro and macro seem to be and how they're equally beautiful and interesting.

    pleased to meet u!


  3. June 15, 2011 / 7:26 pm

    Awesome photos. :)I'd love for you to link this up over at my {wow me} wednesday link party going on over on my blog right now. 🙂 Following from Fingerprints on the Fridge. 🙂


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