No matter how you found your way,
I am grateful you did.

I'm Michele, and Hello Lovely is a blog of beautiful

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Married to a Chicago attorney,
we have two grown sons and live in
We're also fixing up a second vacation home in Arizona.

(Our sweet Bella Luna in the photo passed away recently.)

Creativity is my jam.
renovate houses, paint pictures,
like working in my pajamas,
bake cinnamon bread, play the piano badly,
(my master's is in Counseling).
I don't wear pointe shoes regularly,
but I collect them since for me they
are a symbol of feminine strength and grace.

A more official bio is here.

Posts spring from a well of diverse topics,
and evergreen favorites include:

If interior design tingles your jingles,
you will discover archival goodness from:
decorating ideas for farmhouse,

If you are journeying with breast cancer
or love someone who is, you may be
interested in exploring glimpses from
my own journey with BRCA2 diagnosis.

I paint abstracts like the one behind me.

Sometimes the anti-cancer journey is manageable,
and sometimes it's a big ol' mess.
Love keeps making it all okay.

and the longer one below was
filmed in one shot like Vogue's 73 Questions,
and lets you peek inside our Chicagoland fixer upper.

You can also see my awkward Pharrell happy dance
with our sweet shih tzu, illustrating I graduated
Summa Cum Laude from
The Molly Ringwald School of Dance.

Peace to you right where you are, friend.


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