Artist Inspiration {Malik Saaka…Tiny dancers}


d i v i n e

a r t i s t r y



malik saaka


may take you by surprise.


Emerging artist Malik

is a full time college student,

and it was my honor to

shhhhhh! score a sneak peek

of his collection

before a recent exhibition.


I’m sure you haven’t noticed,

but hiding delight

is not a special talent of mine.

So I may have moaned

‘kill me now’

or punched Malik

hard in the gut

(chances are good I chanted

dreeeeaaamy an annoying

number of times).


“I can tell you right now that my creative process is one of obsession, and I get pretty incensed when I work.”


I can tell you right now Malik is brilliant.


Inquire about
his engaging inventory
or commission a work


Personality! Tiny feet!


I’m totally shutting up.

all images – Malik Saaka


Love your work, Malik…it’s gonna change the world.


Peace to you right where you are.



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